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Picking Zits Off the Face of the Earth

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Living in the dry Colorado climate for roughly 45 years I never thought about the mushrooms that used to grow in our lawn in the moist climate of my Ohio childhood home. Two years ago we moved to Oregon in the middle of summer to a yard that had been neglected for years. It was just weeds and rocks until we had it landscaped in September. Last year was one of the hottest, driest in Oregon history.

So looking out at the yard and seeing the white caps of mushrooms in our yard a couple days ago. There were just a few of them. My husband normally does the yard work (even with his bad back) so I ignored them. Then this afternoon I went out through the back to put a bag of garbage in the disposal bin and thought I was looking at some artist's impression of a bad case of teenage acne. White mushroom caps were clustered in several areas of the yard in the area shaded by a huge old oak tree. I dumped the garbage in its bin and went back to pick the mushrooms out of the moist green grass. I pulled up one stalk and it came up attached at its base to a second one. I pulled up another and the disturbed earth revealed a dozen tiny caplets growing under the ground level. I held my left hand like a platter and filled it until it threatened to topple. Then I grabbed as many more as I could manage with my right hand and walked down the side of the house to deposit them in the Yard Waste bin. I walked back to the original mushroom patch and repeated the process four or five times. Each time I returned it looked as though a new crop had popped up during the few seconds I had been gone. It reminded me of the zits that used to afflict my face in junior and senior high school. That's when my mind conjured the picture of the face of Mother earth being afflicted with these zitty mushrooms.

I thought about getting a bucket to fill instead of doing all the walking and decided I really need the walking steps. I have to watch my back to and thought the exercise of straightening it periodically would be good for it. Back and forth - eight, nine, ten times at least. A piece of moss had dropped off the tree: when I picked up the most there was another clump of mushrooms. Had the spores been in the moist moss when it dropped or did the moss shade the grass and add moisture to the spot? Or both? Who knew.

My husband came out into the back yard and saw me. He tried to pick up a few but his back was not up to the task. So he brought me a small bucket to save me a few walking trips. At that point I was grateful. He had loaded the Yard Waste bin with old dry leaves from around the backside of the house nearly to the roughly 30" x 30" top. My mushroom collection spread densely across the entire flat top of the leaves.

About the time I had cleared the worst of the little monsters my back told me it was time to quit. I stopped and pulled isolated dry oak leaves out of my houseplant pots. I gave the yard a last look and could have sworn I saw the tips of a new crop of mushrooms peeking into view.

