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what I like about me

Monday, August 29, 2016

This is a glamour photo of me in 1998. Please note the ability to scan photos then was limited, and my skills worse, and I as unable to get this photo to be as wide as it should have been. therefore, I look much longer than I should have LOL

this is my scary picture on 2011. we were doing silly faces but I failed!

this is me after I defeated the big scary bear at St Louis Bass Pro shops. 2014

I don't have a 2016 picture of me, so I will have to work on that. [just noticed that the fatter get, the farther away the pictures are! LOL]
purpose of this post was to write about what I like about me. I read an article that said one should make a list of what you like about you to help you be happier instead of always listing what we don't like.

here we go:

1 - I think the pictures show I can be glamorous, have fun and still be me. I like this a lot. what is a world without humor.

2 - I like that I am persistent. I have many projects sitting around which I will be able to finish now that I am retired. I am decluttering my house so I can get to them. Decluttering was #1 on the list

3 - I am loyal. Be kind and loyal to me, I will return the same. lieing not allowed

4 - I forgive all who have done wrong to me. Some forgiveness took longer than others but once I started, I found so much peace instead of carrying around all that sadness and meanness.

5 - I live by the golden rule. I rarely have treated others in the mean ways they treated me, thought I wanted to but resisted.

6 - I am creative. enjoy writing, needlepoint, photography. looking forward to honing skill in retirement

7- Organized

8 - good baker when I do it

9- best navigator my husband ever had. I am great at finding a way around stopped traffic.

10- I am resilient. Not sure I always was but now I know I can depend on God to be there and keep me afloat and it has made all the difference foe me.

11 = I have been a role model for some people.

WOW! that was a struggle. 1-5 ere easy and I thought this can't be all I like about me, so I put down 6-10 with that as a goal. took me twice as long to do those then 11 just popped out!

Think this should be a yearly or quarterly goal for me!

What do you like about you? emoticon

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