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Monday, October 03, 2016

Hello Everyone!
Do you ever think of a bright idea, get a great inspiration, or receive an 'enlightenment' and jot it down quickly on scrap paper so you can Blog about it later?
I do. I try to keep it in one place...but I'm not always that organized. So each week, I have to scramble to find my slips of paper to see if the little 'jot and tittle' can apply to my topic of the week. I look over them now...there is not really a common theme. So today's blog will be a little bit of This and That's from what I've learned Here and There.

1. Focus on the Family is having a 31 Days of Prayer. If you would like to join me in praying this is what they are asking us to pray for THIS week.
October 3 Pray for men as husbands and fathers.
Oct. 4 Pray for women as wives and mothers
Oct. 5 Pray for God's wisdom and understanding as parents
Oct. 6 Pray for blessings on our children
Oct. 7 Pray for our nation's schools and educational system
Oct. 8 Pray for America's churches to impact families

2. Another sparker named Simply_Jane had posted this quote previously and I wanted to share it with you all:
"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now." Alan Lakein

(DOESN'T THAT GO WELL WITH THE 31 DAYS OF PRAYER???? I didn't intend that, but boy! Am I going to THINK LIKE THAT.

3. I was thinking one day that, instead of merely saying, "I lost weight", doesn't it sound so much stronger to say I've made a Weight Loss Achievement. ? I think it sounds cool.

4. I blogged a couple weeks ago about the importance of Weight Zones. I had pointed out that our BMI zones give us a 40 pound leeway, 20 in each direction. And that once we are in that zone we really should not have a problem staying within it because the low and high ends give us 'warning' when we are about to overstep our boundaries. We often think that we are too heavy to work out. Too TIRED. (oh yes indeed, I'm always tired.) So I wrote a list of moves that ANYONE should be able to do, no matter HOW much extra weight we have gained.
1.SQUEEZE YOUR BUTTOCKS. That's right! Ever hear the saying, 'No matter HOW slowly you go, you're STILL lapping the people sitting on the couch?" Well, I'm thinking of the person SITTING on the couch who can answer swiftly back, "Hey now! For every lap you just took around me, 'I' was squeezing my TUSH 100 times. And You, Girl, were merely walking!" oh yeah!
2. TIGHTEN YOUR ABS. I did this often during times I was contained to bed. Say, after surgery or after a birth, or during a sickness when I wasn't quite up to STANDING/WALKING, but couldn't bear sitting still anymore.
3. SQUEEZE YOUR FISTS. yep. That is a major workout, actually. My Dad-in-law won Golden Gloves in amateur boxing and he often recommended these kind of moves. You can really tone up that way.
4. FLEX YOUR TOES Feels great!
5. ROLL YOUR ANKLES! When my mom was trying to regain strength and balance her physical therapists taught her to roll her ankles or pump her feet to get the circulation moving in her body BEFORE she came to a standing position. MAKES SENSE TO ME!
6. PRESS YOUR HANDS TOGETHER in front of your chest. This feels REALLY GOOD and can tire you out nicely! ;)
8. LIMBER UP! After getting your blood moving, do some stretches. Anything improves where you are at right now!
9. TAKE SOME SERIOUSLY DEEP BREATHS! This is soooo good for you and clears your head, energizes, and wakes you up!
10. THANK GOD FOR WHAT YOU CAN DO...and then get to it! Don't take for granted any chances God gave you to improve your well-being.

5. Another thing I had wanted to mention is that, unfortunately, I have to 'lose my daughter'. Yes, you heard that right, but probably understood it wrong. lol. My 11 year old weighs the amount that I have to lose! Sigh. (Please know that this is not the same daughter I wrote a blog about 'losing' her when she was just a year old. THAT STORY was funnier than THIS situation. wink.)

6. I can't remember if I re-shared these two quotes that I might have heard from WaxxieMaxxie (sp?).
"I'm not where I WANT to be, but I'm not where I USED to be." (woohoo!)
"Only look back to see how far you've come" (Nice advice!!!!!)

7. Here's one from ME:
"After losing weight, don't say, 'This has never happened to me before!' instead say, 'I had never known how to make this happen before!' Because....frankly? There IS a difference."
Knowledge is Power. as a matter of fact, Knowledge is Wow-er! too. Because once you've got the tools, MAGIC seems to happen. (though it's merely scientific, right, My Scientific Spark Friend, Jeanknee?)

8. September was Ab Month for me. October is going to be Limbering Up month. The stability ball is a great tool for stretching your whole body! love it!

9. I got a 'You look like you're losing weight" from my mama. (Of course, she's recovering from some health issues and may not 'know what she's thinking.' lol But I think she did on THIS day. :) After losing 34 lbs, I think she is the FIRST person outside my household that has said anything. sighhh. (man! how much do ya gotta lose for people to actually NOTICE????) oh well.