Now my doctor has said I should get outside more to boost my vitamin D levels and I know I need more exercise. Undoubtedly the walking, bending, stooping, and stretching though I'm not quite sure how to enter those into the exercise tracker except, perhaps, as general gardening. My body would probably thank me if I got out into that yard more often. But I'm not so sure my back would be happy, and I like a teenager ready to grow up, I really don't want to have to deal with those zits again.
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    Good morning, Carol - I really like your analogy! Hilarious! emoticon
    1293 days ago
    Carol -- You sure have a good memory!-- This IS the son with the strange wife--and really, that's what it was all about--- Good for yu! Lynda
    1318 days ago
    There are some days that it feels like everything is broken--- I always think of it as a "broken family"--- but--all is going well today--- Hugs Carol, Lynda
    1331 days ago
    hi Carol---- Yes, it seems the grouchiness on Fred's part , has gone--It tustve come with that concussion-- Anyway, it was VERY difficult to deal with--We are doing well now--Praise the Lord!-Lynda
    1349 days ago
    hi Carol--I hugged Beau for yu---- I keep wondering how yu are doing with yer hubby's illness?--- Lynda
    1377 days ago
    Well Carol--I can still get rid of more clothes--Its crazy that Ive kept so much for so long--- Happy to hear that you are doing the same-Lynda
    1389 days ago
    Hi Carol----I do love your comments--so sensible! Men and their keys eh?-It is wonderful to be home again--I'm not one for crowded highways etc--It was a wonderful wee holiday--the best part was everyone being together!--Lynda
    1394 days ago
    Carol-I hope that you are enjoying yer nice-in law--- You are always so sensible with yer comments on my blog! I do appreciate them!--- Lets hope yer Himself is OK-- I hear that my sister had a not so bad week-- Lynda
    1406 days ago
    Well Carol---- I don't hear from my sister at all-since she hung up on me--- I decided to leave it alone and hopefully when she is ready, she will call---I hope!--- We are well into FALL here--cool nights--lovely days--- other than that--all is good! Lynda
    1411 days ago
    Hi Carol---Everyday eh?----- keeping fit stuff takes time--worth it tho--- Hugs to yu--- Hope yu are not near the forest fires in B.C.-Lynda
    1476 days ago
    Hi Carol--- I haven't written in ages--seems Spring---and summer--and rain and garage doors breaking--- it has all been a lot!-Hopefully things are going better now--It was a quiet week last week which I enjoyed!---
    I don't know what it is like where you are, but here, it has been rain-rain rain---- -
    This is a wonderful long weekend--- I am so happy for it!---
    I told you that I am "Ubering" my Fred to work --and back--now--and he is OK with it-- surprising as it seems!
    It takes more time outta my day but I don't worry so much now that something will happen-- I think he seems OK with it too!
    Life sure changes as one ages---
    Hope all is well out there with you-
    1484 days ago
    Yes we have a wet day bud it's kinda nice!--- The grass sure has turned green--- and maybe I can start the garden beds next week--- Its much milder at night now--- The black flies are out though! --Lynda
    1525 days ago
    Hi Carol--I'm not always loving' all ,my challenges tho--- LOL-- Lynda
    1526 days ago
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    My grandfather used to harvest and eat mushrooms. I used to have a recipe for a solution to get rid of fairy rings (not sure if thats what you have).
    1552 days ago
    What a unique way to look at mushrooms!
    1552 days ago
    Hi Carol---- so happy its a rest day today--- still struggling with the sciatica but it is slightly better--- Lynda
    1581 days ago
    Hi Carol-- its a quieter day--still wet snow falling--- but nice to be home!--- When I get off here I will put that collar back on Tess as she is trying to scratch that ear-- You are so fortunate not to get the snow we get--- and this winter its been up and down, with a lot of freezing rain!-- I drove VERY carefully this morning, with HIMSELF "calling off" beside me-- like-- "DRIVE FASTER"_-He can't see the ice of course--LOL_-
    The daylight is wonderful!--- The days are so much longer--- I always love to read yer comments--Lynda
    1582 days ago
    I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts about down-sizing in comments on LeanJean6's blog.To have someone acknowledge that downsizing is hard,emotional work was so assuring that I am ok , I had to thank you immediately. Everyone keeps telling me I have too much stuff! Yet, i have been downsizing from a house to a 2 bedroom apartment for years and have been overwhelmed with the task. I am finally getting to the "last of it",getting my brain comfortable with the changes and I read your post today, and I have my feelings validated and I can tell myself"you weren't crazy.It is taking a long time. because it is not an easy step in my life" Thanks for sharing.🌺
    1653 days ago
    1677 days ago
    Carol, you are so good to get yer cards out--something I haven't done yet!-- Yes, so much technology--- I don't know how to tweet--- LOL--- I won't have to read Donald's tweets--LOl-- Yes, the past few days have been busy--- so its nice today to be just home and happy. I had someone really light into me , (on here) about my blogs-- I was pretty hurt-- This happened last evening--I guess not everyone can like you--LOL-- But her comments were quite stern and really cut in--- but-- things are much better today--and I guess she meant well-Lynda
    1694 days ago
    Hi Carol, I finally have time to sit and read comments and as always I treasure your kind words! -- I would be interested too in what Fred would say about me--LOL----
    It went down to minus 6C last night but was up to 8 C this afternoon--no snow here yet!
    We went to Son#1's restaurant last night for dinner---- I had "Muscles "--and a roast beef dinner but ended up bringing most of the meal home with me--I just can't eat all they put on my plate--plus the Muscles, cooked in butter and wine, didn't agree with me---was sick about 2 hrs after eating all that!--- I am never sick so it was so unpleasant! --Crazy----
    so --your election really upset a lot of Canadians ---still does --that a man can be so unpleasant and still win-- How do you and your neighbours feel about Trump?---Poor Hilary--- Listen to me! And I don't even live in the US--- Supper time here so I'llgo--Lynda
    1714 days ago
    WE don't get any kids either--well-this year we might get 2--- a new family moved in up the road--- so--- I'll dole them out to the Grand kids in time--Lynda
    1729 days ago
    Hi Carol--I don't mind the shorter days of winter--a good chance to do inside stuff-- How are you doing?--When I read yer comments, I always think, I must phone you--then the day comes and goes and I never do--but--you are thought of--Lynda
    1730 days ago
    so its not just me who gets a shot at a grocery?--- It really was so easy--no appointment or waiting--
    They say the shot takes about 2 weeks to start protecting you--and lasts only 6 mos-- I used to get another shot in March--- That was when I was working and exposed to so many people--- Hopefully they got this one shot right---- Nice to hear from you Carol-Lynda
    1733 days ago
    Hi Carol--- Yes, lots going on here this weekend--- I did enjoy FAMILY DAY at the Grand Daughter's school---They go to a Catholic French school-- are bilingual----It was so nice to see all the children there with their parents--- They served egg salad sandwiches with soup and pumpkin pie--- took Family pictures too---was really nice--It was all free of charge--- Our children all went to the Public schools --- but---they never did anything like that!
    I took a few picture so will post them to-morrow--
    I even fit into a dress--with stockings--LOL--- was happy for that!--Lynda
    1750 days ago
    Loved yer blog! --inspirational--getting outside more---- -- The seasons are changing here too--- and it keeps himself and I busy preparing for what's to come---- Lynda
    1758 days ago
    I've seen a few of the pesky mushrooms in the back yard here. I'm more concerned about the more than annoying palmetto cock roaches that seem to find their way into the house.
    1760 days ago
    All I could think, while reading your blog, was if only you knew if those emoticon were safe for human consumption.

