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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This year is the first for as long as I can remember that I won't hear my birthday story from my Mom. She passed away in early January just a few weeks before her 94th birthday. Today I am missing her more than ever...only good memories, but no more phone calls with my birthday story, among other things. Then I remembered that about 5 years ago I wrote a blog about my birthday story. I hunted it up and I think it is sweet and funny and I'd love to share it with you. Hard to believe what life was like so many years ago!! I hope you get a kick out of it, too!!

I'm hoping this link will work to take you to it.
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    Checked out your birthday story and wrote a response about my experience having a daughter born during a snowstorm. Things certainly were different during the Second World War and sadly most of those who lived through that time are aging and dying off, taking many of their stories with them.
    1477 days ago
    emoticon What a great story. Thanks for sharing that with us.
    1479 days ago
    hope you had a great day I enjoyed your story It was really nice
    1479 days ago
    I love the story and how wonderful that you shared it with your mother for so many years. My mother died when I was only 11 so my memories of her are very precious. I was #10 out of 14 children but I don't ever remember feeling like she didn't have time for me. One memory I have is that we were both laying on a bed and reading together - no talking just laying side by side each doing our own reading. I credit my love of reading to her.
    1479 days ago
    How adorable,, Even as infants we (women) are suppose to be small. lol And if you had been a boy, it would of been, look how big and strong he is. Double Standards Even At Birth. We don't stand a chance.
    1479 days ago
    What a hoot! Left you to check on the pigs.....oh my goodness!
    1479 days ago
    What a way to start the day - laughing AND crying. This is sweet, sentimental and hilarious. I love the birthday story.

    Times change. I understand remembering your mother on your birthday. I think of my mom too. By the way - you were just a 'healthy' baby!
    1479 days ago
    Oh - I loved your Birthday Story!! I wonder if you wrote it down every time it changed as your mom got older? And there sure were lots of family in the household!!!!

    That's going to be my son - his birthday is the 19th and he is always reminded about a terrible thunderstorm where the lights would go on and off. We were both in the hospital for a week due to many complications.

    Anyway back to your mom. I can feel the pain of not having that phone call on your Birthday this year and let me tell you it will never go away. My mom passed in 2004 and every Birthday I miss her calls but most important her beautiful birthday cards. *Better than Hallmark!!!!

    1479 days ago
    Awww I LOVE your story !! My Mom never would talk to me about the day she had me. BUT Dad did !! I can she why she didn't.

    My Mom "had" to get married she was 17. By the time she had me there had been 3 boys, 2 living one sadly only made for 3 days. Mom had a most difficult time carrying him. Turned out did with me to. She had told herself "DO NOT get attached to it !!" Hey totally understandable !! The Dr gave her that DES med which back then they THOUGHT was safe. I was born 8 weeks early and at 3 lbs 3ozs. So sickly ,,,, my Dad kept coming in to encourage me,,, Mom of course as it was back then, for the days she was in did as she had to do. But, Dad,, WOW A GIRL ! I ALWAYS WANTED A GIRL ! So he'd tell me little things Of course who knows what small ones really hear, but the tone of voice, NO DOUBT !! As you can see I DID make it. Eventually Mom and I bonded, but I was soo hard on her growing up. I was sooo STUBBORN growing up,, had NO givies. Dad and I figure it was that STUBBORNNESS which kept me alove.

    Have you had the b story written and put into a frame so you can it often? That'd be SO COOL !!!

    I am glad you remember so well what she said. HUGS ! It does hurt when they are gone. My Mom passed when i was 32. Certainly NOT a child, but yeah I think we ALWAYS want our parents.
    1480 days ago
    I loved your birthday story ! I would have been thrilled to have a baby that size my daughter was born at 7 months and weighed 3 pounds 4 ounces ! You were not that big though I taught school in Northern Quebec where my daughter was born and the natives had big babies there and young .I taught grade 6 one of the girls in my class had a baby she was all of 13 and her baby weighed 13 pounds !!!!!
    1480 days ago
    thank you for sharing your wonderful story.
    1480 days ago
    I loved reading your story. Thanks for sharing.
    1480 days ago
    Aww, what a lovely story!!! Your Mama I am sure is wishing you happy birthday along with the rest of us
    Happy birthday Jeanie emoticon
    1480 days ago
    Yup, the link works like a charm. Speaking of charm, my thanks to your parents, your Grandma's knowledge from her first-hand experience, Dr. Moulton, the neighbor who called him and Mr. Buick. Each had a part in making the world a much nicer place.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1480 days ago

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    LOL. My entire birthday story is I was born the day after Thanksgiving. Mom so wanted me to be born in the 22nd, the same day as her brother - but since he was MIA, I'm glad I didn't show that day.

    I still enjoy leftovers!

    BTW, all us kids were 10+ lbs so you were not a big baby according to our family.

    Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed reading your oldie blog. I'm glad you were able to find it.
    1480 days ago
    How awesome that you shared that!
    1480 days ago
    How sweet! Thanks for sharing! and Happy birthday to you!
    1480 days ago
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