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No more Mrs. Doubtfire... or Picture UPDATE at nearly 100 lbs. ELIMINATED!

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Saturday, August 06, 2016

First of all, no one was harmed in the making of this video (at least not much, LOL... I'm not sure husbands are always the best resource in these situations)! We are SO not photographers, and he even less so than I, so this little project tested our mettle as couple. He is, however, my greatest cheerleader, and I could not be doing this without him at my side.

...and while I DETEST being in front of the camera, this was just too amazing to me to not share it with all of you... who are also people without whom I could not be doing this.

It boggles my mind that I can wear all of these clothes at once, and still not fill them out the way my body did at one time!

...oh! My journey beyond the bathing suit I'm holding up at the start of the video is detailed in pictures here:

For those of you who can't, or prefer to not watch a video, here are some stills that also tell the story:

July 1, 2011 - The Divine Miss O's 7th Birthday Party
My jeans look pretty much painted on, and my t-shirt doesn't 'hang' on me as it's supposed to (READ: at all). Even though they are obscenely tight, I just could not bear to buy yet another larger pair. More to the point, I'd stopped caring, or even really looking at myself. I really didn't see how I would look any better, or that I would be any less embarrassed even if my clothes actually fit, so why bother? Numb and oblivious to my reality, was better than any other option.

Note the strain on the side seams, and the buckling at the knee... these jeans stick to my body *everywhere*. You can also see how my belly pushes out further than my bust.

NOW: August 4, 2016 - nearly 100 lbs. eliminated!

Then, believe it or not, I got bigger STILL. This is my all-time high:

September 1, 2011 - The Divine Miss O's First Day of School
I felt elephantine and ungainly. My clothes grabbed at me every time I moved.

NOW: August 4, 2016 - nearly 100 lbs. eliminated
I have been working a long time for the opportunity to take this picture... and while I always marvelled at those of others, I secretly doubted the possibility of truly being able to fit into only half of my starting-point-pants... yet, here I am!

(posted February 2012)
The red pants are part of an 'apres-ski' outfit I wore in my late-20s. They're from the late 80's... generous in the hips and thighs (just like me, regardless of my weight or size) and tapering in the legs.... and not at all forgiving. These red pants were part of my wardrobe well into my 30s. What strikes me most about the two pair of pants is that there really isn't that much difference between the amount of fabric in a size 18 and in that of a size 7/9... but the difference between the bodies they clothe is a transformation. 8 years ago a friend suggested to me that I would never again wear those red pants (an unrealistic goal), and that I should get rid of them. Little did she know just how determined I was... it just took my body a while (and A LOT of healing) to catch up with my heart's desire.

...and a transformation it has become! As the video shows, I can now wear these red pants... still a bit snug through the hips, but the shirt that goes with fits perfectly, and skims right over my booty (which is apparently now fashionable).

It seems to me that I am wearing smaller clothes at a higher weight at this point, than when I was at what I thought would be my 'goal weight' (I'm now thinking I may end up smaller than I was in my 30s). From this I'm guessing that my body composition is changing for the better, overall! I'm not entirely sure... this is an aspect of the journey that I find hard to grasp in terms of how it specifically applies to my experience, and my body. For instance, my scale which is supposed to accurately measure my BMI tells me I am still obese, and at 45% body fat... which I know to not be true. "?" My body doesn't seem to be well represented in this regard by the 'easy to use' tools. Still working this out.... I'm not worried about a specific 'goal weight' but I do want to achieve 20% BMI, and ensure I retain my muscle mass. At my age, and for the purpose of maintenance, I do not want to lose muscle and lower my metabolic burn (I'm sure you've all read about the Biggest Loser debacle).

(posted February 2012)
My new little almost black dress! For the last four years I've been daring to build a goal wardrobe. I know you're not 'supposed' to this, but to me it makes sense at this point, and I find it highly motivating.... Remember my ticker (eternally set to goal weight, regardless of where I really am)? I am most motivated by possibilities and the striving. I also never bought the clothes in what I thought should be my goal weight size, but a bit bigger (a size I believed I could get to)... just in case I needed some encouragement to keep going.

