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Don't let Time get away from you ...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Way back at the beginning of February, I blogged about not letting Time get in your head. You know those thoughts that start to creep in, as day after day you work HARD to eat right and exercise. They sound something like, "I've been at this for x weeks now. I know I'm doing the right things but this is going to take SO LONG at a pound a week. Look how far I have to go, this is going to take forever." I know when I dwell on how long it will take, it's a lot easier to talk myself into something that should not go into my mouth if I plan to get to goal and maintain the lower weight. I start to get wobbly in my thinking and in my resolve. "If it's going to take me six months to lose this weight, eating this one thing isn't going to make that much of a dent." Very slippery thinking, especially when I've made it to goal once before and know that it takes commitment, perseverance and shear grit at times.

The reality is the journey must be started! The commitment must be made, the line in the sand drawn. I've wobbled my way through multiple false starts this year, struggling to get back into the rhythm and routine that I KNOW will work for me. I haven't gotten to the point where I should have the luxury of thinking about "Not letting Time get in my head"!

I have to be willing to go the distance this time. I can't keep letting Time get away from me. If I had stuck to plan in February, I'd be at goal today. Period. And I know this to be true because that's what I did in 2011. It took six focused months to get to goal and I maintained it for two years, with a wobbly third year in there. I did not stop, I did not give in, I did it.

So I will continue the hard work started during the In-Between Challenge with the Champions in the Kitchen Crew. I will not let Time get in my Head in the way down, but I will NOT let Time get away from me.

This time, I Will Not Stop!!

Who's with me?? Let's Figure This Out for Good!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love your blog. It speaks to all of us! We can all do this together. Today is the only day to be concerned about today.
    1121 days ago
    I think of it like this, I might not be where I would like to be with my weight, but I am a far cry away from where I was when I started my journey. It has taken me a long time to get where I am, but I am here, and I am alive, and that is all that matters. And, I am healthy. It's been a tough year so lets start now and try to lose a few pounds off before the new 98 days! Aim low but go lower... emoticon
    1121 days ago
    How did you get into my head? Wow! Me, too.

    I fell off the wagon and recently finally got back on.
    My steps to getting back on the wagon.

    Take inventory.
    Fearlessly preform one intentional healthy act.
    Plan and eat one healthy meal.
    Ease into the healthy lifestyle journey if that's what it takes.
    Start exercising at a basic level.
    Track your weight. Accept the number as temporary.
    Shop for healthy food.
    Take inventory after 1 week

    Starting again required first, admitting I needed to change and more importantly that I WANT to change.
    Sometimes we are just fed up and angry with ourselves. That's not enough.
    When I attempted a restart in that frame of mind it just won't take and I just keep falling again and again which causes fear, disappointment and hopelessness. NOT a good place.

    I restarted my journey 4 months ago and have kept it going. In fact, the reason it worked is because I was truly ready.

    So how did I get ready?
    I took inventory of where I was and how I felt. I was miserablely uncomfortable in my own skin. The limitations of being overweight are very motivating. I felt unhealthy. I was ashamed, scared and frightened. If I didn't change direction, I knew exactly where this road goes and I didn't want to go there. I was there. Arrrrrghhhh!

    Realizing how I felt proved to me that it was time for a change.
    Time to stop making excuses, and start again but HOW?

    I needed to change my mindset. It doesn't matter where you are, how much you gained or what you ate. You can change all of that with one intentional act. YES, YOU CAN!!
    Intentionally drink a glass of water and recognize your accomplishment in that one single act. Seriously, it will empower you. You just started.

    Don't criticize yourself. Progress not perfect. Celebrate the progress. Celebration feeds the healthy mindset and makes you stronger.

    Accept where you're at and work to improve from there. Don't criticize. Celebrate!

    Accept your current weight. Oh, that's hard. Accept the number as temporary. That number is just a fact. The number is my starting place. Let go of the judgment. It's just data. It's your starting place. We ALL have a starting place. Anyone who loses weight becomes proud of moving away from that number. It's your before number. One week later, it's your past.

    Shop. Gotta have lots of good healthy food in the house. Get rid of the unhealthy or at least get it out of sight.

    After one week of healthy eating and exercise, I felt more in control. That creates a NEW starting place. Better than before. Take Pride in the accomplishment.

    The things I learned on my previous healthy lifestyle journey were still there and still worked. The recipes, the willingness to endure hunger and avoid unhealthy choices were still in my head and heart. I remembered using all those tools. Tools made the journey successful before and they will again. My journey felt easy because of those tools.

    i feel I'm Ready. I feel confident, fearless and in control. That's how I got on the wagon.

    Celebration is how I stay in control. Remember how proud you felt when you first started. You could defeat lions, tigers and bears. Nothing was too tempting. As the journey goes on, we forget how powerful those feelings were. We minimize our successes as everyday events. It really is a great achievement just to keep moving forward. Try celebrating it and it will drive those thoughts away. Works for me.

    Hope this helps you as I try to pay it forward.
    1122 days ago
  • ELLIE381
    1122 days ago
    The thing you are thinking won't make much of a dent in your journey to goal is probably the same food you won't be able to eat safely once you are AT goal. I haven't had a dessert since last Christmas. Oh well.
    1122 days ago
  • 911BRAD
    Happy Sunday Melly.... Enjoyed your post today, love the commitment you're showing. You know I'm with you.... Count me in!
    I have a friend who's quite heavy.... He'll tell people he has one pound to lose.... the next one. The comment gets a chuckle but there's a lot of truth in it too.
    Make today count my friend... see you in the Kitchen
    1122 days ago
    emoticon I agree; I look at all those times I've been great during the week but then over indulged over the weekend; those behaviors don't move me further toward the goal.
    1122 days ago
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