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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wow, I haven't blogged in soooo long! I'm more of a reader than a writer. I think I read about 50 member blogs a day! Y'all keep me so motivated. But I'm sat here at work, bored, and fancied writing so, here I am.

This is more for me than anyone that might read this, so feel free to not read :| (like I said, I'm not much of a writer, just wanted to get my thoughts down)

Reminders to self...what bloody works:

1. Short, sharp gym sessions, not these long drawn out boring sessions that make you not want to go again tomorrow. Think HIIT. Every time. Half an hour MAX. Get drenched.

2. Keep on keto-ing on. NOTHING works better. Ever. Low carb is your way to go. Always. It's easy.

3. Don't cheat. Don't binge. And whatever you do, don't PLAN a freaking binge. You know one day of free-for-all "I deserve a day off" turns into months and months off plan. Ain't nobody got time for that. Fit whatever you want into your macros for the day and if it doesn't fit, then dump it. But do throw in a higher calorie, low carb day here and there, every 10-14 days or whatever. For a mental break if nothing else. And a little shock to the system. But no extra damn carbs woman.

4. Weigh in. Every week. Regardless. I used to be so afraid of the scale, so afraid of the number. So afraid of seeing a gain even though I was working hard at it. Now it's exciting to see it going down, down, down. Try not to get obsessed. Only record official weight once a week. I mean, I impulsively stepped on the scale this morning to see I've lost another 2lbs since yesterday morning haha If only that were true! Meh.

5. WATERRRRRR! I've always read that water is the secret to fat loss (on top of a healthy diet of course) and I was always like 'whatevs'. And I've always been a solid 2 litre water girl, pretty easily, because I do genuinely love water, even when I'm eating crap. But I decided to start aiming for double this over the last week and omg! It's flipping true people. I've never seen my hands and ankles so un-inflamed! The bloat is gone. I mean granted, I'm peeing like nothing I've ever experienced before. But I like to think of it as me peeing off my fat (ok, I know that's not true, but don't burst my bubble lol). And I'm seeing proper, solid results on the scale. So drink, drink, drink. Oh and for those who don't drink real fizzy pop (or 'soda' as Americans call it) anymore, little new delicious thing I've discovered: half a lemon squeezed into soda/sparkling water...I swear it's like lemonade! Or maybe it's just me...

6. Track your food. It's long, it's tiresome, it's anal. But it works. Track and weigh everything you can, at least when you're making your own food. It. Works. End of.

7. Enjoy the process. Keep looking for tasty, keto recipes online and on Instagram. You can still have a pizza (fathead crust anyone!? YUM!) and lose weight. Yaaaaas!

That's all for now. Adz, keep re-reading this blog when you're slacking. 30th birthday in 75 days....YAYYYYYYYY!
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