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Featured Motivator Today - YES! Wait...What?!?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WoW! I just woke-up to a Wonderful message...It said "Congratulations! You are today's Featured Motivator!" Then I Panicked! I'd better Blog!

...Motivator...That means Motivating...and recently I have been far from Motivated...Let alone Motivating. Not that I am stumbling...but that I am so confused. I write from my heart and things have been so tumultuous in the World and happening so rapidly I have had a hard time keeping up with how I feel. Does that makes sense?

Well this spotlight is causing me to actually sit down and figure it out. It is my hope I will have a few visitors from this Wonderful Honor and I would like to do my best to say something Motivating for Me...and For You.

I'll start with a Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something that will speak to you.

I'm not your average Sparker. I've been an Active member since 10/25/2007. My Sparkaversary is fast approaching. I have Grown much over these years. In the beginning (as with many others) I was here to lose weight...However...over time...I changed my Goal to Being Healthy.

It is funny how that one little tweak Changed my entire path. It was a Great Discovery...but it also took me down a path where few had gone before me. I tried hard to share all of this newfound information with others (See YO's - CORNER- LIBRARY link on my page if you have interest.) so that they might be able to consider if they would want to change some of their old outdated beliefs in for some shiny brand new ones too.

There was just one thing...

It isn't easy to Question your Own Beliefs...especially when you are comfortable with your Results...and then to read and learn some of the things I was Discovering without Context made it easy for most to dismiss...After all Belief is far More Powerful and Important than Fact or Truth...(One of the things I discovered).

I'll cut right to the chase...What I realized through all of my Fact Checking and Experimenting and Research is that The Actual Key to our Success lies in what our Heart Believes to be True...Not what we say with our tongue and logic...But what we Feel in our heart is the Result we will find.

Now I just skipped to the last page of the book...Unfortunately often Times...Knowledge without Understanding isn't really very helpful...So you sort of have to go back and read the rest in order to Get a Full Working Knowledge of the Punchline. I have left a long-long-long and Factually Scientific Breadcrumb trail for anyone who would care to Go off the Popular Path and take the lesser traveled...Yet Bigger Payoff Pathway. It will take more time and digging deep into your inner world...It won't be Fast or easy...But it Will be Worth it.

How can I say that? Because...I Know Now.

I forged the path where none had gone before me and I Know what awaits you at the end of that long hike uphill...and I am going to be standing there...Waiting for you with open-arms and High-5s for your Bravery...Your Courage...Your Determination...Your Willingness to take Accountability for You and Your AMAZING Results...You will be a Changed person on the other side of this Journey...It's like walking the Appalachian Trail baby...You Will be Transformed from Step 1 to the Top of that Summit...Everyone will find Different Clues along the way...It is your Decision to do what you will with all that you will take in...The best part is realizing there is another option if you want to take it...I always say take what you like and leave the rest.

It's gonna take a long time...You are going to feel alone at times...because this is Personal...and no one can do this for you...This is your Inside World...Only YOU can control this...Only you Can Change it...It isn't for the comfortable Glamper...This is Hard Core and You have to Want it. You may want to give-up..but if you Do keep going...You are going to Discover What Many Many Many others have No Idea about...and then my Friend...It will be up to you to share what You Learn with others too...

Not Everything is for Everyone...But there is Something for Everyone...All I would ask of you is that you Enter the Library with an Open Mind filled with Imagination Creativity and Unlimited Thinking...I am asking you to go where many will not...This is Alice's Rabbit Hole...It can get a little Dark at times and that is because we will go where no one else has access except you...you may go to those places that you thought you locked away forever...Do Not be Afraid...I got'chu...There is Always a Spark of Light even in the darkest corners...all you have to do is Find that speck of Light in your Dark place...Again not easy...but POWERFUL when you Do...

I must warn you...You will get a Heavy Dose of the Awful Dirty Truth...It is going to ask you to Question some of your oldest and truest Beliefs that you have held so Dearly for so long...This is not an easy task...But rather than Sugar Coated - Sounds Good - Misconceptions and outright Stark Contrast Lies from Reality...I will share with you the Actual Factual Scientific - Learned it for Myself - Rather than Popular Opinion/Belief/Programming -Truth and take you step by step by step along the way...You decide where to step.

If you are Ready to go to the Next Level...Beyond this surface Life that we auto-pilot through...and You are ready to become a little uncomfortable...go through a little growing pains and training (like Rocky)...To be Prepared for our Evolution of Man...(After-all This ain't Kansas anymore)...Then come to Yo's - CORNER - LIBRARY and Go where Few will Dare...Set your Fear aside...Afford yourself an Opportunity to Question your Current Beliefs...Think Critically for Yourself...and Decide whether you want to trade in some of those Old Outdated Beliefs...For some Shiny Brand New Ones. Few things are Permanent...Change is a part of our Journey...So Change is Good...Being a little Uncomfortable is Good...and even Necessary...Embrace it for Growth or be left behind in the comfort of status quo...You get to Decide.

Happy to Meet you...I am Yo and It has been all my Pleasure...Thank you again for stopping by. Please Stop by the Library Anytime Day or Night...Even Holidays. (No shoes...No Problem!) I'll be at the Front Desk...Come say Hello if the mood so strikes ya!

Be Brave - Believe in YOU - Know that Yes You Can - You Decide Everything. Listen from Within. We Already Have Everything 100% That we Need...Everything...The Only Lack Comes when we Believe it to be True.

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