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Autoimmunity Demystified (Part 1)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

If you've never before participated in a FREE on-line educational event, let this be the first:
Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You

"This documentary is crucial for you if you know someone with autoimmune disease, have it yourself or simply want to be proactive and prevent it. Do you have someone in your life that is suffering with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, celiac disease, thyroid disease such as Hashimoto's, dementia and Alzheimer's? Or are you yourself facing a life-debilitating disease? This project leaves Dr. Tom O'Bryan's hands after 30 years of clinical research, patient care and relationships and it goes out to the world at large to change the face of autoimmunity."

Here're each of the breath-taking episodes you have the opportunity to watch:

Nov 14/16: Episode 1 - The Autoimmune Epidemic: Root Causes and Solutions

Nov 15/16: Episode 2 - Intestinal Permeability: The Gateway to Autoimmunity

Nov 18/16: Episode 3 - The Microbiome: Where Health and Disease Begin and End

Nov 19/16: Episode 4 - Autoimmune Diseases of the Gut: The Role of Food and Digestion

Nov 20/16: Episode 5 - Environmental Toxins: The Hidden Drivers of Disease
(2 versions)
#1 - www.youtube.com/w

#2 - www.youtube.com/w

Nov 21/16: Episode 6 - Autoimmune Diseases of the Brain: A New Approach to Neurology
(2 versions)
#1 - www.youtube.com/w

#2 - www.youtube.com/w

Nov 22/16: Episode 7 - Case Studies: Bringing it All Together

As of November 20/16, all the youtube links still work for viewing.... My husband used this resource to download them to our computer:


From my own experience with on-line learning, there is no one better than Dr. Tom O'Bryan for making complex concepts easily accessible to the average person. His own integrity shines through everything he does. Listening to him has been a life-changer for me.

...and this is no exception. I am 20 minutes into the first episode, and I am blown away all over again; not only in terms of the relevant information being presented, but in just how much MORE relevant Paleo and the Ancestral community becomes over time.... despite all claims that it's just a fad.

My immediate take-away: food sensitivities are silent killers simply because they rarely make you feel sick by direct channels (ie. you eat the food, you feel ill). The impact of food sensitivities is very often indirect and difficult to connect.

Food sensitivities cause inflammation, which in turn causes your body to attack itself. The body attacking itself is AUTOIMMUNITY.

If you experience inflammation to any degree, or have an identified autoimmune disease/syndrome/issues this is so worth 90 minutes of your time each day, for the next 7 days!

Okay... now I'm taking notes:
Nov 14/16: Episode 1 - The Autoimmune Epidemic: Root Causes and Solutions

Food sensitivities are silent killers simply because they rarely make you feel sick by direct channels (ie. you eat the food, you feel ill). The impact of food sensitivities is very often indirect and difficult to connect to the food in question.

Food sensitivities cause inflammation, which in turn causes your body to attack itself. The body attacking itself is AUTOIMMUNITY. It's NOT the autoimmune system gone rogue against specific tissues, the autoimmune system is actually trying to HELP!

The medical system doesn't acknowledge that most specifics treated as autoimmunity are symptoms of a bigger (and more easily addressed) problem... which is why autoimmunity is now rampant (modern epidemic in the last 30 years).

Most conventional medical therapies designed to treat autoimmunity first suppress the body's autoimmune response (further crippling you), instead of figuring out why your body is so pi$$ed off in the first place.

Autoimmunity is a spectrum of disorders... you can be on the autoimmune spectrum without having an identifiable autoimmune disease... autoimmune antibodies often exist in the body long before identifiable disease is present.

Liz Lipski: "Autoimmunity is a misfire between what our immune system wants to do, and what it should be doing... when we lived in a more pristine and natural environment (with parasites, germs, healthy microbiomes), the immune system had a lot of really good things to do, and now in our modern culture the immune system seems like a group of teenagers with time on their hands, and so they get into mischief because they don't have their old jobs to do!"
emoticon emoticon
Picture putting out birthday candles with a fire extinguisher. An autoimmune disease is an over-reaction to a normal event.

