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Apartment Rant

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ok, so those who have seen at least one message board post know I am not doing great… but no post actually has everything. I really need to vent and rant.

Old apartment is on ground floor. New apartment is on 3rd floor.

Last week:
Scheduled people to unmount, move and mount my tv for appointment time on Tuesday (today).
Scheduled movers to move furniture on Tuesday.

Went to apartment office, got keys to new apartment.
The garage I had signed lease for, the person could not find the keys/opener for. She called the maintenance people. Turns out, that garage is leased to someone else. However, some other garage (I think it was the one listed as leased by the people with my promised garage in the system) was open. They could not find keys for it. Maintenance people were supposed to get keys, make keys, or something for me. As of today, I still do not have key or opener for it.
Got to my new apartment. Waterbugs in kitchen. About 4 or 5 of them dead in the sink, and 2 or 3 running around the cabinet. Took pictures of them and then proceeded to kill them. Also called and left voicemail with apartment office, and ordered insecticide and some bug killing things online.
Got my car emptied out. Then had TWC appointment that took maybe 15min tops.
Went to old apartment, filled up and then unloaded at new place. Did several of these.
Kept seeing waterbugs around kitchen sink.
Went to walmart (did not think the online order would arrive in time). Got my Clorox bleach, toilet bowl cleaner with bleach, softscrub with bleach, Raid Foggers, and borax.
Went and poured all 3 forms of bleach down every drain (both toilets, all 3 sinks, and bath-tub). Put boric acid around sides and back of both the fridge and stove. On the wall edges of laundry room (where washer and dryer will be), and underneath all 3 sinks.
Set up the foggers, and went to old apartment for the night.

Loaded up car and took a full load to new apartment.
More bugs!!! Literally poured bleach directly onto them.
Part of my online order was delivered.
Got my entire closet moved.
Sprayed insecticide underneath all 3 sinks, and into crevices in wall it looked like they were coming from.
Went to walmart. Got baking soda, peppermint essential oil, empty spray bottles, and Raid Fumigators.
In an empty spray, made diluted peppermint oil. Sprayed it EVERYWHERE. I sprayed it in ALL the cabinets, around ALL the baseboards, and covered every inch of my carpet with it. Also, I went around to every kitchen cabinet and lined the sides and edges with baking soda. I did not do the soda with sugar mixture because I do not want to entice the bugs to come into the cabinets, just the soda portion so they would die if they came into my cabinets.
Set up the Fumigators and went to old apartment for the night.

Could not walk… omg my calves hated me.
Took a light car load to new apartment.
No bugs! YAY!
Brought the distilled vinegar to new apartment, along with clorox bleach spray cleaner. Cleaned ALL the countertops since they were not covered during the fumigators with the bleach cleaner.
Made a batch of diluted vinegar.
Sprayed EVERYWHERE with peppermint spray except the counter tops.
Sprayed EVERYWHERE with the diluted vinegar especially the counter tops.
The spraying occurred twice, once in the morning and once in the evening.
Spent most of the day cleaning and packing.
I had also messaged every one of my friends in DFW, and my 2 brothers asking for help. I offered to buy dinner, or drinks, or IOU where I took them out to dinner. Spent some time crying because I feel like no one cares or is even willing to help me.
After messaging several times, one brother did say he could help Monday, if I was not working. The other brother who I helped paint his new house, and put up shelves for, did not come help.
I got permission from my boss to take Monday morning off in addition to the time off I already requested for my mover appointment.

Monday: Did a full car load, and a full car load of my brother's car in the morning.
Still no bug !!!
Got confirmation call for my movers, no confirmation call for my TV people.

Tuesday (today):
Called the TV people since the appointment is for today. Apparently the appointment got cancelled within hours of it getting placed because the service people were too busy. They said they contacted Amazon which is what I scheduled through. Amazon never contacted me. No one contacted me.
Appointment time for movers was at noon. At 12:15, I called their number asked if they are running late. I understand if they are, I just wanted an ETA. The person at the office said they needed to call the crew for the eta. At 1:15, I call the office again wondering if they got ahold of the crew. The lady said they have not been answering their phones or texts, and she got the supervisor trying to contact them as well. They would call me when they had information.
While I was already away from office for lunch/movers, I went and packed up my cat and her stuff, and took her to new apartment.
Took picture of it, sprayed it with bleach cleaner, sprayed it with diluted vinegar, and sprinkled acid on it. Then using a cleaning wipe, got it off the carpet onto tile, and proceeded to hit it with my shoe like a mad woman until it looked like dirt. I then used wipes to clean up the tile and the base boards.
I then went by the office on my way out and back to my work, asked why I had not heard back regarding my voicemail. Informed the person in the office about the bug situation, and the fact they were there when I unlocked the door for the very first time. She says someone will come spray the building and such tomorrow.
I also asked about the garage key. She had no idea what was going on, but she also is not the office person I had been dealing with. They were supposed to call me 4 hours ago with an update on the keys.
At 3:00, still hadn't heard from movers. Contacted another moving company freaking out. They do not have availability today, but they do have availability tomorrow with a 1pm-2pm arrival time that includes a phone call when the people are on their way. I scheduled with them for tomorrow.
Called the company that was supposed to send movers today, and the moment I called them to cancel the movers are magically now done with their previous move and can head my way but would take 20min drive time. I told the lady I was calling to cancel because I just booked an appointment with another moving company.
I have been crying in my office, but trying not to.
Messaged another friend again practically begging for help. He says he will come help Thursday with the painting old place with primer. But he has been a no show several times in the past. It is doubtful he will show. More than likely, I will message him when he is coming on Thursday and then not hear from him until several days afterwards.
I do not trust movers with my TV, but they said they can unmount and move it. So I will just need to schedule someone to mount it at another time, possibly weeks down the road.

I am exhausted and want to give up… but I have no help.
At least I am getting some form of workout.
Friday: 67 flights of stairs
Saturday: 61 flights of stairs
Sunday: 11 flights of stairs
Monday: 32 flights of stairs
Today: 21 flights of stairs (and there will be more later)

Oh, and I am missing my scheduled game time with my online friends for this.
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    Glad you could vent. Save your receipts for cleaning supplies & bug deterant to give to landlord. They should reimburse!
    1810 days ago
    Now that you have vented, it might be useful to go back and find what you are grateful for and each one of those days. Keeping our focus on the negative is destructive to our long-term results. Only a suggestion certainly nothing you are required to
    1810 days ago
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