#538: God Worked in a Mysterious Way Again

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

In an August 12th blog I related how I was led in a mysterious way to help a stranded motorist emoticon. It happened again tonight. Not a motorist this time but a bowling league of all things. emoticon

I went to a meeting of a Wednesday night league. As I entered the meeting room ,a friend of many years asked me to sit with him emoticon. I told him I hoped a team in that league needed a bowler. He asked if I wanted to bowl with him on Thursday nights at the same center. After many years of bowling against him in our annual Law Games emoticon bowling events, the chance to compete with him was one I couldn't turn down so I accepted his invitation emoticon.

Here's where the mysterious way comes in. Having no need to stay for that meeting, I headed home emoticon. Half-way there I saw the time and remembered that a church I have attended emoticon, ministered by a man who has become a friend, has their Wednesday evening service at 7:00. I changed direction and went there instead of home and got there 5 or 10 minutes past 7:00. I felt I needed to be there.

This is a small church and sometimes does not have a huge turnout on Wednesday nights. Many of the members are aged and not comfortable driving in rainstorms like we were having emoticon. Plus, the minister's wife and several church friends went with a girlfriend to help her buy a car. The minister told her he didn't expect them to be finished at the dealer's until at least 9:00 so he would wait until 7:15 and if no one showed he would leave. But then I waltzed in emoticon.

We ended up having the place to ourselves and a long talk, mostly me relating my tales of woe of needing to replace a blown out car tire and a passenger window that won't stay up, and on and on. He listened patiently then we read from Romans 12 and discussed its meaning and the lesson of a devotional he read emoticon.

Afterward he prayed emoticon for the congregation's members -- several fighting cancer, one needing a hip replacement, one who needs knee surgery -- so many in pain and worry emoticon.

Tears came to my eyes emoticon as I realized that my difficulties paled in comparison to their situations. I felt ashamed for being so self-centered and negative. emoticon

I left our cozy time together with a different, more positive way of viewing things emoticon.

I do not know how I will deal with the myriad of problems being heaped on me lately, but we all know things work out somehow, don't we because, "All things work together for good to them who believe." emoticon

Again, in a time of despair, God worked in a mysterious way to open my eyes and change my attitude. emoticon
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