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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

I had some great NSVs today. First of all, I am wearing my Firefly shirt. The last time I wore this shirt,less than a month ago, it kept trying to roll up over my belly, and was also tight in the bust. Today, however, it fits well! No tightness anyway. Secondly, my jeans, the first button up pair I've worn in ages, are starting to get loose! If I wiggle them a bit, I can get them off without unzipping! Thirdly, on the days my son doesn't have school, I walk about a mile to a mile and a half. It used to be that about halfway there and back, I had to sit and let my lower back take a break. It's the remnant of an old injury. A physical therapist told me it was just that the muscles around the area were just weak. Not so much now!! And lastly, I managed my strength training today! I have a hard time keeping on track with that. But I am determined to look the best I can, be as healthy as possible, and do whatever I can to minimize the saggy skin effect. I'm doing my best. And I'm proud of myself.
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