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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Hello Everyone!
I don't have anything awe-inspiring to say this week so I'll just chit chat a bit.

First of all, I had just shared with another sparker, this song I had written a couple of years ago and thought, "Well- it's on Sparkpeople now, so I might as well put it on MY page." So here it is.
Embrace (by S.A. M. aka Susanski)

"This world surrounds me with its sin and it's stain
I can not run from it, I'm PART of it's shame!
It breaks my heart, truly, to disappoint Him
Although I try daily, I fail yet again...

But I EMBRACE the Son, not my sin...
I CLING to the Cross with my eyes stayed on Him..
And someday He'll say as I fall at His feet...
"Well done, Faithful!"....and HE'LL embrace me!

His power to HEAL proved His power to SAVE
He came to my rescue, my ransom He paid
To reject this Savior, I'd BE such a fool,
I can't take it lightly...that Cross was too CRUEL....

So I EMBRACE the Son, not my sin...
I cling to the Cross with my eyes stayed on Him
And someday He'll say as I fall at His feet...
"Well done, Faithful"....and He'll EMBRACE ME!

I press toward the mark of the calling of Christ
I can't get distracted, I must keep my pace
My heart beats for Him now- my soul thirsts for Christ,
My GOAL is now Jesus... He IS my PRIZE!

and I EMBRACE the Son not my sin...
I CLING to the Cross with my eyes stayed on Him...
And someday He'll say as I FALL at His feet...
"Well done, Faithful!" and He'll embrace ME!
"Well done, Faithful!" and He'll embrace Me!"

(consider this copyrighted 2014)

Okay here's a few more things:
1. You KNOW that you are home-schooling mid-teens when you give an assignment like this:
"Here, I want this done by FRIday.
-the 4th!
-two thousand SIXTEEN!
- by 3:00 PM...
- EASTERN time."

And, I have to wonder,
Is it NORMAL that my 13 (almost 14) year old son always gives credit, for his 'great accomplishments' his Sexy Legs? Or perhaps his older brothers are merely rubbing off on him. -Because if YOU say, "It's HOT in here!" THEY say, "I'd better leave." or "It's because *I* just walked in." or they start pretending to slick their hair back...which apparently causes the temperature to rise in the room. sigh. Behind every great son, there's a Mama and all his sisters.....yep!....ROLLING THEIR EYES. lol

2. youngest is 10, right? Well, she helps babysit our neighbors' children who are wee ones at the tender ages of 1 and almost 3 and 5. Well, my daughter Kindness (name changed to protect the guilty) was complaining about their new 'obstinate' behavior....which sounded strangely familiar to me.
I asked, "YOU wouldn't have ever acted like that, would you have?"
She answered, "Well, YEAH, but when THEY do it, it's really IRRITATING!"

Ahhhhh love the way Life just rolls around to the next person.

3. Fitness: Well, I had a yucky spell when I couldn't get in the pool for almost two straight weeks, 1 week for T.O.M. and the other because of being busy keeping up with my Mom's needs. I HAVE been keeping up my arm w/o every other day. And all the walking being done with Mom's stuff, kinda keeps me moving.
But I've been really scared about the weight. It just doesn't FEEL like it's going to come off.
I'm so thankful AGAIN, that 'You. can't. take. away. the. workouts. I. already completed.' And that's what keeps me going.
I got in the pool on Saturday and achieved the 32 laps again (one mile). It's GETTING SO MUCH EASIER! I actually forgot to think of it as a big deal!

I forgot about my scale until Saturday and realized I've been so focused on Mommers that I haven't even THOUGHT about THIS scale. I'm usually worried about my next appointment. I got on it, and I think it came down a bit. Then I got on the Y's scale and I thought for SURE it was going to be over 230, but it was still hanging around 217, maybe a wee bit lower. So grateful, it hadn't gone UP. That gives me courage and strength to continue.
My nutrition has been yucky. We've been concentrating on paying our taxes down and we can't really put our money toward 'perfect' food. I keep going OVER my calorie intake. But I picked up some for fiber cereal today (and ate it, too), working hard at staying on track.

5. Whirlwind. It's going to be hard to stay on track when we are constantly busy trying to keep track of Mommer's appointments and needs and passing info along to other family members AND doing school with the kidders AND babysitting AND trying to keep the house fairly decent.
Actually I had a good week organizing the kids' toys and packing them away in a large closet back in my craft room where NOBODY is allowed in. HA! That was rather brilliant. So I'm feeling good about that.
We are also busy designing two upstairs rooms-a bathroom and a laundry room. THAT will keep me happy for a while.
But I really have to WRAP MY MIND around SPARK. I haven't picked my November Focus yet. Hmmm! HAVE YOU?
I also am trying to do some Bible studying, but by the time I can sit down, my eyes droop and fall asleep. So it's been crazy-busy around here.
Okay, wrapping it up...

A rabbit broke into a salon and robbed the place. The police asked the owner, "What happened?" And the owner said, "Ugh, I had a bad hare day."

(And you know-it's TRUE...'cause GOOD hare's don't steal.)

Be blessed and continue to BE a blessing!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You don't have to be "awe-inspiring" to be an inspiration, Susan. Onward and upward!!
    1666 days ago
    You are a busy woman! Holy smokes! No wonder you fall asleep when you sit down with your Bible. Maybe you can read a little before you get out of bed in the morning. Is that possible with young children in the house?
    1688 days ago
    Okay, so you're a singer, songwriter and poet. You are a talented lady, Susanski. You are!

    Sharing the experience of KINDNESS with the tender ones next door reminded me of an interaction shared with my Mom. We were laughing so hard we were crying. I had done something that had left me so sore that I could not get myself up off the floor. As I crawled to a living room chair so I could use it to pull myself up I said to Mom, "I'm so sorry Mom for giving you a bad time about being sore." I used to say things to her like, "How could you be sore? You JUST planted flowers." To my young mind it was absolutely incomprehensible to me that she could get sore from gardening. Yeah. As I aged. Learned how that works. emoticon Life does have its way of sharing its lessons.

    Not sure about my November focus. My mind naturally gravitates toward a greater focus on gratitude during the month of November. I think I may be able to complete the walking plan initiated about 9 weeks ago by month's end as well.
    1688 days ago

    If it weren't for the hurdles that we must over come....
    However would we note our achievements..

    1688 days ago
  • PROVERBS3128
    1688 days ago
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