If I'm in the mood and have time, I peruse the sale/thrift store racks and I continue to pick a few pieces I really LOVE for no more than $10 a piece (that's my rule)... one of the things that HAS always bugged me about my heavier weight is that it costs A LOT more to dress fashionably. It's always the 'tiny' sizes on the sale racks. My purchases represent my commitment to this journey.

The dress above is a Costco dress... wool... the right shape, and I couldn't wait to wear it! I also have a vintage-detailed green suede leather jacket, just the right proportion for my short-waisted frame; a flirty hound's-tooth skirt; a pair of firetruck red denim walking shorts; and a crisp white cotton blouse (all still a bit small).

Like the pants above, I love pulling these pieces out, admiring them, and laying them over whatever I am now wearing. It's great watching the pieces below 'shrink' underneath the clothes I'm aiming to wear. The success is tangible, and I am so close to victory I can TOUCH it through the clothes. When I get to my goal I don't want to wear my *old* clothes. I want to wear new pieces that reflect my transformation!

...and the 'goal weight' dress ABOVE is now too big, LOL! I never anticipated THIS. I haven't decided if I'll have it altered (I REALLY like the dress), or if I'll sell it, and get a different one that fits my body as it is now (the tags and receipt are still attached... just in case, LOL). I have a new kick-a$$ black leather jacket (on for 75% off @ $25.00!) that looks awesome with it!

Here I have it pulled up 4" at the shoulder.
What do you think? Should I alter it, or let it go?

Here's a dress I bought for a wedding at the end of June, that fits quite well, I think (no pantyhose, no spanx, no rolls, no BOOM-badda-BOOM when I walk... my butt no longer makes me feel like I'm being followed). The dress is a little more booty revealing than I'd like, but that will continue to change, while the fit on top likely won't. At any rate, I feel really happy wearing it. I hope to wear it again for a wedding in October... might have to take in the waist a bit!

This is my newest 'goal weight' acquisition... bought it at the local thrift shop, LOL. I can get it on right now, but I can't do it up. What gets me about this outfit is the sizing. It's made in Bulgaria, and the tag reads:
B/F: size 36 (which is about where my hips will be when it fits, and exactly what they were at age 30, my goal standard)
D/N/CH/A/PL: size 34
I/RUS: 40 (who know how this sizing works, LOL)
GB: size 8 (which is in the ballpark)
E: size 38 (one way to keep you accountable.... like setting the clock ahead 5 minutes, LOL)
US/C: size 4
Seriously? A size 4?!? The smallest size I ever wore as an adult was 7/8, and I averaged a 9. I don't believe vanity sizing has done us any favours. My not-even-fully-developed-yet SLENDER-AS-A-REED ballerina12-year-old wears an adult size 3/5!!! Why does the size on our clothing labels matter so much? Shouldn't how we feel in the clothes and our own skin matter more, regardless of the numbers? Why do we allow this madness to so define us?

...And, now for the REAL story beneath the clothes
(I've recently developed a new appreciation for how artful dressing can improve one's silhouette, LOL...and even though it has been TERRRIFYING to put myself out here like this, I'm so glad that I have done so):

I've apparently gotten taller, LOL!
I've eliminated pretty much most of what I needed to through my core. Now the majority of the balance will come off my hips, thighs, and arms.
NOTE: next time I take pictures, I will need to buy new bikini bottoms, because these are barely staying up... if they were to get wet, they'd fall off!

...belly still needs some work!

...and a new for-comparison picture... my legs definitely need work!

... I hope those of you who need to are noting that I don't have any hanging skin issues... even though I'm 55... even though I've eliminated nearly 100 lbs.... even though I've lost the bulk of my excess weight in a relatively short space of time.

It DOES matter HOW you eliminate the fat... and if you have a lot of hanging skin, you are still fat... skinny fat. Skin does not hang if there is no subcutaneous fat pulling it down. Damaged skin perhaps requiring removal is 'crepey' and is a different problem. Do yourself a favour and avail yourself of the resources that will change this aspect of your journey. Most of them are detailed throughout my blog.

