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Saturday, October 01, 2016

There are some weird things going on over here in my house. The first of which is that last month began "birthday season" in our family. emoticon This means visits, shopping, much more communicating, and valuable time enjoyed with loved ones. However that also means less time to do the "I gotta" stuff in life. Which squeezes out the "but I wanna" stuff. So while I wanna be here on Spark more, it's just not happening.

Layer 2 emoticon
I have some kind of bizarre infection thing going on. Or something. My lymph nodes in my neck are doing some weird stuff. Two of them are always painful and swollen, the ones near the yawning tendons (no idea what else to call them) because it hurts like I'm being stabbed when I yawn, so much so that I can't even finish a yawn. But many other little ones randomly swell and then go down. Hurt and then stop. And my ears feel like they could explode (double ear infection?). Fevers come and go, full body sweats, then chills, I could go on with other weirdness, but I won't. There's no point, I think you get the idea.

Layer 3 emoticon
I've begun seeking medical advice for these weird maladies. This takes even more time. That's why I list this as a separate layer b/c being sick takes a certain amount of time, but seeking help for it is another entire chunk of time. Did you know you can have an ultrasound performed on your neck?! Mine's Monday.

emoticon Silver lining in these layers:
I am maintaining my weight loss, emoticon and have possibly lost a bit more. I say this b/c at the doc office, where I always weigh about 3lb more than at home. They don't really like it when you get naked to weigh in there emoticon . But yesterday, I weighed the same fully clothed, middle of the day, as I weighed at home a week or two ago, not fully clothed. Whee! I'm not undoing all my hard work as I navigate this annoying intrusive infection.

Now, if I could only get that day I'm always wishing for, that extra day a week that nobody else gets, so I can get caught up on things! emoticon

Off now to celebrate another bday and take DS to baseball emoticon , do laundry, and get a grip on this messy house...

Be well you guys, live healthy, and stay positive. I'll pop in again sometime emoticon
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