Challenging my maintenance!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm now 9 days into a 30 day plank challenge, and along with it I'm carefully tracking my exercise, including 30 days of 50 squats/day.
That means:
At least 3 days/week of cardio
At least 2 days/week of ST
50 squats/day, EVERY day
Plank challenge, according to the 30 day challenge schedule

I've been a regular exerciser for a couple of years now (wow, that still seems so weird to realize), but my enthusiasm for tracking comes and goes. I know the value in it, but once I got to the maintenance phase, I had trouble finding goals that excited me, so tracking lost its sparkle, too. A long heart to heart with a dear friend made me realize and embrace the fact that I NEED GOALS, in my fitness realm as well as others.

So I started looking through the 30 day challenges with an eye to firming up my midsection, flat butt, and arms, as well as building more strength in the shoulder I had surgery on a year ago. My knees scream over lunges, but planks - planks work everything! And I love squats. I know that probably makes me a weirdo, but I just do. If I'm really careful about my form, they don't hurt my knees too badly, and I loooooove the burn in the booty.

Away I went!

I printed out the challenge calendar and have been making notes right on it, so I keep that visual right in front of me (as well as "officially" tracking on SP). So far, it's working beautifully! I'm enjoying looking over what I've done and marking the days off as I go through them.

I appreciate the support and encouragement everyone gave after my last blog, about my maintenance boredom. I know some folks probably thought, "Well, wahhh. I'd LOVE to just GET to maintenance." But I've been in the yo-yo rut my whole life, and I was terrified I'd begin to gain again. From being in the heart of the battle, y'all all know how hard we fight to lose weight, and I do NOT want to ever be there again!!

If you're interested in the plank challenge, or any of the 30 day challenges, you can check them out here:
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