Terry Wahls (put her own MS into remission): the immune system is vitally involved in maintaining and repairing the body. Autoimmunity occurs when the immune system's response continues against healthy tissue once the repair is complete.

...resulting in premature death or loss of quality of life; and we are looking in the wrong direction (it's NOT genetics or medication).

You CAN ensure that your body is never attacking itself.

The key? The POWER of NUTRITION!

Autoimmunity is a an umbrella... we need to look for the root causes under each individual umbrella. The same insults cause ALL autoimmune disease: food sensitivities/nutritional deficiencies, stress/trauma, allergens, microbes, toxins.

There will always be autoimmune antigens present LONG BEFORE disease actually manifests. Currently we only test once symptoms are already present.

We could stop autoimmunity before it happens if we were testing regularly BEFORE there are symptoms, and addressing the factors (diet, stress/trauma, allergens, microbes, toxins) that cause autoimmunity.

Our focus should be asking the question, "how do we help the body heal itself?"

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE: supporting the body in healing itself!

The last half of the episode deals with the medical system within the context of autoimmunity... better understanding how it's broken, and how we can fix it.

Medicine is changing NOW because it's once again in the hands of the people!

Nov 15/16: Episode 2 - Intestinal Permeability: The Gateway to Autoimmunity
WOW! Today was just... WOW!

All the support, all the science... that's not what makes the change. YOU make the change.

Change/healing is possible, and there are more obstacles than just putting food in your mouth... there are emotional issues, there are psychological things going on... and so those things have to be reached as well, in order to find healing. You need to do it for yourself. You are the one who has to make those choices.

There has to be deep respect for yourself. Respect creates harmony, and harmony brings healing.

Did you know that the estimated 72 million Americans living with autoimmune have something in common?

Want to know what it is? It's compromised gut bacteria.

The truth is, the breakdown in gut bacteria leaves people open to the onslaught of autoimmune disease, and the result is tragic... whether it's Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Colitis or a long list of life altering symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, stress, migraines. The list of things rooted in autoimmunity is LONG Life long.

Liz Lipski: "We have somewhere between two and six pounds of microbes in our gut, and they are what really modulates our immune system. They are us. We like to think of them as separate. There's fungi, there's bacteria, and there's viruses. The viruses have phages, which are actually viruses that eat bacteria and keep them under control.... We hear that they're not us, but the truth is that we're this one big symbiote. They have an intelligence about them, and they live in big communities. When these communities get out of balance, we get illness like autoimmune conditions. We get diabetes, obesity, mental health issues, cancers... all autoimmune in origin. It goes on and on."

Dysfunction of the gut mucosal barrier is one of the characteristic features of autoimmune disease. If you can heal the gut, you can heal autoimmune disease.

GET YOUR GUT HEALTHY. If you still have symptoms, there is still something going unaddressed in your gut. The gut houses the integrity of the immune system (2/3 of the immune system is in the gut). There are 60 known genes regulating this space.

Put the "-itis" (inflammation) to sleep by fixing the gut.

The most inflammatory thing we do every day is eat (food is either inflammatory, or it is healing). Digestion needs to be optimized and protected.

Inflammation/detoxification are very metabolically demanding processes: most of the nutrients you consume (protein, vitamins, minerals,) will be used by the body to reduce inflammation/detox process (inflammation/detox is like cancer in that it steals from the body), rather than to the feeding and maintaining of your body; so you can begin to see things like muscle breakdown, or an inability to build muscle, and malnourishment. There is no way to build health until inflammation/toxicity is addressed.

No shortage of calories in Western countries right now, but there is a dearth of nutrition. Focus on nutrition per calorie. Avoid foods/compounds that overstimulate the immune system: phytates, lectins, pesticides, chemicals, ... found in grains, dairy, legumes, nightshades, manufactured/highly processed foods.

If you are not getting the results you want in terms of health and weight loss... and let's not forget a familial/genetic predisposition to disease... why would it not make sense to at least try giving up wheat/grains and other foods that are known to contribute to the problem?

Get into the business of being proactive and preventative!

Obesity is one of the first signs of metabolic/digestive dysfunction. If you are fat, your gut health is compromised to some degree.

