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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Just the other day I did one of those silly FB things, what's my 80's theme song....Here I go Again. How appropriate!

Flash back to Oct 2007 - I had quit smoking after 20+ years and had 2 months of clear lungs. Feeling better, amazing how much better one feels when one isn't poisoning themselves every few minutes! I decided to start eating better, and immediately saw success on the scale, and quickly added in some exercise. Fast forward a year and a half, and I'm down 65 pounds! Woohoo!!

Then, a back injury led to a deep depression, and slowly over the next 6 years the pounds found their way back "home".

Here it is 2016, just about 9 years to the day it all began, I begin again.

When I started all this 9 years ago it was because I was VERY high risk for diabetes. I didn't want to be diabetic and suffer all the complications that go along with it. Well, those fears have been realized. I'm now diabetic, taking 3 meds to control my blood sugar, and i suspect the next step in the medication ladder will be insulin injections.

While I've tried to restart several times over the last few years, they were half assed attempts. I can't even say I was really committed. And even the initial steps this time I can't say I was 100% all in, but joining some of the challenges - treating them like homework and operating as if I'd get in trouble for not doing my homework - and being truly honest with myself, I can truly say I'm absolutely 100% committed. Still need to find more determination, but one step at a time, right?

One of the "homework" assignments was related to setting goals, identifying potential obstacles and ways to overcome those obstructions. I did this assignment (see profile for details if interested). One item caught my interest, the first person in my support system is my b/f - he's awesome! He would also benefit from getting on the "get healthy" train. He's also one of my top 3 challenges - he's not committed to the challenge yet - he's going to tempt me with offers to dine out, and eat YUMMY food that should be exceptionally rare splurges.

I'm happy to report that I successfully overcame the first life challenge. Yesterday I noticed the weather was pleasant, albeit a little warm the humidity was low. The dogs have been cooped up - too hot out for Bernese Mountain Dogs in VA - and they could really use a walk. I texted the b/f to see if he'd like to join us for a walk before dinner. His response "No". Fabs...He gets home and I ask again, this time altering the plan - walk the dogs around the block (nice as it was still too hot for them to do a 2 mile walk) and then go down to the lake. This time the answer is yes. A short while later I log off from work and let him know I'm taking the dogs out, and again restate my request "you're my support system so you'll go for a walk with me, right?" he acknowledges he doesn't really have a choice. Great! off I go w/ the dogs. I get back and ask yet again, this time i'm met with nothing but whining about how it's too hot. FINE! I'll go alone! And I did. I didn't wuss out, and I didn't let him derail my plans, I didn't allow myself the easy way out "I won't go since he's not going".

Patting myself on the back :-) Mel 1, old habits 0!
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