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Monday, September 12, 2016


I've been learning quite a few things or gaining insight from a lot of you SparkFolks. A few days ago I read an AutieJ blog entitled, "Chances are Slim, Charlie Brown"

Autie did a great job with her comparison of Peanuts to our real life's struggle with our weight loss journey. If you haven't read it yet, please give yourself a little delight in your day and go watch as she pulls that off successfully.
You might want to do that before you continue reading mine.

Here are some things I took with me.
1. Just like Lucy does, Life really DOES 'pull away the football' when you're about to kick.
How many times has that happened to ME? Let's see...
A. The time I bought new bikes for my boyfriend and me so we can ride together...and before the very first ride, my foot got caught in the stink'n spoke, I fell, and gave myself a bad sprain. (I was crossing the street walking my bike, when a truck sailed around the corner, nearly running us over, I backed up, the bike turned behind me, and WA LAA! - in case you were wondering.)
B. The many times I began losing weight only to become GLORIOUSLY pregnant with another child. I'll take a child over weight loss ANY day! wink.
C. Or how about last Fall, when my weight loss was picking up speed and I pulled my arm and shoulder out (just by merely pushing myself up to a seated position in the morning.) That injury lasted TWELVE WEEKS and it overlapped....
D. This winter and the Ovarian Cyst I named Ursula Berutha Tumorski. We evicted HER, but it took 8 weeks recovery!
Now THOSE last two are 'Evil Lucy' moments. Especially when I had become so CONSISTENT on this journey. I was bummed, but DETERMINED to triumph this time.

2. Another thing I have learned to face, which AutieJ brings up in her blog, is that it's NOT the Summer's Fault (and all the good yummy fair food available.) We have to QUIT with the soft excuses and just OPENLY ADMIT, that it's our CHOICES that put the weight on. God DID GIVE US the ability to say, NO! and to follow through on that. A hard lesson, to be sure, but definitely LEARNABLE.

3. Something else of interest was the LAUNDRY COMMENT. I LOVED THAT ONE! I'll let AutieJ explain that one. (Go read her blog). Wow wow and wow to that, though. Never thought about it before.

4. And I dearly love the drawing of Charlie Brown standing there with Snoopy sitting on his head, bending forward, upside down and looking directly into Charlie Brown's eyes. To me, this speaks the word, 'CONSCIENCE'. (also in AutieJ blog)

From now on, every single time I come up with a SuserExcuse for why I might have gained weight or lost muscle, this image will slap me in the face with the Facts. yikes!

This summer I've had a lot of Teachable Moments.
emoticon I've learned that I can lose inches just having fun SWIMMING!
emoticon I've faced the reality of gaining 8 lbs just because I've gained MUSCLE!
emoticon And I've learned that FIBER and WATER seem to be CRUCIAL for me in my weight loss journey. (I can assume it is so with each of us.)

So THIS summer will be known as The Summer of 2016 . Not for a first kiss. Not for a Vacation to Europe. Just simply because it's the Summer I had finally found what WORKS for me.
I have had thoughtful, helpful advice in examining myself from each of my spark friends, but in particular, Jeanknee (again). She has taught me to TRUST myself during this journey.

So TODAY, I got on the scale and LOOKED. Had my adult daughter LOOK. And when SHE left for work, I had my 11 yr. old daughter LOOK. But those new numbers were NOT GOING AWAY.
I did INDEED lose another 5 or 6 pounds !!!!!!
I am now 212!

Looking over a 2009 blog, I see that I now weigh 3lbs LESS than Sept. 27, 2009! Wow wow and Wow!
And I still have a few weeks to go before my year is up!

Remember the quote from last week's blog and
don't just say, "I gave it a try" say, "I MADE it happen!"

Be blessed and BE a blessing!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    One hard lesson for me was to acknowledge, "there will ALWAYS be something happening, so no excuses... start now and don't stop!"

    It's too easy to make excuses to "splurge" for the holidays, a birthday, more holidays, vacation, oh my ANOTHER holiday!

    I thought of this again recently, the end of August... Is that HALLOWEEN CANDY on sale and prominently displayed? Yep!

    So I remember those wise words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, and keep on going!
    1736 days ago
    1742 days ago
    Congratulations on your progress and on finding out what is best for you!! Awesome!! It is inspiring and proves that this can be truly done!! I will have to look into that "fiber" a bit more, thank you for sharing!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1742 days ago
    1743 days ago
    Congratulations on your progress!
    1743 days ago
    Oh I agree with Autie about "summer's fault." I have witnessed so many people using the Holidays as an excuse, cold weather, hot weather, pregnancy, not being pregnant, and it goes on and on with excuses it just blows my mind. If I am not doing something right, the only one I should blame is myself. It is a simple truth but for some reason it is a very difficult thing for people to realize that excuses are actually ridiculous.
    1743 days ago
    Yes indeed! You MADE it happen!!! emoticon lady! emoticon

    1743 days ago
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