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November 8, 2016 (Tuesday)

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I appreciate your comments on my last blog. Good News! Tonight, I got my truck back, and it looks GREAT! The new dashboard was a MUST, and it looks GREAT, too. The truck was gone for almost 4 months, so I will have to get adjusted to driving it again since I've been driving my smallish car for that length of time. I like my car, but I like my truck better for the work that I do. David (the mechanic) will still get it back another time or two because I am getting new tires put on as soon as he orders them. I had planned to get new tires even before the wreck occurred. He also wants to work on the air conditioner, but he's going to wait on that until closer to time when an air conditioner is needed.

I called the race track owners tonight and told them that I could not work on Friday night due to my busy work schedule. They were OK with that. They are renting the track out for those races, so the guy is free to work that night. I had continued to think about it, and it was worrying me to think about the long drive home two nights in a row on very little sleep after working all day on Friday. Then I have to get up very early on Saturday morning to teach classes, and drive over there and back again on Saturday. It was a relief to get that off my mind. I am much more at peace now that I got that off my chest.

I am out of here for now. I hope you all have a GREAT WEDNESDAY! Take care, and keep in touch.

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