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You Have To Live With Yourself - August 28, 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I actually had another blog in mind, but talking to the dental hygienist this morning at my dental visit, "sparked" this one.

One of the major sea changes that came about in the last bunch of decades (I cannot tell you exactly when, nor is it important to look up), is the change in the idea that we are not on a diet. This is a lifestyle change, as we all know now. Deprivation from foods we love and sitting at family gatherings eating a wedge of lettuce (no dressing, please!), and a cherry tomato, is not going to allow us to enjoy the party.

Talking to the hygienist this morning, it triggered a memory: I clearly remembered then, the very first time I engaged in weight loss activities. The diet from that "other company" back in 1969 was so incredibly strict, it was a miracle I lost the weight I desired. And I was a teenager at the time. I remember that many everyday foods were a clear no-no. Anything but whole wheat bread (white bread, too, I think, was okay) was not allowed (I remember no rye - and I LOVE rye), and definitely no ketchup! Mustard, yes; ketchup, no. And tuna as dry as a bone on a slice (I remember I only had one slice - not enough to make a sandwich, if I "saved" the other slice for later) of whole wheat and absolutely NO mayo. It was hard. A squirt of lemon on the tuna, and washed down with tomato juice. I remember that summer well. And let's not forget the required liver once a week (which I almost forgot). Well, under no circumstances was that going to happen. And it didn't.

I really believe now that to make these changes last for the long haul, it has to be worked into our lifestyles as we already live it. Or as my 95-year old late aunt used to say often enough, "Moderation in all things." That generation really lived what they preached. And I believe strongly that this is why three of my father's siblings lived well into their 90's. Their weekend Sabbath walk would easily be ten miles. I was asked once to clock the distance with the car's trip meter, so I can attest to that fact, if necessary. My generation would call that a hike. And a special camp activity at that, surely not a weekly one.

Perhaps, taking a page from the older generation on their healthful habits is not a bad idea.

And do keep the fun foods on the menu. Just plot it carefully and use the Nutrition Tracker, which many of us already know, is our most faithful and trusted friend.

Pass the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups please, and all the best as you continue on your journey to better health,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like this! And agree. I am still having a bit of trouble being completely honest with certain foods. But denial doesn't help. LIfe is very short.
    1240 days ago
    1241 days ago
    That older gerneration was/is extra special. They have/had a lot wisdom to share. It is a lifestyle change that does not make us feel deprived. emoticon emoticon
    1242 days ago
    Definitely moderation in all things here - except foods I don't like, or think are just boring. I've embraced my inner picky eater, LOL! If I eat foods I like, I seem to need less food to reach satiety and happiness.
    1243 days ago
    I like both the talk of moderation & TRIGGER foods...Both belong in my lifestyle...I think we all know which foods to allow in our house & which are treats left to try if wanted in moderation elsewhere...I was thrilled when we celebrated my 60th birthday lunch at a restaurant & the cake remainders stayed IN THEIR KITCHEN for their wait staff!!!
    1243 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I agree with it's all about moderation. I tried the "other" strict diets, they work for a quick moment but when that moment is over, the weigh creeps right back up. This is the first program that I have been on that my weight loss is been constant. That's all I ask for. I will get there in time, I just have to learn to be patient, and that's now my downfall. Just gotta emoticon
    1243 days ago
  • NUMD97
    I believe, for the most part, we are all saying the same things. Living a life of healthy choices will allow for the occasional treat, and festivities, instead of looking at a banquet table, drooling, as if it were a trough, will be enjoyed for the cameraderie of the occasion..

    The whole meaning of moderation shifts, and the focus then becomes not about food. It only being an ancillary to a new and improved lifestyle.

    Cigarettes were never in the equation, nor was it meant to be included as what some may perceive as a general, overarching statement, perhaps. The blog was meant to lend a different perspective when we make choices for the betterment of our health.
    1243 days ago
    I have to weigh in on the side of healthy choices whenever and wherever possible... for many, many people "moderation in all things" just won't work for a variety of reasons... triggers, food sensitivities, metabolic issues, health impact of certain foods.

    ...and I came to a really important realization a few years ago at a Christmas party, once I stopped resenting the moderations my health and weight loss journey required of me: it's never about the food, and if it is, I've still got my priorities messed up.

    Since I no longer wish or attempt to "have my cake and eat it, too" I enjoy parties and celebrations MORE. I no longer have to think about the food tracker, how much I do/don't eat, and I am free to simply to enjoy the people and activity around me. The food isn't ever the main event for me anymore, the people around me, and reason for gathering, are.

    I also think we misinterpret the old saw "moderation in all things"... perhaps if one truly is moderate in ALL things ALWAYS (we typically only apply it to food and drink... things we typically consider to be questionable in terms of health), moderation as a lifestyle can work (you mentioned moderation in food and exercise paired together), but there are some things you just can't dial back... there are many things you can't moderate once health has been affected.

    Perhaps I just never had any good examples of moderation, because even though I have relatives who lived well into old age, their quality of life was severely impacted by health issues, and they took many medications which allowed them the appearance of successful moderation.

    I aspire to a healthy lifestyle of moderation within a carefully considered selection of choices.
    1243 days ago
    Mindful Eating and moderation in MOST things is my way also but I have to eliminate my trigger foods in my home. I can have them IF they're planned into my day AND I have to go somewhere to buy a SINGLE portion of my trigger foods. Thanks for writing on this subject. It brought this front and center for my day.
    1243 days ago
    I used to be in this for the weight loss but now I just want better health. And I don't believe "all things in moderation". As some people have already stated, sometimes it's best to abstain. Also some things are just bad for your health whether you eat one or all. Seriously can you smoke cigarettes in moderation and be healthy? When we are young we take our health for granted and often by the time we realize how valuable it is it's too late to reverse the decades of damage we've done.
    Wishing you a Healthy Life.
    1243 days ago
    Love how you are thinking...this cannot be our lifestyle if we cannot live with the changes. I do believe moderation is key, and looking at the big picture instead of stalling in the moment. It is a juggling/balancing act for sure...yet making things work for us instead of working us, yes please!

    My dental hygienist rocks...sounds like yours does too!
    Helllllo Monday, let's do this!
    1243 days ago
  • _JODI404
    Well said! I WISH 10 miles were normal!! I do believe in moderation, but have found a number of instances where abstaining truly is both better and just easier for me. It's a mix of both that works best for me.
    1244 days ago
    Moderation and 🐢steps as I am developing a new lifestyle without DIEt pills and my mouth being wired shut on a liquid DIEt. Thanks for sharing. ✨💕💃💕✨💫Hallelujahs 😇
    1244 days ago
  • no profile photo IAMVICKIBISHOP
    I'm trying to allow most anything within my calorie limits.
    1244 days ago
    For me moderation in all things except my "trigger foods": potato chips. I'm better off not tempting fate with those!!
    1244 days ago
    I will loose weight, maybe not all at once but I'll get there. Thanks for sharing today.
    1244 days ago
  • _BABE_
    I always am keen to make these sweeping changes for dramatic results but small incremental changes we can LIVE with are really the answer! emoticon
    1244 days ago
    Deprivation is sure fire way to fail. Portion control works well, and tracking is essential for me.
    Thanks for the words of wisdom!
    1244 days ago
    so right . . . it is all about moderation! If you "cut out" your fav foods = deprivation = a sure fire way to FAIL!
    1244 days ago
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