Mal-digestion and mal-absorption (one of the most common causes of autoimmune disease) are highly common at the moment... most people have issues in these areas. Signs pointing to both include: gas & bloating, intolerance of fats, undigested food in stools (if you can identify it after it's passed, you shouldn't be eating it... your body clearly cannot digest it), fat in your stool (oily appearance in toilet), transit time (too long/too short)... all clues to underlying imbalances that set you up for future autoimmunity.

TEST TRANSIT TIME: eat two ears of corn (BTW: corn is a grain, highly GMO, and indigestible/gut damaging). Note when you first see the corn appear, and when you last see the corn appear. 12-24 hours is optimal. Too quick indicates mal-absorption, too long is damaging. Bowel movements are not supposed to have an odor when first passed. If there is an odor, there is a problem.

Track food, mood, poop!
What is my body trying to tell me? What are the patterns. How can I play with my food to change observable data?

What Does Your Bowel Transit Time Say About Your Health?

Bristol Stool Chart

Other interesting tests

Intestinal permeability and gut dysbiosis are necessary in order for arthritis to develop... the dire prevalence of arthritis is as follows:
By 2040 an estimated 78 million Americans ages 18 years or older are projected to have doctor-diagnosed arthritis!

Often it's just one or two missing factors that are keeping people sick and debilitated.

Three distinct phases to breakthrough and healing:
1. test/heal the gut (absence of direct symptoms does not mean your gut is healthy)
2. liver detoxification
3. targeted supplementation

Autoimmune disease (and obesity) are SYMPTOMS of underlying dysfunction.

Repair program for intestinal permeability (mal-absorption/micronutrient insufficiency):
* Glutamine (repair tissue damage in the gut)
* probiotics (rebalance the gut microbiome)
* digestive enzymes (aid digestion and absorption in the meantime)
* Betaine HCL/ACV (restore a healthy digestive environment in the stomach)

Clues indicating mal-absorption/micronutrient insufficiency:
* B12 (fatigue, odor intolerance, signs associated with impaired detox, headaches, neuropathy)
* magnesium (eyebrow twitches, leg cramps, muscle pain, tire easily, cramps/lactic acid build-up)

Vitamin D (fat soluble steroid hormone) is anti-inflammatory. Adequate levels of Vitamin D not only support mood, the musculoskeletal system, and immune health; but adequate levels of vitamin D are also important in pain management.

Vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency puts people at greater risk for developing autoimmune disease. Anything less than 30 nanograms/milliliter is a deficiency, below 60 is an insufficiency for a great many people... 60-100 is a reasonable range to support wellness when autoimmunity is in play. It is the most important immune changing substance... it will alter your immune cell function more than anything else.

TEST: 25 Hydroxy D test.

Nov 18/16: Episode 3 - The Microbiome: Where Health and Disease Begin and End

ALL Autoimmune disease has the same root!

ALL Autoimmune disease begins in the gut!

To heal autoimmune disease, you must heal your intestinal microbiome.

Autoimmune disease is a disease of the western modernized world.

Autoimmune disease makes you feel as though you've done something wrong.

Autoimmunity takes away the things that make you human: eating, sleeping, relationships, joy, work, being part of the world and contributing to it.

Liz Lipski: "Each of us has the microbiome of our skin, our lungs, our nostrils, our digestive tract... virtually every organ of our body has it's own microbiome. The gut has 6-7 lbs. of microbes. We are one big symbiote. When these microbiomes get out of balance we develop autoimmune disease: MS, lupus, arthritis, mental illness, diabetes, obesity, cancers, etc."

If you look at one gram of stool, you have more bacteria than there are stars in the known universe. The balance of this microbiome is critical. These bacteria and their by-products influence gene expression, digestion, nutrient absorption, your ability to combat viral/bacterial infections, mental health... every aspect of you biological functioning.

The more diverse your microbiome the healthier and more disease resistant you are. You are less vulnerable to assaults on your system. You can restore a damaged/unbalanced microbiome.

Western/modernized world's microbiomes are 20% less diverse than those of people living in third world countries. Every generation's microbiomes become less diverse because we are less and less exposed to microbial diversity. Comparatively there is decreasingly less microbiome diversity in people who live in urban to suburban to rural to natural environments.

