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Friday, August 19, 2016

Which is much better than the other way around, no?

For some reason, the last three days I have been fantasizing about ice cream. I resisted at first, but I firmly believe in the all things in moderation attitude, so yesterday I finally caved and got my ice cream. Yes, it put me over my calories for the day, but I picked the smallest and lowest calorie thing they had (a basic ice cream sandwich) and I had a smaller than normal dinner to help make up for it. I still went over my daily limit by almost 200 calories, but in the grand scheme of things I don't think 200 calories is going to derail me.

And a life without ice cream is just not a life worth living. :)

Then today, I completely forgot I had lunch with a client planned from weeks ago. Totally forgot until they texted me that they were on their way. Oops! But I had a vegetable sandwich with a side of fruit instead of fries and while it was certainly a higher calorie lunch than normal, it was a freaking grilled vegetable sandwich and I skipped the fries and for that I should be, and am, damn proud of myself. And again, I'll have a lower calorie dinner tonight to help make up for it, and if I do it right I'll still stay at or under my calorie limit for the day.

So, I'm feeling good. I've been unofficially weighing in about every other day this week (because I am obsessed which is exactly why I usually limit myself to once a week at most) and I seem to be down about another 1.5 pounds. We'll see what happens on Sunday with the official weigh-in, but I'm feeling pretty hopeful after last week's disappointing official number.

My second month of Nutrisystem showed up today (well, box 1 of 2) so I'm feeling good about that. I think after month 2 I'm going to switch to Veestro. It's more expensive but vegan and seems to be much higher quality. And more variety which might be the biggest factor. OMG I am so sick of pizza/ravioli/stuffed shells/more pizza. Or, should I say, "pizza" because the quotes are kind of vital. :)

Has anyone ever tried Veestro, or any other vegan meal delivery thing? I'm thinking of doing the weight loss plan which is supposed to be about 1200 calories a day. I figure that'll be good and then I can still supplement with some extra veggies and snacks and stick to 1400-1500 calories/day.

Enough rambling ... happy Friday, everyone!
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