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Shaking the Kidneys

Monday, September 12, 2016

A couple weeks ago, when I went to the doctor, the doctor (actually a PA) did a few simple tests like reflexes.

Well, I was there because I hadpersistennt lower stomach pain. He listens to my back and then he takes one hand and balls it into a fist and places it on my back. He takes his other hand and hits his fist REALLY HARD and it hurt a little. Then, he did that to the other side of my back too! It hurt a little but before I left the house, I had taken some ibuprofen. Later that night, my back hurt so badly and it still hurts! My mom was actually at the appointment with me this time because I asked her to go. She asked the PA what the purpose of that "test" was and he said it was to "shake the kidneys" to see if they were workng right and to see if they were infected. Excuse me, that is not how you test kidney function or for an infection! emoticon Well, it shouldn't be! Maybe if he didn't hit/punch so hard....

Usually he works with me and I have not had any issues before. I didn't know he was going to do that so I couldn't stop it. Anyway, what is upsetting is I am still having pain there. I kept trying to research this test of "shaking the kidneys" and found nothing.

Have any of you heard of that?

I'm not filing a formal complaint because it's not worth it but I want to hear what others think of that "test."

For the record, my kidneys are fine. :) I just hope this back pain goes away soon. :)

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