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Final stages of fat loss lab adventure

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Now that I gave done 4 months with fat loss lab and have decided - and started - to end the weightloss phase it is time to talk about it again. How was the adventure? Hmm interesting, tiring, tough, fun, successful and educational. Yes all of these. The first 2 months went well. Then I travelled to Ghana and went consciously on a lighter version of the diet plan. I was hoping it would help me enjoy the trip while avoiding too much damage. I did not gain real weight during the trip only water retention and 10 days after the trip I was back to ore trip weight. But afterwards I constantly struggled with sticking to my plan. I still lost weight but much slower. Now I actually think this has to do with 2 things: I was getting closer to goal weight and with less fat for the body to chew on it becomes harder and I had allowed myself certain treats during the trip now it was just that much harder to resist. What the diet definitely did is 2 things: 1. My hormones balanced and even though I suddenly have my periods almost regular again after many months I do feel that much better. So I don't mind as much. 2. I did loose 10kg = 22 pounds. And gained the confidence again that I can do it. 3. Even though I have not fully broken the 80kg barrier I have now been able to hoover around 80kg for 1 month and counting 4. Even though I am now in the 6 weeks refeed phase I am maintaining. Due to my quick regaining of weight last year I was really worried about this. The slow controlled refeed helps your body to adapt to normal food. You slowly increase the amount of vegetables you use in 40gm increments per day and reintroduce vegetables you have been avoiding. Then you slowly introduce the fruits and meats you have been having and introduce starch to 1 meal a day. Starch was only a certain cracker that you took in limited amounts during snacks. I am in week 2 of the refeed and so far it is going well. I actually lost a pound last week. I am still almost 5kg from goal. But since this low carb diet takes a lot of effort and restricts what you can eat and I have too much going on. I decided to consciously refeed and then see next year if I can go back and loose more. I want to be able to eat normal food by making wise choices and keeping the amount of carbs low for now. That this works is proven by several of friends who have managed to keep their weight off for several years with the same plan. The friend who introduced me to it has never had a defined waist line in the 20 years I have known her she always was chubby around the middle. But now she does! At 63 years! Maintained for 3 years. My photo of this morning
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