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August Report and Plan for September

Thursday, September 01, 2016

My goal for August was to lose 4 lbs. I actually lost 3.5 lbs. That means I've had a loss each month for the past 4 months, and am now down 17 lbs. since the new year.

We will be away from September 27 until October 21, without regular internet access and of course no scale. The first 5 days and the last 5 days won't be difficult because we will be on a train and the meals, although very good, are on the smallish size and there is little opportunity to snack except on the fruit and healthy snacks we take with us. On the ship though, there is food everywhere, at all hours, so I will have to be very careful there. I would love to think that I will maintain, but am worried that I will gain a bit.

My plan for the 15 days on the ship will be similar to the way I handle a buffet...
- avoid soups because they are usually too salty
- avoid most breads and sweet buns (blinders when going past cinnamon buns)
- no mixed mayonnaise- or sour cream-type salads
- lots of greens and raw vegetables and fruits
- stir-fry meals when available with lots of vegetables
- occasional desserts only except for fresh fruit
- chicken, pork and fish more often than beef, but a small steak once in a while
- NO deep-fried foods (chips, breaded shrimp, chicken)
- drink lots of water with every meal
- eat slowly... This is a problem. I normally eat too fast, while DH eats a much larger meal v.e.r.y slowly. This always makes me want to go back for more... take book to table to read until he finishes.

It helps that neither of us drinks much alcohol, so I won't be wasting calories there.

- We have a total of 10 days at sea, so we need to do more walking than we normally would on the ship. Even a couple of laps around the deck after every meal would help. We usually depend on the excursions we choose for our exercise.
- Also swim often... the pools are small, but not usually too busy, so I will plan to spend some time there, weather permitting of course. It will be October, crossing the Pacific... will the pool even be open?
- I haven't even looked into the gyms on our other cruises, but should force myself to do so this time.

If you've ever been on a cruise, you know how easy it is to spend way too much time at the buffets, or on a deck chair... this time I'm committed to being more active. I've worked too darn hard losing this weight to just let it come back on again.

Thanks for reading; any tips you have will be appreciated.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    No--no health card--- funny eh?----no cost either--I was at No Frills again too-day and there was a line up--people waiting for their shot-- I hear our son#1 got his there too to-day-Lynda
    1657 days ago
    ou are amazing Gail--You go away and come home lighter! --Good for you!--- And I understand completely about stuff NOT getting done--Lynda
    1657 days ago
    Gail---Yer weight loss is great!!-----and yer plans for the next couple months-Lynda
    1691 days ago
    Congrats on the 17 pds. emoticon
    Have a good time on your train ride, and the cruise. I agree, watch the food. That would be hard. Do they still have Shuffleboard and other games on ships? Just a thought. Not heavy duty exercise, but something.
    1698 days ago
    Guess we are all the same eh?--the trials of being married!--LOL-Lynda
    1698 days ago
    Gail are you still travelling??--- Lynda
    1699 days ago
    Hi Gail--It sounds perfectly devine! ---- Take some pictures ---I'd love to see them--LyndA
    1708 days ago
    emoticon Enjoy your trip! emoticon
    1709 days ago
    ENJOY your Cruise, I would enjoy the train SO MUCH BETTER.

    Take care and happy Pat in Maine. Well done. I hope you are cruising in warm watersPat
    1709 days ago
    Hi Gail...........
    I have NO DOUBT that you will do just fine on your cruise. Your plan is excellent for both exercise and eating. Friends of ours have gone on several cruises and she does as you plan to. She walks a lot around the deck and also uses the exercise equipment provided. Then, when they are on shore, they walk even more. You may even lose while on your trip with all you have planned.

    I wish you a wonderful time. That is so important..........that you and Peter relax and enjoy each other and all of the sights you will see.

    1709 days ago
    How nice! We enjoy cruises too. A week is the longest we have gone. We want to go again but we have to get Hubby's surgery behind us before we can make plans. Your plans sound very do-able. emoticon
    1709 days ago

    Gail, You have done such a great job of keeping yourself accountable...
    I believe you will have a great trip and
    a trip filled with healthy choices, too!!
    Sure hope you share some trip stories (and photos?)
    with us your devoted fans, upon your return.
    Hugs, Audra

    1710 days ago
    WOO HOO Gail, Way to go!

    I like your plan for Sept. and for the cruise. I did not gain weight on our cruise; we followed a similar plan (eat only at meal times; no alcohol; split a desert; order healthier choices; limit breads and increase fruits/veggies). We did have soup often -- the cruise line offered cold fresh fruit soups, and we chose them for dessert instead of a starter (we had to ask to make sure the fruit soups weren't cream based first!)

    I am so impressed that you are down 17 pounds for the year! I am down for the year also, but not nearly as much.

    Have a great time on the train trip and on the cruise!!
    1710 days ago
    Button isn't working to edit comment.

    I've never been on a cruise, so I don't have any tips, but from everything I've heard from people it's very challenging. My only advice would be stuff you already know - really focusing on protein at every meal, along with lots of salads.
    1710 days ago
    Where are you going???
    1710 days ago
    You have done great so this will keep you motivated onboard. You can still enjoy yourself and it is not the end of the world if a few lbs go on as you have shown you know how to shift them . Have a great month
    1710 days ago
    Good job on those 17 you can see the difference by now.
    I haven't lost in a month or more but managed to maintain my 15 lb loss.
    My plan is to get back to the gym again (swimming is glorious and good for flexibility and for my hips but not really cardio or ST for me, which I need) now that the kids are back in school and we will only have Miss Pearl, who still naps.
    Your plan to stay more active on the cruise is brilliant...I rarely gain weight on vacations for that very reason.
    1710 days ago
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