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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Today I visited my sister who lives about 75 miles away. She's four years younger than I, and has had a lifetime of physical and mental issues. For the last four years she's lived in a nursing home, but prior to that she lived in a group home for 6 years, and in multiple residential settings before that.

Marilyn doesn't ask me for much, but she's very social and enjoys interacting with others a great deal. At times, she is pretty needy in that respect, and I know she asks lots of questions of the staff at the nursing home and asks for lots of little things to be done for her. Many times these questions primarily are for attention. We talk about that and I try to help her figure out what is important and what could be left for later. It doesn't always "take."

At any rate, I had two instances today of feeling incredibly thankful and grateful for some of the people in my sister's life, as well as others in similar situations. First, Marilyn needed to go to the bathroom and must have help from staff. The CNA came into the room to help her...full of life, smiles, cheer and energy! Wow...if there ever was a job that is incredibly hard and at times, thankless, this has to be it. I was so impressed. It was nice to know it wasn't just for my benefit, too, as I heard her a few minutes later in the room next door. Thank you, Evie, for your kind and caring ways! You deserve much more, but this is the best I can do right now!

The second instance was at a Wendy's where I stopped for lunch. A small group of 6 adults came in together. They were loud and milling around. But, there were two people who were "in charge" and they got everyone up to the order line, helped them order, helped them get their drinks and food and settled them in the far corner of the restaurant. They were folks from a group home and out for a drive and lunch on a nice sunny day. How easy it would be to think of them as disruptive and not belonging there...but how easily the two staff members worked with them and gave them all the assistance they needed. It was a pleasure to see. Again, a hard, hard job...who wants to work with adults with disabilities on a daily basis? There are many who do!!

There is no shortage of people who are unsung heroes in this world and we can make a list a mile long. Lots and lots of folks fit that description, but today these are the ones who are uppermost in my mind. Thanks to these wonderful people, and thanks to everyone who works hard to deliver services and kindnesses to others who need it so badly. I appreciate and applaud you!!
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    Jeannie,,, do you mind if I copy and paste the above (I won't use your name unless you just "Jeannie" on it. I have a lovely GD who works with those who have brain injuries. She was doing group homes at first this is an advance for her. She is so loving and kind, as are her co workers. i think it'd bring a smile to their faces.

    These ones who do the "unthankless" jobs work not for the money as for "great pay" for that just doesn't happen. These lovely people do it out of the kindness and they joy they get back. My GD speaks highly of an older lady she worked a lot of one on one with. They lady's favorite word was "WHY!!!??" yes loud,, angry. She did not want to do anything anyone asked of her. So my GD gave her a choice. "Its time for a shower, would you like a red or blue wash cloth?" And so of course the lady HAD A CHOICE !! She usually picks red, but not always. It's a program which was started in our area a long time ago at the Goodwill group homes etc,,, and since then has been taught to many other organizations People go into the group homes and it seems as if all of their "rights" such as "when to sleep, what to eat, when to go out " etc are ripped away from them. By giving them BACK small choices they are "back in control of MY life" again. Easier to work with.

    LOL When my GD first started to work there she had 2 clients both woman. One of them she said "slept ALL the time. The other one you do not EVER KNOW What she'll come out with !" She continued to say "They remind me of YOU and MOMMA !! MOMMA SLEEPS all the time,, and we NEVER Know what you say OR DO next !! I've been in training for this job ALL OF MY LIFE !" Of course I burst out laughing. I can't say her Mom was amused. I WAS though cause that's exactly what her Mom does ALL the time.

    Hugs and TY for such a LOVELY blog hon !.
    1471 days ago
    Thanks for giving these unsung heroes the recognition they deserve. They do a commendable job and often go unnoticed.
    1471 days ago
    What an important job these people do and it takes just the right person to do it cheerfully my hat is off in salute to them !
    1471 days ago
    Thank you for the reminder. I've been doing volunteer work with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization's staff members who escort them to the location of "my" program and are very much involved with them in general are terrific. I admire their patience because, while I'm tremendously fond of the group, I doubt that I'd be suited to a full-time job of the sort. You make me think more about how valuable the staff members are.
    1471 days ago
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    emoticon I love that also see the good in others. It is uplifting to hear that your sister has Evie at the nursing home. I have heard about not so kind people working in all that you have stated above.
    1471 days ago
    emoticon Giving these unsung heroes a word or two of acknowledgement when one has the opportunity I'm sure would be more welcome and add to their day too!
    1471 days ago
    You are so sweet! You have a loving way of looking at others, and I so appreciate that! It does take a special kind of person to serve in those ways, and there are more needs all the time! Your sister sounds very happy where she is, and I am glad for that! The attitudes of the staff are so important! Are they there for the people or just for a job? A person can always tell! Most of the people I have known in those positions are blessings, and like you, I am always thankful for them! There are many unsung heroes in this world! emoticon
    1471 days ago

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    Thanks for the reminder, that we need to appreciate some of the service people we meet everytime we are out in the stores also.
    1471 days ago
    So nice of you to see the good in these people! I salute the CNA also....that can be a tough, thankless job yet is so critical in the lives of so many. Maybe you could give her a commendation to her superior?
    1471 days ago
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