Damage to the microbiome is often the root cause for why people have under-functioning immune systems.

The actual human body has little receptors that sit on our intestinal walls. When Microbes are around they bind to these receptors and tell your immune system how to behave. The vehicles for appropriate communication are your T-cells.

We are losing diversity that can never be re-gained. Things that impact the microbiome from gestation through birth:
* passive immunity through the health of the mother... if mother has poor microbiome, so will baby
* antibiotics (immediately kill elements of the microbiome)
* cesarean sections (we acquire most of our microbiome as we descend the birth canal... baby is inoculated with microbiomes through bodily fluids and skin contact)
* breast vs. bottle feeding (bottle feeding limits the microbiome, contributes to obesity later on in life)
* mother's health as baby descends the birth canal (mom determines the baby's microbial diversity)
* if a child is born without microbial diversity, it will acquire microbials from the surrounding environment... and this disequilibrium becomes part of them for the rest of their life

(I never had a chance: born premature, antibiotics to keep me alive, no skin contact what-so-ever for 2.5 months, bottle-fed, sterile environment until I was released from hospital, antibiotics after I got home... chronic bladder infections, red measles at 6 months old, heavy gluten diet until I left home at 19... I started showing signs of autoimmunity in infancy.)

Dr. David Perlmutter: "Understand that what is being transferred at the time of birth... yeah, it's bacteria and other organisms... but it's information. That's what's key. Understand that 99% of the DNA in your body isn't the 23,000 genes that you got from mom and dad, that represent your genetic legacy. It's the microbes in your gut bacteria. So, at the moment of birth what you're really getting is an incredible download of information."

Vaccines with thiomerisol negatively impact the microbiome.

Sometimes antibiotics are needed... absolutely, they can be life-saving and life-protecting; but there is an indiscriminant use of them as a first option, instead of as a last resort. A person may have gotten an infection and been treated with an antibiotic or herbals and the bug is gone, but the signature damage is still there: leaky gut, intestinal permeability, altered intestinal flora, etc..

People who have a more diverse gut biome are healthier and less prone to illness and disease. There're more bacterial cells in your body than human cells. Half the DNA in your body is not your own. That's how complicated the microbiome is... AND EVERY HUMAN BEING WILL MANIFEST DISEASE DIFFERENTLY. We are just in our infancy in the process of understanding autoimmune disease, and disease in general.

The 5 'R' Program
* Remove the damaging elements (toxicity, inflammatory foods, bad bugs)
* Replace good flora and lacking nutrients
* Reinoculate with good bacteria and probiotics
* Repair the damage with targeted supplementation
* Restore the body's equilibrium/microenvironment


Changing the diet changes the microbiome: remove all inflammatories, replace nutrients. Restore your microbiome, and all symptoms will resolve.

A disregulated gut biome (too much bad bacteria) can influence our taste in food, and cause us to crave foods problematic to us.
bad bugs = crave sugar, refined grains

In a relatively healthy person, it takes 14 DAYS to recover from an assault on your gut microbiome (processed food, refined grains, gluten, processed dairy, toxicity). 65% of college kids are displaying overactive antibodies to an assault on their gut biome... leaky gut.

You can't necessarily FEEL this assault BUT IT'S:
* damaging tissue
* messing up your immune system
* confusing the immune response

Autoimmunity in your 40s/50s begins in your 20s.

Foods (diverse nutrient base) to help build the microbiome (with every bite we aren't just feeding us, we are either feeding or killing our microbiome):
* soluble fibers (asparagus, garlic, avocado, root vegetables)
* probiotics: bacteria or fungi that have specific strains that promote health
* targeted supplementation
* resistant starch
* fermented foods

...jacking yourself up on probiotics won't actually change the microbiome... you are not improving diversity, but simply overloading on those particular strains.

Certain types of vegetables (bitter content) contain compounds called ARYL HYDROCARBON LIGANDS, which digestion liberates, which in turn switch on or unlock a whole range of healing mechanisms in the gastrointestinal system: activate immune cells, stop the GI tract from leaking, creates compositional changes in the microbiome to create anti-inflammatory ratio, improves peristalsis, AND it switches off genetic transfer from the mitochondria to the cell nucleus, which in turn diminishes the risk of cancer in the GI tract.

