Once Upon a Time... The Spark Anniversary worth celebrating

Monday, September 26, 2016

Dear 'My People',
As you know, I am not one to analyze (like certain OTHER scientific spark friends I have).
But today's blog marks the 1 year anniversary of being faithful and steady and consisten-ski and I have been reviewing my past.
It sucked. lol
Naw, not really. Well, maybe.
I had joined back in October 2009, I believe. I weighed about 213 and it appears that I had started from 220, if I understood my blogs right. My Sparking lasted through to August 2010 at which time I was recovering from a deadly infection-abcessed tooth, which set me back in all kinds of areas of health.
I skipped a month of blogging , picked it up in October and lasted through until August 2011. Those were the months when Hubby lost his job because of his back. The time he was bedridden and we were at a loss as to WHAT ON EARTH we were going to do! Our living room had to become our bedroom. The house was 1100 sq feet for 11 of us. So a bed in the living room was ...not so much working out. But we dealt with it.
Then I DISAPPEARED for 7 WHOLE MONTHS! These were the days when we were focusing on hubby, trying to get him on his feet. And when we won a settlement from work that enabled us to purchase the large house we are in now. The one that has a one floor apartment on the back and another extra room right off the kitchen which we could make an extra bedroom (in case my hubby and I could no longer use the stairs.)
I wrote ONE blog that month of March 2012 and disappeared AGAIN until September 24th 2015. (gone for 3 1/2 years!)
During those years, we've had 3 children graduate home school, a parent die, a grandmother die, a dear dear elderly neighbor die, a son join the marines and health problems with other parents (one of which lived with us for a year), and the emotional consequences of having to leave a church and find a new church family; all the while experiencing our own health problems. One of which gave me a 30ish pound gain ON TOP of what led me to Spark in the first place. And all the horrible financial stress that comes from all this, including trying to pay property taxes down- something that never seems to STAY DOWN when you give it a good kick. And of course this doesn't count the many issues family or friends were also experiencing, that effected us as well.
When I say we've had a bUmPy ride, I. DO. N OT. EXAGGERATE.
And when a couple can stay together for 25 years through all this, I say CELEBRATE!

But today is a different kind of anniversary and I am counting it from September 24th, 2015.
The reason I am making a big deal about this one is just because LIFE kicks us to the ground, but I. KEEP. GETTING. BACK. UP! And that time, last year, when I stood up again, I DETERMINED to beat these obstacles that keep cropping up.
Here are reasons why I celebrate.
*I have learned to COMMIT.
*I have learned to make the most of the small goals (like 10 minutes of cardio a day)
*With that, I have learned to defeat my greatest weakness. inconsistency.
LIKE....I defeated that baby so much that I feel like I should be called...
CONSISTEN-SKI instead of Susanski
* I conquered myself and worked around the Troubles I Knew Would Come (arm injuries, major surgery)
* I have made so many friends. -I don't care...SPARK FRIENDS are REAL FRIENDS. Even if I can't give physical hugs or share physical 'pull up a chair' chats. I wuv you people.
Even if my real people are afraid you 'imaginary people' might turn out to be Stalkers.
* I love knowing I can send potatoes and scales through the mail and the recipient understands why I sent them. lol (that was for YOU, Beth)
* I celebrate because You Make Me Laugh!
* I celebrate because you prayed me through the major surgery and helped with suggestions on how to heal.
* I celebrate because I was given the ability to LEARN different techniques through all of YOUR experiences and that, when applied.....
* I found one that worked for ME!
* I celebrate because Swimming and Susan have become dear friends. And that friend really knows how to beat the calories to death.
* I'm thankful for the challenges on here. If it wasn't for the Fiber Challenge I probably would have NEVER learned how much I needed it. And what a great friend Fiber could be. And put Water, and Fiber and Swimming! It's like "The Three Musketeers Gone Wild!"
* I celebrate because you are here with me ONE WHOLE YEAR LATER.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Now, I'm going to upload my Weight Loss Graph chart for this complete year. I made notes on them so you can see what was going on in my life, while the weight budged or DIDN'T budge. The straight line were times I did not log my weight, but I remained around 236, give or take a couple pounds. (give or take Ursula Berutha Tumorski)

!. I can walk distances I could not walk just last year.
2. My feet stopped hurting
3. I gained muscle SHADOWS, then moved on to the REAL THING.
4. I increased my swim laps.
5. I dropped 13 inches? At least 11.
6. My BMI index dropped 7 points.
7. I do not need to take Advil as often for aches and pains
8. My Trivia Percentage Score went from 63% up to 69%
9. My morale has improved greatly
10. My cravings have lessened.
11. I am more full. I used to be hungry ALWAYS.
12. I am more knowledgeable. (omitting the fact that I needed spell check for that word)
13. I have learned to fight temptation and win.
14. I have determined that HEALTHY is a ZONE, not just one weight number only.
15. And of course, I went from 246 down to 212 which equals a 34 lb loss, something I have never achieved before!!!!!

So, PLEASE, hang in there and maybe learn something from this past year of little ole' Susanski's.

*Learn ONE thing at a time, BUT KEEP learning.
*And LIVE while you're losing weight, Don't wait for a better day. TODAY is the best day to LIVE.
And continue to...
*Be blessed and BE a blessing,

P.S. I need to add that Hubby is back on his feet. He works part time at our church. And after several months of getting back into the swing of things and gaining strength and in losing 50 + lbs, he feels he's about ready to increase his hours!!!!! This is HUGE for us, since he had been unable to work for the previous 5 years. Praise God with me!
God is my Super Hero! emoticon
And so is Hubby! wink emoticon
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  • no profile photo CD11945874
    Yes, I can praise God with you ........... so happy for the report of all these good things; (and do I ever
    relate to the feet thing as I had plantar fasciitis for over 7 years and finally HEALED ............Again, can we hear it for the Lord? .......... emoticon emoticon Great uplifting blog! (and congrats to your DH too for the job increase and his great weight loss!
    1722 days ago
    You are the bomb! You came here 4 months before me and we've both stuck it out to be here now. It's been ups and downs but we never quit. I too am so happy for the friends I met here, they helped me through many hard times. Here's to another year, may it be a productive one!
    1727 days ago
    Glad things are looking up...

    1727 days ago
    I love your positive attitude. You give me hope that with all of my major surgeries. I will be able to get back on track.
    1727 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    SO incredibly proud of you SUSANSKI! Yes. I am! emoticon

    And, you know I just love that graph. emoticon

    emoticon on making the commitment to improve the vessel through which light shines. emoticon
    1728 days ago
    If you go to my pictures, you may be able to view my chart better. OR you can maybe right click over the chart and click on 'open in a new tab' and view it SUPERSIZED there.
    1728 days ago
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