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Monday, October 17, 2016

Please give me a million points for creating this thing on my computer. It's pretty tricky.

As you can see, I was feeling a wee bit proud of myself over the weekend.

I've been battling that scale trauma and I am overcoming.

I LOVE the idea that the exercise I do, can NOT be taken away from me.
Of course, I can undo my hard work by OVER EATING for many days.
But, sheesh! I don't do that anymore. I've GOT this!
So KNOWING and ALLOWING that to sink in, has REALLY inspired me to KEEP AT IT and even PUSH MYSELF further....and get this> JUST-FOR-THE-FUN- OF IT!
Seriously? Was that SUSAN...SKI saying that?
Yes, it was, spark people!

I came across this hilarious post the other day:
"To be HAPPY you must:
1. Let go of what's gone.

okay, pause it. I'm thinking, " OF COURSE, I'm letting go of the weight that is FINALLY GONE! No problem THERE, folks."

2. Be GRATEFUL for what REMAINS.

pause it. LAUGH OUT TOTALLY ALOUD! Seriously??? I have to come to such great grips with myself as to LOVE the fat that remains???????? Toooooooooo funny!
But, yeah, okay. If I'm to love myself TODAY, I must love ALL OF ME, today.
But please, just admit it, THAT one is HILARIOUS, when thinking of our weight loss journey.

3. Look forward to what's to come next.
Something has changed for me this year. The future is exciting to think about knowing that I am on the 'Road to Recovering Myself- and even making it better than it was before!" Despite the ups and downs as my body adjusts, I have gained a great curiosity for how this will all turn out. Every POSITIVE STEP I TAKE, Every POSITIVE nutrient I eat, Every POSITIVE THOUGHT I make is leading me to better and greater things!

So I really loved that post.

I'm going to admit to a little something here which is kind of a sad thought, but I want to raise awareness so you remember to LIVE ALL parts of your life during this journey of ours.
You know, I'm 48, and I have parents that are getting 'up there' and aren't so healthy anymore. I've been having a habit of looking FORWARD to the year that I reach my goal weight and fitness goals. Sometimes I wish I can FAST FORWARD the time because I'm so excited to REACH it! But then I think, "I wonder who might not be able to SEE my achievements when I DO reach them. Will my people still BE here then? I know my father-in-law won't. He passed two years ago.
So I get that little 'niggling' feeling in me that unsettles my fitness joy a bit.
So, I just want to wake myself up to the fact that Fitness is just ONE PART of ME. And I really need to CELEBRATE LIFE each day and CELEBRATE family EACH day. And ENJOY THEM. And BLESS THEM.

Because, honestly, we don't know what our cherished and hoped-for TOMORROW will bring.

And shucks, I might as well just say it now, so it's Spark-Official.
"I appreciate and even SPARK-LOVE all you people. Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the FUN and crazy trials. The successes and flops. The dives and the belly-flops. Remember that---- if and when I'm ever gone. Though I might be here longer than ALL of you, now that I'm SUPER-SKI. "

In Summary,
LIVE your FULL life and LOVE on others around you.

Okay, so now that we are PAST THAT sentimental stuff....

Here are a couple of smaller improvements:
1. I re-took that 'Are You a Smart Snacker?' quiz and I'm pretty sure I improved. I can't remember my old score but I got ....wait for it.....SENSIBLE snacker.
This kinda cracks me up, thinking back to how I'd had a childhood habit of spending my allowance and babysitting money on lovely JUNK food.
But I noticed that my answers had changed on SEVERAL QUESTIONS. And I was pretty shocked about how my habits have changed for the better!

2. As I sit at the computer lately, I often sit up straight when I realize I've been hunched over. But when I go to straighten myself, I've realized that I really didn't have that far to go!
Are my BACK MUSCLES improving? Woo-Whopping-Hoo!
And more importantly, should I NAME them??????? chuckle.
(I heard you laugh, JEANKNEE.)

Now for the Super-ski moment.
On Saturday, I had to go to the pool by myself, because well, Miss Fit 15 had just taken her hair out of curlers. In prep for dressing in her Agent Carter uniform she just got in the mail. (from Captain America, the love of her life, apparently.) So I knew better than to ask HER.
Miss Fit 10, looked wanly at me and said, "I don't want to go."
And Miss Fit 11 (aka Spunky) didn't appear to wish to be talked into it.
So, sigh. Off I went.
I got out of the car and thought, "What do you do when you can't take your kids with you to the Y?"
Well, you pretend like you're going to some fantastic gym and pretend that 'you got this' and that 'you're all that' and you stride through the doors like you OWN the place.
You say, "Today it's ALL ABOUT ME! and, honey, I'm gonna WORK IT!

