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Monday, August 08, 2016

Hello Random SparkPeople!
Welcome Again!
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What an emotional, high strung week! We've been celebrating our 25th basically all week. Emotions were high, while I shared about the Kenny Rogers concert, his fragility, and how grateful I was to see him in concert one last time. We have since heard that he is canceling some of his concerts. I'm relieved for him and his family, if it's TRUE. On youtube you can see a sample of his Final World Tour....he looked MUCH worse when WE saw him. There is also a 'Kenny Rogers says Farewell' video where he speaks to his fans which is worth watching.
Another 'low' of the week was finding out my mom's broken elbow is NOT healing, but is, in fact, MUCH MORE DAMAGED than the original injury. (she fell while in rehab unit) It is now shattered and will need to be replaced. If you know anything about dialysis patients and the effects of medication on them after surgeries, you will have a glimpse of what we are about to go through- AGAIN!
The HIGHS of the week are just daily celebrations of our marriage. We went out for steak on Wednesday. (where I made some MUCH WISER CHOICES....:) JUST SAYIN')
In the evening, my 10 and 11 year old daughters created a romantic dinner for us- menu , Kenny Rogers music, dancing, dessert, and all!
It was hilarious as Kindness (name changed to protect the Cute) took our order:

Susan: Yes, I'll have the mashed potatoes...
Hubby: Make that two, please.
Kindness: (screaming at the top of her lungs to her sister Spunky (named changed to protect the spunky daughter) in the kitchen) HEY SPUNKY! THEY WANT MASHED POTATOES!
Spunky: Okay!

Susan: I'll take some steak...
Hubby: Make that two..
Spunky: Okayyyy!!!!

Susan: I'll take salad...
Hubby: Make that two!
Spunky: Okay!

Susan: And...I'll take a Dr. Pepper.
Hubby: And I'll take a Mt. Dew.
Kindness: HEY SPUNKY.......

You get the idea.
Then after we ate we were told to DANCE for a while (in the candlelight, btw) and then they would serve some dessert.
While we were DANCING, my 13 yr old son, STARED AT US THE WHOLE TIME from the OTHER room.
We were in a glass house...every move was witnessed. lol Even the Dip at the end. ;)
Dessert was wheat bread with brown sugar and butter and Sunchips and more Dr. Pepper.

And yes, that helped put us over our calorie intake for the day, BUT WHO CARES WHEN YOU'RE SERVED WITH THAT MUCH LOVE AND ATTENTION, eh?

Yesterday we were the guests of honor at a party hosted by Sis #1. My mom got to come from the nursing home rehab unit. So THAT was awesome.
The one stress of THAT party was the CAKE serving.
At my WEDDING I was SMATHERED with cake...and I mean SMATHERED!
I found out WHY I was 'gotten so good':
When my hubby had asked my dad for my hand in dear old dad said,

Needless to say, all eyes were on us during yesterdays cake serving. But THANKFULLY, Hubby behaved. PHEW! It had taken FOREVER to get cleaned up after THAT one!

As far as my fitness journey goes, I am VERY PLEASED with what's been happening.
I am staying within range of ALL my main trackers, except for protein. I haven't mastered protein yet.
The pounds have been coming off. If you haven't heard, LAST WEEK , that fiber challenge took effect and I lost 5 lbs in one week, then this past week the next 3 came off leaving me in the 220's!!!!!!!
It's been about 1 1/2 years since I was there.
I told ya'll that I got a Tu-tu for my anniversary, because I woke up weighing 228! woohoo!

But not only THAT, I also FEEL thinner. I FEEL FULLER (hunger-wise). Lying in bed the other day I looked down at myself and realized that my body looked much more compact...or narrower than before.
Now, I ask.....WHY DON'T THE PHOTOS SHOW IT!!!!!??????? I look HIDEOUS in the photos we took this weekend. How can I FEEL thin BUT LOOK HEAVIER?
I. DON'T. GET. IT. But it grosses me out, quite frankly! I'm so much better off NEVER LOOKING AT A PICTURE OF MYSELF!!!!

But I'm glad to stick to the plan. I'm glad I am learning Consistency and Patience and about health..I have discovered that,so far, this is the formula that works:
Enough FIBER! Enough WATER! SWIMMING! (+Coach Nicole's seated videos) and then Apple Cider Vinegar in my water once or twice a day! Right now, this is working, so I'm going to continue it until I hit a plateau. Then I'll go from there.
This is my T.O.M. week (I feel like I'm being STALKED BY THEM! LOL). I'm tired, no- wait- FATIGUED, irritable, and have no energy to get to some of these organization projects that have reared their ugly heads. Projects that HAVE to be taken one step / day at a time or I will go INSANE! We're talking about, organizing and streamlining my library, going through old clothes and books that I'm just gonna get rid of instead of letting them lie around useless to be tripped over or ooze out of drawers and shelves. This is the time of month that I NEED 'SIMPLE'. LOL. I'm dangerous right now. lol.
I have so much to do, have to get my home school notifications ready and out in the mail and it's of super importance.

I couldn't even make other decisions so Hubby had to tell me what to eat for breakfast....and I made my son cook it. lol. LOL. I'm bad.
So....once again my Scientific Friend Jeanknee, came to my rescue with her GENTLE REMINDERS, It went something like this under my friend feed, "Nourish, Susan, Nourish."
Ohhhhh yeahhh. This is my week to kinda 'treat' myself to relaxation and rest.

Soooooooo....I looked around the room.
I saw what needed to be done BEFORE I work on notifications.
And I decided they were alllllll things my kids could do for me.
So I'm off for the rest of the day, lol. Gonna go watch Emma...maybe Pride and Prejudice, maybe do some crocheting...some sleeping perhaps?
And then tomorrow? I'll do my notifications.
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Thanks, Jeanknee!

Be blessed and BE a blessing!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Happy anniversary! 25 years is wonderful! :)
    1773 days ago
    Wow - that cake pic is epic! It looks like you gave as good as you got. Happy 25 and counting!!!
    Don't fret about the pics. Just keep swimming. And keep watering & fibering too... May we BOTH be into 2-teen land very soon!
    FWIW, I have found my husband to be especially irritating this week; my TOM will probably be here momentarily.
    1778 days ago
    Congrats on the 25 years and congrats on the weight loss. Yay for you!
    emoticon & emoticon
    (btw, must you be so terse? heehee)

    1779 days ago
    Happy Anniversary Week !!
    1779 days ago
    emoticon Happy Anniversary Week and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the story of the celebration with your kiddos! I especially like the story about your 13-year old son watching your celebration. I know in my bones that we teach children by what we DO, not so much by what we say. Thanks for teaching your son about love, respect and family.

    1779 days ago
    You're welcome, Susanski. Glad I could oblige. emoticon emoticon
    1779 days ago
    So happy you're enjoying your Anniversary week. It's good to celebrate and still be within the range more or less that is working for you. If the pictures bother you, don't look at them but it would be better to learn to love yourself. You are a smart, wonderful, happy person and you do look great even if you don't believe it.
    You should know you as we know you!
    1779 days ago
  • KAREN1990
    I LOVED your post! My husband I celebrated our 25th this last October! I am also in the 220, hopefully not for long. I also enjoy crocheting! Sounds like we're sisters from different mothers! God Bless
    1779 days ago
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