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Friday, September 16, 2016

I am pretty excited because I've just proven to myself that I CAN take care of myself during stressful times. Which also means I can do it during the upcoming food-related festivities that begin with Halloween.

I've broken through a weight plateau I've been on for over a year. Today I squeezed below that mark on the scale. But the scale isn't the victory, just a measure of it.

What does it represent? Well, the first 2 weeks of the new school year have traditionally been weight gain weeks for me. Homeschooling my special needs son isn't something I take lightly. I'm pretty aggressive, and spend a ton of time on it. Pretty much all my time, really. So what changed?

This year, this summer, I worked on building new habits so that it would feel wrong to not include them in my Fall schedule. I ALWAYS write workout time in my fall sched, but it just never happened. I always decided to do just 1 more lesson, or 1 more PE session for my son. But I need to be healthy. If I'm not, I won't be able to see him through to graduation in 8 years (yes, 8 years of high school will probably be necessary if he's going to get a regular-ed accredited diploma through our charter). So, in order for me to be in good health during all of this, I have to pay attention to myself. I matter. And I wrote in my school planning sheets: don't use your health time for lessons, supplement lessons on weekends if necessary, but don't let your workouts go!

So my scheduled workout time only worked 1 or 2 days, BUT I figured out an alternative solution for every day that it didn't work! I managed to get in my fitness time every day that I planned and more. My plan is 6 days a week, and sometimes I get 7. So that time I spent this summer, developing the daily exercise habit, was well spent!

I still have to be very mindful about it. And am still working on mindfully eating, being sure I enjoy what I eat, and stop when I'm not enjoying it anymore, or when I feel full. And learning what is "enough" for me for each type of food without having to measure. But I think I can do it! Today's breakthrough shows that the habits I've learned (fitting in workouts this summer, learning mindful eating over the last 3 or so years) ARE working. I CAN pursue my health even in times of great duress.

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