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Personal Journey part 2

Sunday, October 16, 2016

5. Question your choices during this WEC and evaluate your answers.
Not sure what this question means so I will answer it this way. It is up to me to do the required exercises during this weekend which in my case is PT exercises that includes biking for at least 15 mins. This means I am not sitting still all the time in my recliner watching TV. This means I will be burning calories and keeping muscle tightness around my knee. I will watch my food intake because that is what you do to lose unwanted pounds. Exercise and careful food intake equals pounds lose.

6. What are a couple of areas that you fear and how can you take the power out of them?
Emotional eating and snacking at night are my main enemies. When things go wrong I want to eat. When Jack goes to bed I want to eat. I might not be able to control things going wrong. Believe me my life seems to stay full of wrong things happening. I pray and I do my best to give it all to God. Sometimes I keep grabbing it back but once I give it up for good I am OK. I was told I didn’t care a few weeks ago about my grandson being in jail. I cared and I cared a lot. He is one that we helped raise. We don’t the outcome of this yet because he has 3 court dates to meet and even if they give him a choice of money or time, then he will get time. I will not worry myself sick and eat house and home. I love him as much as the day he was born but this is not my battle. Eating at night I have yet to capture. I have stopped buying my favorite chips and cookies. I do eat a Little Debbie cake most mornings for breakfast. Somehow I can’t see the harm in this. My only option to completely stop would be to go to bed when Jack does but I can’t make myself go at 8:30 or 9 pm.

7. Make a list of the things that have worked before and how can you implement them in your current situation.
My list is short because both times I lost the weight was when I almost completely stop eating. The 1st time I had prescription medicine to help curb my appetite. That was the summer before the 12th grade. My dad would fuss because I had to be made to eat. The next time was during a divorce and the only thing I had to worry about was paying bills and raising 2 boys. I have bought some pills to help curb my appetite at WalMart I am going to start tomorrow and see what happens.

8. Don’t let your stomach make bad choices…resist the lure.
It’s not the stomach that gets me. It is my memory of the taste of the foods and my taste buds watering for a bite. When I have an empty feeling in my stomach and know I have eaten enough I drink more water.

9. Own your success…don’t hand it over to someone or something…be the captain of your ship.
I admit I weigh every morning. I wish I didn’t because sometimes that make me seem like a failure to start the day. Now if I can tell myself “you know you shouldn’t have eaten that second hot dog” or whatever we had for supper then I reason with myself that the weigh is (and truly it is) my fault and work it off. I should not let the scales rule my day. As for as somebody goes, if Jack says I am looking good when I dress for church I don’t need any other voices.

10. Reactive will only lead to loss of control. How can you be more proactive in your journey?
I would do better if I could plan my meals out for the week. I find that hard to do when I stay with mother a lot of the time. Keeping a food journal would also help. I admit I don’t do this everyday.

11. Prepare for events and situations that may be out of your control. Know what you can eat before you agree to dinner or lunch dates. Assert your independence by selecting the time and place of food outings.
This doesn’t happen often. Maybe for a birthday my friend and I will go to lunch and then we do the same for hers. We always agree on the place to eat. This past Thursday we went to a sit down restaurant instead of a buffet type severing. We don’t always order the same thing so it’s not a problem ordering salads or veggies. Family dinners are easy because we all cook and we more time than not have it here. If I run and wait on the children and after being told number of times to sit down and eat, I usually don’t want much of anything to eat.

12. How you think our goals are achieved…How they are actually achieved
I think our goals are achieved by controlled eating and daily exercise. The only answer I can think of for the 2th part is the same as the 1st. You need both to be successful.

13. This goes hand in hand with #s 11 and 12. Use your time and energy wisely, minute-by-minute, move forward toward your goal by taking small steps. If you make a mistake, stop and regroup.
It is better to set small goals to reach instead of a big loss at one point. It will be easier to meet them. If you have a day you can’t seem to stop eating then don’t just throw up your hands and quite. You get up the next day and try extra hard on food control and exercise more than you normally do.

14. Embrace your situation this very moment. Breathe deep and exhale with gratitude.
This day has been a good day. I have had grandchildren and their families come in and out today to wish me happy birthday. None brought in any candy or anything to eat. I gave my cake out till now there is not any left so no temptation on it. I fixed a lunch of baked chicken and baked potatoes and opened a can of green beans after church and we had the rest of it for supper. I am well pleased with today.

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    We all need a man like Jack, but I think you need to have a positive voice of your own too because you are rocking this challenge xx
    1706 days ago
    1707 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Great answers!! You are absolutely right about the memory of taste!! It creates a powerful desire! Like you Igive things to God and let go just to grab them back!!!!! We need to stop that!!!!! emoticon
    1707 days ago
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