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NEVER going back!!!!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Seeing this picture totally makes me sick! This is before I started my Weight Loss journey 6 years ago and I NEVER want to go back there. This picture was snapped very unexpectedly while on our boat and unaware the hubs was taking it until it was too late. I kept it as a reminder and hangs on my fridge. When i get the munchies I know that pic is there and it's not somewhere I want to revisit.

Weighing in at 250 lbs I felt disgusting and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I re-started my journey for what is approximately maybe the 10th attempt at getting this weight off. I'm not where I want to be but I'm farther than where I came from. I've been working at this for 6 years now and falling off the wagon here and there but NEVER have totally given up.

High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, achy joints, asthma and just feeling downright miserable, seeing my kids grow up before my eyes (as I started gaining the wt. gradually when I turned 40) and thinking if I didn't do something about this weight I'd never see them graduate High School or college. Or seeing them marry and have children terrified me even more.

Now at 58 I weigh 191.0 but it's a lot better than 250 lbs all those years ago.

What changed me and turned me around this time? My kids for one thing. Now finding out that I'm gonna be a first time Grandmother (that word makes me cringe, so we're gonna have to come up with something else! lol Want the grand kids, just not feeling the word GRANDMA!) Having a knee replacement 5 years ago sure didn't do it but finding out that in December 2015 I needed hip replacement and my blood pressure and cholesterol were getting higher with the weight and age, I thought to myself, "I've got to do something or I'm gonna die" and that scared the bageezies out of me.

When I saw my surgeon (pre-hip replacement) back in April I'd lost 37.4 lbs. and when he told me that I had taken approx. 200 lbs of pressure off my joints that was a real eye opener!!

I've since lost a few more pounds since surgery back on June 7th of this year which brought me under 200 pounds. Hadn't seen that number in a very long time! I'm now 191 and still a "Work in Progress" and don't ever plan on revisiting that "past life" or re-visiting Twoterville.

It's taken me a while to write a blog. Our old weight loss community was taken from us which threw me for a loop. So glad my friends informed me of this site. I've got a ways to go to figure things out here, but as I said, I'm a work in progress and I'm determined to stay on this journey, get to my goal and hoping to see many more grand kids, no more joint replacements and live a long, healthy life!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are doing great
    1185 days ago
    That doesn't even look like YOU! The YOU I know is the beauty in the white pants! Way to make the transformation. Thanks for sharing your great story. Enjoy!
    1186 days ago
    What an amazing accomplishment! I do not know if I am brave enough to put my before picture on the refrigerator.

    I became a grandmother at 48. I decided I wanted to be called Granny. My thoughts are that people would say--oh no, you are too young to be called Granny. By the time I am old --granny will fit just fine. My sweet 2 year old granddaughter tries to say Grandmom-- but mom mom comes out (common that kids just say the last syllable twice). My son tried to stress the word grand and get her to repeat it and now she calls me Grand Mom Mom. My son stressed the grand for Grandpop but she calls him Pop Pop Pop. Sweetest, craziest little girl ever!
    1186 days ago
  • SYDNEY3211
    I think an impending grandchild is a great inspiration and motivator to focus on healthy choices. No matter what they call you, the key is that you'll be there to answer them!
    1187 days ago
    You are awesime! Many hugs,dear friend!
    1187 days ago
    You are doing such a fabulous job!!! Keep up the great work. Wonderful post!
    1188 days ago
    What an amazing inspiring blog. You are doing wonderful with your progress, just like you I am never going back!
    1188 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Great. I laugh at how fat people will say "Oh, I don't have any problem with being this size", yet I've never yet read a blog where someone lost the weight and said "Oh, now that I can breath better, etc, I want to be fat again because I don't like how I can walk better, etc." emoticon I so hated being 214# because being fat like that my back hurt all the time, and I couldn't get down in the bathtub but had to take showers. No way I'm ever going back either. Just keep working on being healthy. I've learned so much from the YouTube videos of Jason Fung M.D. and Gregory Ellis PhD about a LCHF diet. Also, Richard Bernstein M.D. and his lectures on YouTube.
    1188 days ago
  • WW21510
    What a transformation already, Kim! Just don't quit and it will come. That's my way of muddling through, anyway...
    1188 days ago
    Kim you are doing great, just keep,it up. And I've told you before my grands call me grandma and it is the sweetest word I ever heard! Can't believe the oldest is almost 11.
    1188 days ago
  • 990003PJ
    Kim, we have a Nana, Gram, Nanny, Ma, Mama C (my fav), Granny. I am Gran, I use to say my grands were going to call me Mrs. Graham cause no one else did😀💖💖
    1188 days ago
  • no profile photo JAYBEEWW
    Love your story! You are doing great! I was joannebryant on WW site. Hope I can figure out my way around the site.
    1188 days ago
    You are getting it done, that's the important thing. One of my niece's friends says she is teaching her granddaughter to call her "Glam-ma".
    1188 days ago
    If not for you, for the grandkids. You want to be able to be a healthy active grandma that doesn't need to have a coffee table pulled up so she can "Play" with the grandkids. That's a quote from my life. The good news is that you may get this done ten years before I did. You will do this, just remember how you felt in this picture.
    1188 days ago
    My husband takes pictures of me that I delete immediately. Why do guys do that ? But you are gutsy to face up to it and get started on weight loss.
    1189 days ago
    Great story. Now the question is - did the person who took that picture get in trouble after? You look a bit mad.
    1189 days ago
    What a story. I have been on the roller-coaster ride as well. I ask myself what is the real root of the yoyo weight. I am just getting started again as well. I am trying to stay focused taking life one moment at a time and one choice at a time.
    1189 days ago
    You inspire me. I am 175 and keep hovering there. My abdominal area needs me to keep biking every morning so it can be toned again.
    1189 days ago
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