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The last time I saw my mother, she was not even my big fat mama.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Those of you that know me know the story. I come from a family of women with weight issues. My grandmother was huge for a big chunk of her life. My mother has struggled her whole life with her weight. My mommy has passed that struggle down to me and my sister. My sister began the struggle in her mid-twenties. I have yoyo’d my whole life with my weight. And I have always been flabby, even when the scale showed my ideal weight.

I know… yada yada, you have heard this all from me before. And now you are expecting me to talk about how I fell off the wagon with getting healthy. And how I am now back on track...for the one hundredth time. Yeah, it is true. I fell of the healthy train and haven’t been able to stop binging. Yeah, I started missing the gym to sleep in. But you know what else? My big fat mamma had a stroke. And the last time I saw my mother she was not even my big fat mama.

Last year my sister got my mother a gym membership and they both started going early mornings. But their story is quite like mine. They rock at getting healthy for a while and then fall off course for whatever reason, only to get back on track. When I last saw my mother this past Mother’s Day she was looking thin. Not necessarily tone, but what do you want from a sixty-four year old grandmother? Then this summer I sent two of my children to visit for almost two months, and I think that might have kept mother from the gym. But, for sure they were not eating like they should. Whenever I spoke to my mother on the phone during the course of those two months she would mention that she and my daughter were getting fat. I know that my little girl come back home MUCH heavier then when I sent her. So, I am sure that my mother had gained much of the weight back…like always.

And there is the kicker…Could all the yo-yoing her whole life contributed to her having a stroke at sixty-four?

I tend to believe so. My mom is a workhorse who wants to be at her place of employment night and day, even though the place stresses her out to the max! And my mother does not go to the doctor, or take care of herself. But, I deeply feel that all the weight seesawing over her life was a major contributor to this stroke. I mean she has been flogging her body for sixty-four years. Thru the sixties to eighties my mother tried every fad diet. In the nineties she discovered the gym as well as a few of those at home contraptions like the Thigh Master. There were times she lost a BUNCH of weight. But she put it right back on. And she LOVES Coke-a-cola! It is her addiction. She tries to justify the many sodas she consumes by stating that she only drinks fountain drinks; therefore they are not as concentrated. Oh, and since she often tries to diet… Mommy will switch from good ole Coke to Diet Coke…which gives ya cancer…or causes a stroke…I don’t remember which from the article I read while sipping a 42 oz Dr. Pepper.

I do like to go on the Kaiser Diet every so often. But, I have never been one to do the fad diets. I love food too much. But, I have taken every diet supplement out there. You should have seen how thin I got taking Metabolife when it was ephedra-based. You remember, before the FDA stepped in after it was linked to actual deaths. And I too have bought a couple at home contraptions. Remember the HealthRider infomercial in the mid-nineties; I mean how could I not make those five easy payments. Oh, and I bought an elliptical at Wal-mart. But it just never felt as smooth as the ones at the gym, so now it is in my daughter’s room. My scale does nothing but go up and down drastically. I never keep the weight off. And even though I am a gym bunny; I cannot shake my addiction to Dr. Pepper which keeps me from getting healthy.

So, what do I do to keep my mother’s stroke from happening to me? Or worse… how do I stop this from happening to my girls?
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    Forget abou the past and make up your mind that this time around you will not fail. You can do it!!!
    1197 days ago
    Start living healthy, don't focus on weight loss
    1197 days ago
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