Nov 19/16: Episode 4 - Autoimmune Diseases of the Gut: The Role of Food and Digestion

It is the healthy microbiome that is necessary for the body to have optimal immune function. What you eat, and where you live, and what you're exposed to can have a positive or negative effect on your microbiome.

Autoimmunity creates a compression of life choices (you have to progressively give up pieces of your life). Solving the autoimmune puzzle is a trial and error process, and the journey is very individual. You don't have to accommodate the compression of autoimmunity to the extent that your world has to get smaller! Functionality CAN be RESTORED.

Gluten is indigestible to any human being. Some people react acutely and obviously, while others remain asymptomatic for years before the damage manifests as identifiable symptomology/disease. By this point, the autoimmune train has gained critical momentum, and is much more difficult to turn around.

TEST: Give up gluten/grains for a month, and see if there is any change at all in your functioning. Has your mood improved in any way? How about your energy levels? What is your digestion like now? Has mental clarity increased? Have sleep patterns/quality improved?

Now, go back to eating gluten for a couple of weeks and evaluate again.

Because most people never even consider trying this, most people have no idea just how good they can feel. We all labour under the mistaken notion that feeling a "bit off" "generally tired" "occasional digestive upsets" "occasional headaches" "inexplicable body pains" "obvious aging" "the onset of certain common chronic conditions" are all just part of the human condition, and of getting older.

Have you ever considered that this doesn't have to be the case?

80% - 90% of people who visit the doctor with non-acute/specific concerns feel better and see a resolution in symptoms simply following the above advice!

Some foods that are considered to be biochemically healthy foods, are not necessarily healthy for YOU. Objectively containing good nutrients doesn't automatically make something fit 'food', nor does it mean our bodies can use it without price.

We know the foods that are the biggest offenders. We are not designed to eat them and, in the context of a bigger health-promoting picture, they are nutritionally poor: wheat, rye, barley, corn, seeds of grasses (grains are modified grasses). It's not a case of black (you are obviously affected) and white (you can eat them safely). Just like with autoimmunity, there is a spectrum of reactivity, and everyone is on the spectrum. Not everyone is sick enough to achieve a medical diagnosis, but they can still be chronically affected... some in almost imperceptible ways (because we are not educated to look at certain markers as the gateway symptoms to illness: poor quality sleep, minor aches and pains, excess body odor, unusual eliminations, chronic infections, heartburn/digestive upsets, unresolvable cravings, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, poor memory, short attention span). There is a spectrum of responses that indicate/lead to inflammation in the body, which is the first hallmark of disease. It is a multitude of variables that tip the body into an inflammatory response, and then in to full-blown autoimmunity.

(Since eliminating grains, my family is no longer sick all the time... flu/colds are a rarity, while prior to revamping our nutritional plan, someone being 'sick' at any given time was a certainty.)

Cross-reactivity between foods and human tissues: lectins, glutanins, dairy... in order for these to pass through our bodies, our bodies must produce antibodies against them. Antibodies are produced because the body perceives these as not metabolically compatible. Gliadin family of proteins cross-react with human tissue, while wheat germaglutanin actually binds to human tissue (where it binds will be determined by your own personal predisposition), causing the body to attack it (because it doesn't belong there) destroying tissue in the process, thus creating autoimmunity. This isn't necessarily a specific/acute reaction, but can be systemic and vague, so you get a wide variety of symptoms and organs affected by the same event, while symptomatically everything looks unrelated. This is what makes autoimmunity so hard to diagnose and treat... especially if you take a symptomatic approach (as conventional medicine does).

Everyone triggers intestinal permeability for at least 1 hour, and for as much as 3 hours, when they consume wheat.

People with Diabetes have a much higher prevalence of certain autoimmune diseases... diabetes is a co-morbid disease (rarely exists on its own, or in isolation). When you combine sugar (blood glucose) with proteins on the surface of cells, then you get a glycation end-product (proteins) that is unrecognizable to the body... mimics human tissue, but isn't. There is a biological relationship between AGING and these Advanced Glycation End-products (AGE proteins) in the blood (bathing every system in the body). The sensitive immune system says, "we have a lot of foreigners floating around here!" The immune system has receptors for these AGEs (Receptors for Advanced Glycation End-Products... RAGE!) and it starts attacking these with a vengeance to get rid of them.

