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The Illusion of Better

Monday, August 08, 2016

This blog was written by Shola
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Here is what I believe.

If you're the type of guy/gal who is super sweet and nice to the CEO (or any executive) of your company, but you also consistently treat the janitors or the front line staff in your company like crap, then there's no doubt in my mind that you're a horrible person.

Yeah, I said it.

Sadly, I'm starting to lose count of the amount of people who I encounter at work, and outside of work, who act this way. It's sickening, it's destructive, and most of all, it has to stop.

So, why do some people act this way?

From what I've seen, it all comes to down to one destructive belief:

The Illusion of Better.

The people who have been hypnotized by the "Illusion of Better" are pretty easy to spot. I'm certain that you've encountered a few of these people at one time or another in your career.

emoticon It's the person who will offer the utmost respect and kindness to the CEO of his company, but in his next breath, he'll treat the janitor who cleans his office as if she's a sub-human piece of trash (or at best, she'll be treated as if she's invisible.) He does it because he believes that a well-educated and successful CEO must be better than a "lowly" janitor, and also more worthy of his respect.

emoticonIt's the customer who acts in a condescending manner towards the store employees whenever she's out shopping. She does it because she believes that since they're all rocking company uniforms and she's rocking Prada, that obviously means that she's better than all of them.

emoticonIt's the supervisor who treats all of her employees like indentured servants and demands that they "obey her at all times." She does it because she mindlessly believes that her working title makes her better than the employees who have not earned the right to be called a "supervisor."

Those are just a few examples of the illusion, but here's the unshakable truth (and it's one that should not surprise any well-adjusted adult):

No one is ever "better" than another human being.
So what are your thoughts? Do you know anyone like this? My mom always taught me that everyone is equal no matter who they are, no matter what their pay is, no matter what a persons culture may be, and no matter who they may know. She was right you know. I've brought my girls up to feel the same way. They take other people's situations in to consideration. There's a quote that always hits home for me:

We judge people too quickly. We never get to know the chapters of most people's lives that we encounter. How much do you truly know about your co-workers or the people here on Spark? Judge not lest thou be judge. that's always a good rule to follow. Just remember we are no better than anyone else. We may see things differently, do them differently and the outcome be different, but no-where, no-how are we better than anyone else. And that's all I have to say about it.

Just for kicks ~
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like the turn of phrase "the illusion of better". I believe the only way we can be better is to behave like we want other people to behave.

    A lot of people behave that way but, some people don't intend to. I'm sure anyone of us could recall a time of stress when we have been so involved in our personal crisis (death or illness of loved one, job loss, etc..) when we may have been short with someone.

    I try to keep that in mind, unless it's a pattern of behavior. I usually give strangers the benefit of the doubt. I work at the register of a pharmacy and see people picking up a critically ill persons medications so, maybe I'm more sensitive to what might behave that way.

    On the other hand, I used to work with people in a previous job that were always trying to say how important they were compared to another employee. I hated that job, its hard to be around that constantly. emoticon
    1162 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    I have seen this going on everywhere and it makes me sad. I try to have a smile for each and every person I run into and I have made friends this way. Each person contributes no matter their PERCEIVED "position in society". I believe there are no higher or lower "positions" in that manner. I raised my daughter to treat everyone equal as well. When I was working I was just as nice to the person who cleaned as I was to my superiors. There is a song called Don't Laugh at Me and it says in Heaven we'll all have perfect wings. Thanks for making us think!
    1164 days ago
    100% agree!
    1164 days ago
    Yes, this is very true. Many people are like that. At the bottom of it all, if they don't see a person as "useful" in terms of achieving their goals. It's about the illusion of "personal power" and how they can get it. They judge those lower than them as someone that they don't need to expend energy with. The clerk or the cleaning person or the maintenance person etc., is someone that they use for the basic areas of their life but give no consideration to. Animals jockey for position. A very basic / dinosaur brain way of being.
    1164 days ago
    While not overt, the ignoring or not seeing is perhaps the saddest response.
    1164 days ago
    Yes Donna i know several people like that.It is a pity that their PARENTS did not
    teach them any better than that.My parents taught my siblings and i that well.I
    really feel sorry for people that have the thought in their head that they are better.
    emoticon Thank you! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1164 days ago
    this is awesome I know many people who are this way and just because I am mean I know this I like to see them get knocked off their "high horse" and forced to step down this has happened to a person at work and now she has to ask others how to do some thing and she does not like it at all but she has snubbed most of us for years
    I know I need to work on this also I think that almost everyone has times when they need to do better here

    have a great day

    1164 days ago
    Thanks for this thoughtful post! I learned this lesson years ago when I worked as one of the "invisibles"!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1164 days ago
    1164 days ago
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