    We Visions have the occasional emoticon pop up in our grassed areas of the yards (not necessarily in areas of much shade) & I always think the same. However, I am not knowledgeable about such things & will not take the chance of possibly getting poisoned. They always look so tempting, though! emoticon

    If you don't mind my asking - where did y'all live in Colorado? We have lived in the Springs since October '99 & feel so blessed that this is where our Creator God decided we were to continue serving His kingdom on planet Earth. Interestingly enough, Colorado does not seem all that dry after having moved from West Texas - literally a stone's throw from New Mexico.

    I deal with sporadic back flair ups, so I certainly can identify with the concern both your husband & you are faced with. I do hope that the pain you were feeling, after your mushroom harvesting (be it for the yard waste bin), has eased considerably - all the way to having completely disappeared!

    God bless!

    1770 days ago
    I agree, enter your mushroom picking exercise as gardening. I have a big crop in my back yard -- bigger than I've ever seen (Michigan). What's going on this year?!
    1771 days ago
    LOL. I bet you got quite a bit of exercise. And a funny analogy indeed. Fall is a time of decay, so teenage acne is hilarious. My hubby would probably love those mushrooms if they're the edible kind.
    1772 days ago
    I would check to see if their the good ones to eat. If they are, you like mushrooms, you will have free mushrooms to put in your meals.
    1773 days ago
    Oh my!
    1773 days ago
    We don't get that many mushrooms but we do get a lot of moss. Once upon a time, it was pretty much the only green we had in the yard, so I didn't complain!

    Hope your back feels better tomorrow!
    1773 days ago
    What an image! We don't usually have problems with mushrooms....
    1773 days ago
    Those mushrooms sure do like moisture and it seems like they can pop up and out overnight. Our youngest DD who moved to OH had lots of them in their backyard this summer. We use to have, I think they were called puff mushrooms grow in our yard when we lived in a trailer in the country in the woods, they looked like big white balls. Hope the exercise didn't aggravate your back too much.

    Have a great Thursday. It's hard to believe we are in the middle of Sept. all ready. Suppose to go down into the 40's tonight, don't know if I'll leave the bedroom open a wee bit or not, I do love the fresh air.

    1773 days ago
    However you decide to enter it...it all counts toward a healthier you...and a better looking, acne free, yard.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1773 days ago
    I never bother getting rid of the mushrooms. I look at them as part of nature. They don't hurt anything. But that was a lot of exercise. I hope your back doesn't act up.
    1773 days ago
    We had a little patch of mushrooms sprout in our yard. For a week my kids would go out every morning and trample them pretending to be Gargamel cleansing the yard of smurfs. Then my hubby used a spray on all our little yard blights.
    I would enter it as general gardening as well.
    1773 days ago
    I'd enter it as general gardening. Hope you've managed to get most
    1773 days ago
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