This is why diabetes is such a devastating illness over time: eyes, kidneys, heart, liver, brain, skin, immune system... virtually every system in the body comes under attack and is slowly/systematically decimated. Tissues most/quickest affected are those with the highest turnover (think mucosal, and interacting with the environment... gut, eyes, immune cells) and a cascade of disease/autoimmunity can develop very quickly.

Celiac disease in the adult population may look very different than it does in children. It's not necessarily diagnosed on the basis of gastrointestinal complaints. Low iron, low vitamin B12 can be subtle markers of Celiac disease.

Gluten is EVERYWHERE... medications, spices, sauces, supplements, toothpaste!/personal care products... not only in the obvious (bread, pasta, baking).

Question to ask: WHAT IS DIALING UP THE INFLAMAZONE (inflammatory pathways)?!?
Process to answer the question: Targeted elimination diet. Heal the gut. Re-test tolerance and reaction AT A BLOOD LEVEL. Autoimmunity shows up in the blood first (antibodies).

You need to employ a combination of lab testing and environmental detective work to address changes in autoimmune responses.

Autoimmunity is multi-factorial. It's very easy for all of us to become medically complacent (if it works for a great many people, it should work for everyone). If things are not resolving, then the question is, "how can I be more curious, and how can I keep asking more questions until we've exhausted all of the questions?"

Note: very few people actually get themselves tested for parasites, level of HCl in the stomach (colas/sugar/antibiotics can suppress your ability to make adequate stomach acid), intestinal flora, liver function. If your symptoms are not resolving, become proactive about testing.

You can take all of the probiotics and pre-biotics you want... if you don't change your diet, your food is simply killing them, and they can do you no good. Also, it's not only what you have to take out of your diet, but also what you have to add into your diet. You need to load the body with nutrients... foods that shut down the autoimmune trigger genes (bad bugs in the microbiome), and turn on the immunity genes (good bugs in the microbiome). The more diverse your diet, the greater health you will enjoy, overall.

The biggest mistake people make is to eliminate the damaging foods without giving some thoughtful consideration to what they will replace them with. Another subtle characteristic of people with autoimmunity is a very limited diet... they have trouble letting go of damaging foods because they don't associate these foods with their malaise, and they feel they will have nothing left to eat... either because they have never learned to eat variety and their palates are very limited/immature, or they associate food with illness/pain and are afraid to try new things as a result. The key is in understanding that it is only very specific categories of food which create the autoimmune problems they are dealing with and that there is GREAT diversity in the categories open to them.

What are you eating on a daily basis, and why are you eating it?
There are many reasons people make poor choices with regard to food.

Questions to ask yourself:
* What is my intake/variety of vegetables in my diet (organic, cruciferous, bitter, green, leafy)? From where are they being purchased (clean sources)?
* What do I eat for fruits (apples, bananas, blueberries are key... unless you have poor blood sugar control... too much fructose kills your liver)?
* What level of processed food do I eat (sugar/starch)?
* What can I add to make me feel better?
* What supplements may I need to aid healing (probiotic/prebiotic food, HCl, digestive enzymes, liver support)
You are not just feeding you, you are feeding your bugs!

Toxic people are often deficient in sulfur, and deficient in high-quality protein (sulfur-rich amino acids... eggs, high-quality whey protein... coax the liver to make more glutathione). Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cress, bok choy... better tolerated if lightly steamed or sprouted) open up the detoxification pathways and trigger positive gene expression. Also imperative that you get adequate minerals... minerals are co-factorial to making enzymes in your body work. Good fats (high-quality SATURATED fats) are also critical.

Turmeric (curcumin) is one of the most profound anti-inflammatories on the planet. Turmeric is not a sledgehammer... it's a moderator/balancer.


The links for the rest of this series, and my notes, can be found here:
Autoimmunity Demystified (Part 2)

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