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Say What?!?!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

OK So My mind is blown!

It's been two days and I still can't believe what I experienced. I went shopping on Thursday, a birthday present for me and 25% off for teachers. My dear friend and I went shopping to celebrate and as always we had fun trying on clothes. While running in and out of the changing rooms we attracted the attention of the manager. She laughed at our silly interactions and came over to enable in the shopping spree.

At one point I tried on a pair of pants that were too short and she offered to grab me another pair in the long length, as she walked off she asked me if I was 18/20. I scoffed at her and said, I'd probably need a 26/28. To which her eyes got big and her jaw dropped. She looks at me and says "There is no way you're a 26/28" I roll my eyes thinking she's trying to flatter me and confirm, that yes, I am in fact a 26/28. Upon her return she brings me a 22/24 and makes me put them on. Guess what, THEY FIT, I didn't feel like they were going to rip if bent down. Then she hands me the 18/20 and I put them on, and I could get them on. I'm not quite ready to buy that size because I felt like I may bust out of them and I'd rather have baggy but comfortable clothes than be uncomfortable, but I was still shocked.

Then we started looking at my tops, every top I came out in, I was promptly told was way too big. Now, I'm definitely a pear. All my weight in the bottom half of my body, specifically the hip area. So it's not too uncommon for me to go down a size up top. So when I was looking for myself I would grab a 26/28 and a 22/24 to compare. As I came out of the changing room in top after top I was told the top was too big. I argued with my friend and the manager stating that I went down I would be uncomfortable and I wouldn't like it. So the manager decided to prove it to me. She brought over some of the same tops in 14/16's and 18/20's. When I saw the 14/16 I actually laughed out loud and told her she was completely crazy, but decided I would be the one to prove them wrong.

Guess who was wrong.... ME! I came out in the first 14/16 and as I pulled it over my head I actually had visions of it ripping as I tried to put it on, but it fit and it looked good. We did agree that the 18/20 would be better in that top because it was shorter than I wanted it to be, but I could have gotten away with it. Every top I walked out of the store was an 18/20. the 14/16's could work, but we compromised. :)

What's blowing my mind is really two fold.
First, HOLY COW I'm in a 22/24 on bottom and an 18/20 on top. When did that happen?
Second, and slightly sad...... How can I not see this. It excites me to know I'm smaller than I think, but makes me sad that I can't see myself as that small. My brain is still not able to see the differences in my body. Will that ever change?

That's my thought right now, but I'm leaving you with a picture I took of an outfit I tried on in the dressing room. I didn't end up purchasing it mostly because I was looking for work clothes, and this just didn't seem to fit with the teaching theme, but I loved the outfit. The top is a 14/16, the skirt is a 22/24.

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