10. My scale (remember I am emotionally DEtached from this, lol) has whispered some weight loss, but it's not official yet because it doesn't STAY. I've been 212 and 3 different days I've seen below 210....this morning it was really low, but I doubted it and made my daughter check the scale. All she got was 211. Well! I'll TAKE IT! So ANOTHER POUND DOWN and looking forward to some more.
Actually, this is REALLY good news because, 1. I haven't been GAINING!!!!!!!! 2. I've been adding some muscle....but not gaining!!!!!! woohoo!

11. I'm so glad you can't see me right now. Because, well, I am wearing TWO pairs of glasses while looking at my computer screen. I am due for some new eyeglasses, but Hubby needed them first. I now await MY turn. But PROPERTY TAXES will have priority over EYESIGHT. So I was telling my Papa Dear that I really need 3 different strengths in prescription. One for distance, One for reading, and one for the computer screen. So my dad just chuckled and said, "Why don't you just go grab a pair of reading glasses?"
So, one day, I was at our local Save-A-Lot store....and came across some reading glasses which REALLY TRULY helped me save-a-lot! The glasses I chose are....small (but not quite CAT glasses, lol) and PINK! And I have discovered that the strength,1x , sitting over my prescription glasses allows me to be able to see my computer screen clearly.
The family is getting used to Ole' Six Eyes, now....
Hey, an approximate $299 savings....THESE were only $1. LAUGH OUT LOUD.

11.I couldn't get in the pool last week until Saturday. I had two hours to work with. I was determined to do 2 or 3 sets because I'm on a swim challenge here on Spark and I didn't want to let them down. I ended up looking at the clock and realized I could squeeze in another set, so I did 32 laps. Which equals a mile. My second time to do that, so far. Since June 10, I have completed 13 miles.

12. This Sunday my husband wanted to join the church we've been visiting for 3 years. This is huge, because we've seen far too many fall outs and he really didn't want the heartbreak again. He chose to do it as a step toward defeating his mistrust in people. (he had said he would NEVER JOIN another church again.) He also wanted to have a say in decision making if he saw the church becoming lax or legalistic, or vulnerable to new teachings. we go on a new journey!

13. And finally, THE BIG THING I WANT TO SHARE IS THAT MY DOCTOR APPOINTMENT IS TOMORROW. Last year's appointment was October 5 and TOMORROW is Oct. 4th. I'm super excited to be able to see what HER scale says. Last year it was 246. I wish my appointment was TODAY so I can blog about it! But, I'll let you know.

I think that's all my This and That's, Here and Theres, and tidbits. Sorry for the disjointed comments, but I had to get them vented before my desk was buried beneath the rubble of sticky notes etc.

Oh! May I ask for PRAYER FOR ONE MORE THING? THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS ONE. Last Monday, a 9 year old girl was abducted and beat up and raped. This was just one street over and down a few blocks from my own precious household. The little girl was threatened, but released and she made her way home. She was able to describe the attacker and his vehicle so well and after a couple of tense days, they caught the bleep-bleep-bleeping idiot. He had already served time for a rape years ago and had left the woman on the side of the road in the winter, where she died. So I think he's gonna get nailed this time!!!! But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this Little One. We do not know her name, but God does. Lift her and her family up and ask God to make her a stronger, braver, and more compassionate young woman. My heart breaks for her and her parents. And pray for the safety of your children and mine. Ask God for wisdom in keeping our kids safe!
Thanks! (now, go out and do something NICE for a complete stranger! They could USE the encouragement!)
Be blessed and, as always, continue to be the Blessing that you are!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Beautiful! I am very blessed to have "found you." I'll be around, and I appreciate the encouragement. I am hovering around the same weight you are, and I'm really looking forward to the day I go below 200 pounds--for the first time in about 20 years.

    WE won't give up!

    1710 days ago
    Loved your blog.

    1716 days ago
    #7 I am with you woman. There IS a difference. Knowledge is Wow-er! And, I believe in magic. emoticon

    Looking forward to next week's report about your doctor's visit. Have a super week!
    1717 days ago
    Sending prayers, such a sad situation.

    How come it takes so long for people to notice if you lose weight but if you gain, they notice right away. Also they have no problem saying it either! I would never hurt someone by those words so why would they hurt me?
    1717 days ago
    Lots of good points here. Thanks for sharing them all.
    #3 WLA -- sounds encouraging
    #7 I'm glad you didn't say move your head to the back. I understand that is not a good move.
    #12 Bless your DH for wanting to be involved and keeping the church doctrine towing the line
    1717 days ago
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