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Wk.5~FALL CHALLENGE~LOST 5.8 lbs. since on FLAT BELLY DIET~Update

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hi SP Friends and members and those just interested~
I am on my 20 th day of the 32 day ~Flat Belly Diet and recording all my foods in the book itself;that is why you see no TRACKING on my Nutrition tracker at present. I try to put a note on each day on SP since I share both my Nutrition and Fitness trackers.
Let me update you on my progress {and sometimes,lack ,there of ,in my mind!}.
First of all, YOU DO LOSE WEIGHT the FIRST four days on this diet. I lost 4.4 lbs.
= 1.1 per day for me,which I thought was a bit fast,BUT, I get it; it is to HOOK you in!
Plus I did not do much exercise as I felt it was enough to adapt my body to this new food regime and MUFAs~I will reprise info later in this blog { which I blogged about in last recent blog with photo}.
Yes, you say, if I can lose like that,why not? Well, I am a believer of SLOW is BEST and the older I get, the more I LIKE the slow lane for losing weight and enjoying life {and yes, I move over to STAY in the slow lane when driving as I drive slower now ,enjoying the country more !}.
Now, after the first four days in which you follow THEIR pre~done meal plan { you buy the food at the grocery store~no special foods~except UNFAMILIAR ones} .
Then, for the next 28 days , there are SUGGESTIONS and pre-done meal ideas and recipes to choose from. I have REALIZED that you DO have to exercise { I guess I thought I could get by being lazy,but toning your muscles and BUILDING those muscles only comes from EXERCISING that body!}.
So, I have mixed in some basketball {shooting hoops only}, some gardening, lifting weights.walking and have met with better {of course!} results! My body ,though I have measured the belly and it is the SAME measurement right now, FEELS DIFFERENT ~STRONGER,LESS FLABBY and just slimmer!!! I can feel that I FEEL lighter! I feel that I can HOLD IN my stomach BETTER than I used to!
{Note: They DO have an exercise part of the book which I had neglected to read for 2 weeks as I wanted to get the loss through FOOD ONLY ~{I know~ I SHOULD KNOW better,having been on SP for 6 yrs.,but I am still lax and lazy sometimes!!}
Now, that I am doing the exercise part {after about a week}, I am seeing the loss better~1.8 more. they emphasize weight lifting and cardio ~walks that are fast.
The MUFAs {Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids} have been interesting, filling and flavorful
~black olives and black olive tapenade {mushed olives ,basically},avocado hearts, dark chocolate, semi sweet choc. chips, nuts like almonds, pistachios, almond butter , peanut butter.
Rethinking my four meals {3 plus one snack @ 400 cals each } to include a MUFA is becoming a habit I think I will keep when I am done (as I think after the 32 days I will go back to managing my foods on SP as I have done in years past},but it has been an ADDED HELP to LEARN about the MUFAs and add to my knowledge of healthful eating. I must say the clean eating I have done of whole foods and particularly seeing the fruits disappear after a week ~[whole bunches of bananas , containers of blueberries or frozen bags of peaches, cherries, strawberries is amazing.] PLUS I have found making fruit smoothies to be MORE FUN AND EASIER than I thought and oh-so-filling ~!what is the MUFA ,you ask ~cold pressed flaxseed oil ~Cinnamon flavor~!
When the last day comes, I will include measurements for the record. My losses are on the low side for the book~; most average 8 lbs. lost and at least 5 inches from various body parts. I am HAPPY with my loss! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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