Grandson's Aug visit!

Monday, August 29, 2016

My 2-1/2 year old grandson, Cove, comes to visit about once a month. We try to have fun adventures and get lots of snuggles.

We always have to start at the historic steam engine in town, just to "say hello to the train." Cove absolutely loves it!

After that, we made a dash through the grocery store. We don't usually do the full shopping thing, but he's big enough now to be helpful and entertaining. Plus, I get to show him off!

There's an old lighthouse fountain in our city park that Cove's daddy used to love visiting. It's recently been refurbished, and my daughter and I took her boyfriend and Cove to see it after it got dark. I scooped up every coin I could find and Cove threw them all in, one by one. He said the fountain was "duper duper cool!"

I was treated to plenty of Saturday morning snuggles before we woke the house up to play with Cove's train. The snuggles are one of the best parts of his visits.

While we snuggled, Cove sang several songs he knows, including the birthday song. He sang happy birthday to pancakes! hahaha So we celebrated with pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

I can hardly wait for the September visit!
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