First, I got in my suit and weighed myself on that 'close-to-the-doctor's, YMCA scale' It's been slightly up and down, but when I weigh myself on THAT scale it's toward late afternoon, and higher then my morning weight anyway. A few days before it had gone up 2 lbs and was back down to where it started and MAYBE slightly below.
(I'm writing this at 1:18 am, and did NOT weigh in yet today.)
Anyway, I got to the pool and looked at the 100 mile challenge chart. I had a quarter mile (8 full laps) to go before completing 17 miles. So I really wanted to see if I could do THAT ANNNND go for finishing the 18th!
I swam 16 laps, did a bathroom break.
Another 16, did a bathroom break. All I needed was 8 more laps!
And then I began to talk to a 78-year old woman in the lane next to mine (who I like to see if I can PASS while swimming, lol. I know. pathetic.) about how my mom was doing. We ended up talking for probably 15-20 minutes in our lanes! Thankfully, nobody was in line!
Anyway, after THAT cool down. I got back to work.
I did 40 full laps. ONE MILE plus 8 more laps.
Now, I must tell you, 8 laps is easy now. 16 laps I'm REALLY PROUD about. 24? Oh yeah!!! But when I'm on that 4th set of 8 laps?........whoa! my muscles start getting weary! and I begin to slowwww down. I like to take it slow every once in a while to allow some recovery time while still getting laps in-not wasting them hanging on the wall at the end of the lane.

So I was POWERFUL on Saturday! My kids mouths dropped open! I got some, "Good job!'s" from THEM and a "I couldn't do it!" from the Hubbski.
And then I spent the rest of the day getting tighter and tighter and tighter. lol.
Church was interesting to sit through!
I'm glad I began incorporating the stretches, THAT oughta fix me up real well.
Anyway, what I want to say about THIS is....
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
and I'll even throw a plank in, because that is my new challenge I would like to try:
(if that's a push-up, just pretend it's a Plank. thanks.)

Okay, and for my grand finale, I will tell you a mind-to-heart lesson I've learned.
I was reading LVNKNIT's Oct 12, 2016 blog. And BOY! DID I experience a humbling moment.
She was soooooo grateful for the food tracker and for how it opened her eyes to some unhealthy habits throughout the day.
Well, I'll just copy and paste how I responded to her blog.


All I've ever done about tracking is GRUMBLE. I've HATED IT.
I have FAILED to look at it for the BLESSING it is. I could not have known all this info on my own, and here, they've got it all ORGANIZED FOR ME!

I feel rotten to the core that this has gone unappreciated by me.

I am so grateful that I've had this 'slap in the face' or 'rude awakening'. Shame on me.
(yes, I know you didn't mean it as a rebuke.)

Thanks again, I have just experienced another spark-change."


Be blessed and THANK YOU for being the Beautiful Blessings that you all are!

OH. and P.S.
I did all this positive stuff, even while FEELING fat and bloated and un-pretty. How's THAT for SUCCESS!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, Susan! 40 laps!!!! That is an accomplishment for sure!!! Congratulations on your consistency, your higher level of fitness, and your improved eating habits. Success all over the place!
    1668 days ago
    I appreciate and Spark Love you too! .... You keep on moving forward, and your loved ones are going to love you Today, tomorrow, and Forever! .....(I am sure they are proud of you and for good reason!) ..... emoticon
    1701 days ago
    Wow lady! You've out done yourself here. This is an absolutely beautiful blog. The growth you've experienced warms my heart. It's such a pleasure to be sharing it with you.

    And, yes, appreciate this moment, this day ... for the next is never guarnteed.

    Spark on!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1705 days ago
    What a good read !
    Keep on your "Path" to success.
    1705 days ago
    Congratulations on getting the courage to go to the Y on your own! Major accomplishment! I wouldn't have done it so I applaud you!
    1705 days ago
  • PROVERBS3128
    How exciting for you!!!
    1705 days ago
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