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I confess myself... concerned.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Earlier this week I went to a friend's house to pick up my bike that's been waiting on a new tube for the back tire. Her dad offered to fix my bike when we discovered the leak... and the frozen breaks, and the malfunctioning gear shifter... We dropped the bike off at my apartment, where I discovered I have forgotten BOTH combinations of the locks on my old bike... and then headed to the grocery store. She needed things for her work lunches and I needed a few things for the pecan pie I made Jonathan for his birthday... Now, I told that story to tell this story. Observing the choices my friend made while shopping for groceries was eye-opening, as well as worrying. My own lunch choices include flatbread turkey sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, air popped popcorn, cheese sticks, etc... when I grocery shop, I'm getting eggs and milk and produce and I'm really trying to make healthy decisions. My friend was reaching for Gatorade, Fig Newtons, Oreos, chips, Lunchables, freezer meals, all kinds of, well, junk.

The thing is... a few years ago my friend lost her mom to complications from diabetes. Well, she died of a staph infection she got in the hospital while dealing with complications from diabetes. She used to simply watch her diet and take a few meds when we were kids... but then it got worse... and then she ended up on insulin injections and dialysis. Several years of this caused her to gain serious weight. Then... she whanged her foot on a piece of furniture. Her entire family told her to get it checked out, she refused, and after all was said and done she ended up having her leg amputated just below the knee. Fast forward, and she's in the hospital, delirious and suffering a staph infection. She passed away just before Halloween of 2008. My friend is not a small girl. She and I are the same height, but I would guess she has at least 100 pounds on me. She's sedentary, and doesn't eat healthy at all. She can if she wants to; I've seen her do it. She stuck with Atkins for a long while and got to a healthy weight, looked really good... but then she gave up and packed on serious weight. You can't talk to her about it; she'll just shrug and say it's genetics, and then blame finances or circumstances and claim it's out of her hands... Barring any horrible accidents taking me out the game early, she'll be buried before I will.

*sigh* On the upside, it's made me more aware of my own choices. I had a moment of, 'Y'know what, I'm doing rather good.' This week has been all about water and fruits and good things... it helps I've been on vacation and can eat when I'm hungry and be leisurely about it, instead of when its convenient for others and when it's rushed. The darkly amusing part of my journey is when I eat something "bad" I feel it. I can have Mac & Cheese in moderation but any more and I feel like absolute crap. If I put anything on my popcorn it makes me feel gross as hell. I'm craving watermelon and fruits and water... now I need to finish modifying my bike and replace my SPAT...

SERIOUSLY! I had to go on an emergency trip to Arkansas due to a funeral, and somewhere between Matthews MO and Jonesboro AR my SPAT came up missing. I had it when we left the gas station, but then... *shrug* I checked my car inside and out, I emptied my suitcase and my purse and checked every pocket I had... but nothing. and of course they're not manufactured anymore, so now I have to cough up some serious money if I want a decent tracker... grrrrrrrr...

Ah well. Maybe it's just the Universe telling me I needed an upgrade.
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    I can relate to the frustration. My brother eats like this and I worry a lot.
    You can't really change someone unless they WANT to change. You can give them advice and even do an intervention but if they're's just hard. Hopefully that day will come when they want to change and join you. In the mean time continue what you're doing for YOU. Seeing your success may spark them into changing too! The main reason I started losing weight was when I saw my mom's success.
    Hope your week is going well
    989 days ago
    I hope your friend comes to her senses soon and starts a healthier lifestyle. My bff died of diabetes a few years ago, skinny as a rail but lived on fast food, pizza and beer, never knew he had it. Devastating loss I wouldn't wish on anyone.
    990 days ago
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