So tired

Saturday, November 12, 2016

So my weigh in didn't go well. I'm up by 2 lb. I had 2 not good days. I was hoping that wouldn't be reflected in today, but so much for that. I'm doing the 5% challenge, and I wanted so much to loose the 11lbs that was my 5 %. There's no hope of that now. Best I can do is 226, if I manage to stay on track this week. If I manage that, I will have lost 6 lbs, which is still good. I'll be happy, even if it's not what I hoped for. Tonight is date night. I am so tired. The kids are down, and I'm waiting for hubby to fix our pizza. That's our Friday thing. We make pizza, watch a show or movie, and enjoy being adults for a few hours. It's nice. Tonight my bed sounds wonderful. I think it will be a short date. He's just as tired as me. The joy of 2 small children. Off to eat and sleep.
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