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Another Weight Watcher Refuge........

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hello, my name is Irna and am a refugee from the recently "retired" WW community. I joined WW February 2014 for my fourth and final time in my life. I lost 52 pounds the first year and 30 the second year before reaching goal weight and then made lifetime last month. LifeTime status entails maintaining your goal weight for six weeks.

I struggled with taking the last 20 or so off and became an FA member in April this year. For those unfamiliar with FA it is Food Addicts in Recovery, a 12 Step Recovery program that utilizes abstinent eating (no flour, no sugar) weighed and measured meals (three meals daily) and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We had a wonderful program of support in our WW Community, but unfortunately it was retired and replaced with Connect which is more attune to the needs of the younger more tech savvy generation. I own a Jitterbug, flip phone and pay $15 dollars a month just to have a cell phone in my purse for emergencies. I know, I know......old school, but guess what I am old, retired 5 years and loving it.

I love water aerobics, yoga and Feldenkrais (google) all are quite compatible with my knee replacements and arthritis.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and hope to nest here and be a part of a supportive weight loss community once again. I miss my WW Community but cannot go on grieving its demise forever.

I wrote the above last August 2016 as my first blog on Spark People and am re-posting it today on WW Friends on Facebook. I am committing to blogging again, as we discussed what electronic tools were most important on our individual WLJ in our meeting last Thursday night. I shared my food scale and WW Friends on Facebook were my two lifelines. Then realized I have not blogged since before my Mainland trip and learning of my Hashimoto's diagnosis in early September.

I do believe blogging is an essential key to my success. I am at six months into LifeTime now and know I need to continue to stay connected here as well as attend my Thursday evening WW meetings. I was pleased with my plan of maintaining throughout the holidays. Even more pleased with not having the typical cold in the winter months.

Also I took on a little foster male pup of one year and we walk three miles a day.......two at 0630 and one at 5:30 evenings. I could use Foster Boy as my excuse for not blogging, but he is too cute to be blamed. He weighed 12 pounds when I got him in October, this past Tuesday at the vet he weighed 15 pounds. He is now the same weight as his feline brother, Jabez the Red Somali. He likes Sunday morning walks because he gets to fetch balls in the park with his two favorite girlfriends, Lacy and Chloe (two little Chihuahua/Terrier mixes).

Anyway 15 days into the new year and all is well. I do hope to reconnect with you soon and wishing you all success for a LifeTime!

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