Life has been crazy this year...

Thursday, September 08, 2016

My husband has been battling renal cell carcinoma & dang my life has been crazy the past year.

I find myself going through a lot of ups & downs emotionally. It definately has been a challenge to stay on track.

When I think of blogging a zillion things come to my mind to say but to get it out in words is so hard.

Basically I need to stay focused. I need to stay healthy. I need to be able to take care of my husband & that's not going to be easy if I don't lose weight.

Here are a few things I'm currently doing to help stay on course:

1. Daily track foods.
2. Listen to health podcasts before bed
3. Participating on a Facebook group (health related)
4. Trying new recipes

Things I should do more often to stay on track:

1. Blog... I find I do better when I blog.
2. Walk... My hubby & I have been walking but we need to be more consistent. (today we walked in the rain. It was fun)

That's it for today! I'll be back I promise!

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