Once Upon a Time...It COULD Have Been a Disaster...

Monday, August 22, 2016

Morning, My Friendski's,
(apostrophe needed so it doesn't look like 'FRIENDSKISS'')
(which actually LOOKS like 'friends kiss' and SOUNDS like FRENCH KISS-something I ain't gonna talk about, LIKE...EVER.)

Now THAT was a rambling beginning!

So this has been a disappointing month so far (okay besides the cool anniversary stuff and the Kenny Rogers concert). After the cool stuff, things started going baddddd.

Bad Week 1. A very busy week came with babysitting smack dab in the middle of the day where there wasn't enough time to swim at either end of the day. So I only got exercise 1 or 2 days that week.

Bad Week 2. T.O.M. Week had come again and kicked me out of the pool. So I got NO cardio that week. I did however work steadily at my TONING of arms (with 4lb wts -very hard for me.) and toning my Abs....using Coach Nicole's seated workout videos...Still my current favorite.

Bad Week 3. THE PLAGUE. Two by two, we dropped like flies at our house. We've had varied degrees of Fevers, coughs, body PAINS....not just aches...for two weeks now and it's still not gone from the house. But we ARE on the Mend.
During Plague Week,
* I couldn't do ANY exercise.
* I had NO appetite for about 3 days. Which meant NOT ENOUGH FIBER.
* And it took 3 days to get 8 oz of water down.
* Immediately I began losing weight pretty fast...after all, what was I EATING? But I did not record those pounds lost because I figured they'd be back on when I got back to normal.

Well, I weighed myself as scheduled this morning and I have NOT gained any of it back, even though I am able to eat again.

So though It COULD have been a DISASTER....
I announce to the Spark World, that I have NOW entered the 2Teens!
I am 218!

(If I rock back and forth just right, I've actually seen 210 lol If you do some Karate Kid poses with your arms in the air and one knee brought up to your'll be AMAZED at what you can get the scale to say!)

So now my Start page records me as having lost 28 lbs (38, if you count the extra 10 from last summer before restarting Spark.)

This is HUGE for me, I've never lost a chunk of weight like this before!!!!!!!!!! (I am going to have to schedule in a Weep with Relief Hour.)

!! Okay okay okay- so I just went back to my VERY FIRST TWO BLOGS I had ever written on Spark when i joined in October 2009 and GUESS WHAT!!!!
I wanted to see what my weight was back then and I recorded it at 220!!!!!!!! And it said depending on the scale , my highest weight was between the numbers 216 and 220!!!!!!!

I'VE. CAUGHT. UP. WITH. MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOW...NOW.....NOWWWW ....I can OFFICIALLY start to lose that ORIGINAL weight which I came here for!
I had written that I had been stuck at 212 since after having had my 9th baby. And that I had gained those last pounds because-JUST GUESS!
You THYROID had been out of whack!!!!!

And fast forward to 2014...when I went clear up to 256? I had had NO thyroid meds at all for a year.
(as a side note, that 2nd blog way back in 2009 also read that my thyroid was LOW when I had miscarried our 10th baby. I'm glad I have these things on record. A great reason to BLOG.)

Wow though! When i woke up this morning, I had NO IDEA that I was going to experience this GREAT NEWS! Oh Happy Day!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

After 3 weeks of being out of the pool, I slipped out of the house on Saturday, by myself, and lowered myself into ......the wattteeeerrrrrrrr. Mmmmmmm! It felt WONDERFUL. I didn't do much, I only had a 1/2 hour and I didn't wish to over do my activity after those two sick weeks. I did a bit of arm toning, afraid i would lose those MUSCLES if I didn't hurry and use them. But mostly, it was just SWIMMINGLY DELICIOUS to be there again.
This week our pool is shut down for annual cleaning. If I'm able to go at all, I must go to another local YMCA.

While I've been half down, I've joined a Clutter-Free team. I've been organizing my library and School room and created a CRAFT room in the process (using the Cottage Bedroom). I've moved ALL the photo albums back to that room as well, which really frees up the rest of my nooks and crannies in the Big House.
I am now working on a Wedding Album project-taking old bulky 3 ring binder type albums and scanning all those photos to the computer and then i will design a new STREAM LINED album on Shutterfly. I'm so excited. It's a lot of work, too much work , really. And my 2 youngest daughters (11 and 10) sat with me most of one day looking for matches of the double prints, marking them 'original' and 'copy', storing the copies away, MARKING them, and then preparing to scan. We've got the WORST part over and I'm SOOO thankful! EMOTIONALLY , I couldn't have done it without their help, it was so overwhelming. But now I'm really on a roll.
My SISTER who hosted the 25th Anniversary Party for us a couple weeks ago, just GIFTED me with a WHOLE SHUTTERFLY album of the event. It is BEAUTIFUL! doesn't take up any ROOM, it's so thin, neat, and CLASSY looking.

Okay, here's a somewhat funny story for you. Pinch your nose shut for a minute: Ready?
My Hubby went grocery shopping the other day and took me back to the attached apartment (which I prefer to call the Cottage, because it's cute.) to show me what healthy stuff he bought for the two of us and which we keep in THAT kitchen.
He opened the cupboards...and I lifted my arms to reach something..........and WHOA! NASTY! I got a DISTINCT and EVIL odor coming off my body. I gasped in dismay.
"EW! My PITS stink!"
Hubby said, 'WHAT??"
Then I got embarrassed at the less lovely choice of words and re-worded it.

He was too excited about buying food so, said nothing more....just showed me around the cupboards and fridge.
Then we walked out the The Cottage door into the connecting hallway that contains our handy dandy pantry that my oldest son had made for us last year.
I was in front, Randy in rear.
SUDDENLY, RANDY exclaimed, "Ooh, you DO STINK!"
I said, "WHAT?"
"You DO have a stink on you."

"Well, that's the FIRST TIME you've ever said that to me in our 25 YEARS! How come you didn't smell me back THERE?" i asked.

He answered, 'I didn't SMELL you til we walked through that door. I must be down wind!"

I immediately corrected the situation.
chuckle and sigh.

Be blessed and BE a Blessing,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So sorry that you were sick right on the heels of TOM, but congrats on the extra weight loss!! I am still in 220s, hoping to break into the 2teens. Does that mean I'm chasing you? Haha!
    1766 days ago
    Wishing you Blessings galore-ski !
    1767 days ago
    Congratulations on catching up with yourself. That is absolutely awesome!

    Happy to hear the family is on the mend and the house is returning to normal. emoticon

    It HAS been a rough few weeks. But, sounds like you have actually weathered it pretty darn well. emoticon
    1767 days ago
    Glad you're feeling better and everything is back to normal.
    1767 days ago
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