A good day & 5% Challenge

Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm really tired, but I had a pretty good day, so I thought I'd share.

Some of you may remember that I had been stuck yo-yoing between 232 and 228. So in an effort to snap out of this, I joined the fall 5% challenge. The goal was within 2 months (I believe) to loose 5% of your current weight. I started at 232. 5% for me was 11 lbs, bringing me down to 221.
I started tracking more accurately. emoticon
I started planning my meals (at least a little more, I'm not so good at this. emoticon
I've been drinking more water (another tough part for me!) emoticon
I'm finding better ways to get my soy in - hubby waking cream soup with soy as the base has been a big help!
I've got the scale moving again.Inches are melting away, and I'm down to 226. I just realized I'm only 5 lb away from my 5%. And while this week is the final weigh in for this challenge, so the best I can probably hope for is 224, I'm past the plateau. I'm down!
I needed new pants. I thought. emoticon And then I went through the too-small pile. And RESCUED 3 PAIRS!!!! I have 1 more too-small bag to go through. I am SO excited. I have 5 pairs of pants now that fit well. For the moment. I also tried on a pair of pants on that I wore after I had Nate, (when I briefly stuck a toe in Onderland.) They aren't too far from fitting!!!
And best of ALL - alot of the weight I'm loosing, is from my BELLY! That stubborn, obnoxious place that drives me CRAZY. I look down, and now I don't see my belly. Only my breasts. Someday I will look down and see my feet again. For once, that day doesn't seem impossible. I reach under the overhang of my belly, and it's not so heavy. There's only a hand-width between my hips and the end of the overhang. That's AMAZING! emoticon
My teammates have been a great support. I love that our leaders Do the "day in the spotlight!" where we all go cheer on one particular member a day. :D
I'm doing the "In between" challenge that comes up next, and then the Winter challenge. If you want to join me, we'd be happy to have you, & There's a link below.
I am just so glad the scale is moving in the right direction again! And it feels amazing to be pulling things back out from the too-small pile. :D


Challenge starts in January. Please click on this link to join the Challenge.
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