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Rainbow Meditation

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Walking through some older posts on the SparkTeam Mend Your Mind/Body Connection I found a post from ZOESJOURNEY0309 titled The Rainbow Meditation. I wanted to put it here in my blog so I have an easier time of finding it again and so some of you could enjoy it as well. Here it is:

Imagine, see with your mind's eye,
Feel with your inner knowingness that you are far out in space
Far from Earth.
You look back at earth, and it appears
As a small ball of shining blue-green light
About the size of your fist.
Now see the Earth as surrounded in a rose - pink Light.
This is a light of Protection, of Love, and Peace.
In essence a prayer for the planet without words
A prayer that uses Light.

And now you feel yourself being drawn back to the Earth.
You accept the "pull" to return and you enjoy the "ride"
Of returning to the Earth's atmosphere.

As you begin your slow descent through the first few layers
of the atmosphere,
And into the warm sunlight,
You find yourself in a brilliant, soft blue sky
Dotted with large puffs of clouds.

Slowly, your attention is captivated by the biggest
And most beautiful rainbow you have ever seen.
You head toward the rainbow
and its magnificent brilliant colours.

You find yourself gliding into the midst of the rainbow,
Totally immersed and surrounded by the first colour - red
You breathe in the colour red and
Take in all the positive aspects of the color red.
Feel, see, or imagine yourself
Filled and surrounded by the colour red.
Be the colour red.

Now feel yourself floating out of the colour red
And into the next colour of the rainbow, the colour orange.
Again feel, see, or imagine yourself
pausing here in the colour orange.
All you can see is orange, breathe in the colour orange.
Be the colour orange,
The most beautiful shade of orange you can imagine.

Next, you find yourself moving into the next color,
Which is the colour yellow, your favourite shade of yellow.
Here, totally surrounded by yellow
You take a deep breath of pure yellow light.
Feel, see, or imagine yourself
As being filled and surrounded by yellow light.

In a moment, you are gliding on to the next colour - green.
You are now in the middle of the rainbow,
Take a deep breath
And fill yourself with the wonderful healing energies of green
The colour of growth, creativity and healing.

After you have basked in the green light
And bathed in its essence,
Feel yourself gently floating into the next colour,
: A delicate shade of pastel blue.
Move until you are totally immersed in the blue light.
Breathe it in, and see it completely surrounding your body.

Continue moving now, gliding over into the next colour
Which is indigo, a dark purplish-blue,
the colour of the midnight sky.
Feel, see, or imagine only this colour,
This light filling and surrounding your body.

Now mover over in to the next colour which is violet.
Linger in this colour a short time,
Breathing it in, filling and surrounding your body
With the radiant violet light.

Then move over into the last colour
A blend of all the colours - white.
A most beautiful, radiant, lustrous White Light.
Here you stay for a moment
Rested, rejuvenated, and invigorated.
Bathing and basking in the wondrous healing White Light.

It is time now to leave,
You remember the healing you have just had with the Light,
And with all the colours of the rainbow.
With gratitude, and a feeling of total renewal,
You prepare to return to the here and now.

In a few moments I am going to slowly count from one to five.
At the count of three, you will open your eyes.
At the count of five you will be wide awake.
Feeling fine, in perfect health, much better than before.

One, two three,
Eyes open now.

Four, five,
Wide awake ... feeling fine ... in perfect health
...completely refreshed,

In fact, you feel terrific!
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    Can U tell me where do I find mend ur mind body connection? Ty
    1429 days ago
    Awesome beautiful thank U 4 reposting this!!
    1429 days ago
    Thank you... I was in need of a new guided meditation:)
    1429 days ago
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