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Five Year Ago...What a Difference

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Five years ago I woke up after another night of way to much to eat and drink and heard about a study that suggested that if you drink you should not drink every day. Well, that resonated with me. Not only was I enjoying the wine a bit too much and too often, but that lowered my inhibitions and was eating too much. That morning I took a good hard look in the mirror and this is what I saw, I 61 year old woman:
* who was at least 60 lbs overweight (last official weight had me at 226)
* who had a hard time getting up off the floor when I got down to play with my rabbits
* who huffed and puffed up four flights of stairs at Grand Central
* whose clothes were all too tight
* who could see that something had to change

At that moment I said "enough" and vowed to make the changes that would be lasting. I decided that I wouldn't have anything to drink during the week and would be moderate on the weekend. I would choose to eat healthy most of the time. I would track my food AND pay attention to staying at our under my calorie goal (which was a reasonable 2000/day) and I would find ways to move more.

The first thing I did was to start taking my lunch and brought a sandwich and bought a small bag of reduced fat chips. I took a 10 min walk before I got in the car to go to work. And not long after I had a few visits with a hypnotist to help me with these goals.

It wasn't fast, but it was steady. After Christmas my clothes were all too big and when I weighed, I had lost about 20 lbs. I felt so much better! And I kept at it, making small sustainable changes.

Over the years, the way I eat has changed - now it's a much healthier diet most of the time, focused on real food and lots of plants. Exercise is non negotiable. I weigh between 139 - 143 and at 5'8" that is perfect for me. I feel GREAT. Love the way I feel and look. Have so much more energy and embracing retirement. for the first time in my life, I have not only lost the weight but have maintained it. In fact am in the National Weight Control Registry.

When I look back I am so thankful that I heard that radio report and that it jogged something in me to make the changes that I've made.

What a difference five years makes! emoticon

What changes have you all made that have made a difference?
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