How I Am Eliminating 'EXCESS' Weight

Excess Skin After Major Weight Loss?

Remember this sad, sad, SAD woman?
I can still remember the moment this picture was snapped... I was willing myself to smile, but all I could think about was how badly I hurt, how I wished I could send everyone home already, and how much I would hate the picture later... but seeing this picture after-the-fact, and feeling compassion and mercy for this woman is what ultimately gave me the strength and determination to finally do this. More than anything, THIS WOMAN needed my love, not my loathing... so I loved her well, and enough, to fight for her to have the life she deserves.

July 1, 2011 - The Divine Miss O's 7th Birthday Party
This picture is the moment I fully realized I was slowly dying, and I knew that my dying would be slow, painful, and a burden on my daughter. Every night I went to sleep (if/when sleep was even possible) wondering if I would wake up in the morning... my blood pressure was uncontrolled with a tendency to spike erratically - my cholesterol numbers were insane - I had a debilitating headache all day, every day - I couldn't manage the simple maintenance of daily life - I hurt everywhere - I was beyond exhausted - I wore my hair in an unattractive pony tail because I couldn't hold my arms up long enough to do anything else - and I felt helpless to change any of it because everything I tried just seemed to make things worse.

I'm now getting closer and closer to the following picture!

What I will look like at 'goal weight' (plus 26 years, LOL!):
_RAMONA, 30 years old (size 9).... Proud Godmother at my nephew's Baptism... I can't believe that not all that long before this picture was taken, at the very same size, I believed myself to be 'fat' (and I was told I was)... that somehow I still needed to apologise for my body, and for the space I took up in the world.

I am now smaller than I was when my husband met me, and my wedding dress is too big. I have turned my physical clock back over 17 years. I have healed a lifetime of chronic illness through sheer will and dogged determination (and the willingness to be open to possibilities). I have nothing for which to apologise... never have had.

So, no more apologies!

"I WILL respond to my body, my relationships and my life with an attitude of simplicity and with gratitude for the abundance they already contain - remembering that they are sufficient unto themselves. I WILL hold on to TODAY as though it is a precious jewel and live, moment by moment, savouring and incorporating the riches, value and learning each has to offer me. I WILL speak with my own authentic voice, and that voice will resonate in my choices, in my actions, in my relationships, and in the fruits of my effort. I WILL live my life as though I cannot fail; a life defined by consistency of effort; a life shaped by my passions and inspirations. I WILL be the hero of my own life and, by my example, that of my daughter's life." _RAMONA

"The body you are given will be yours for the duration of your time here on earth. Love it or hate it or reject it, it is the only one you will receive in this lifetime. It will be with you from the moment you draw your first breath to the last beat of your heart. Since there is a no-refund, no-exchange policy on this body of yours, it is essential that you learn to transform your body from a mere vessel into a beloved partner and lifelong ally , the relationship between you and your body is the most fundamental and important relationship of your lifetime. It is the blueprint from which all your other relationships are built." CHERIE CARTER-SCOTT, PH.D

My journey:

'BEFORE' Pictures (May 31, 2009 - September, 2011) & Continuing PROGRESS (February 2012)!

How far are you willing to go?

A Love Story... & Picture UPDATE... Anniversary Edition!

Groundhog Day? (...or my UPDATE/Before PICTURES don't look as awesome as I thought they would)

How I Am Eliminating 'EXCESS Weight'

CICO Shove Off! 'New Kid on the (Nutritional) Block' Hits Mainstream

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Losing a Lot of Weight

NOW... go take some pictures of your own!!!!!

The exercise is transforming... I can't help but see things I like about my body in the midst of the things I want to change.... and if you can't see the good in your own body, you know where you have to start. Begin by learning to love yourself.

Listen, no one likes their 'before' pictures... you're not supposed to, LOL.

...And I KNOW the pain that grabs at your heart when you look at them... the sense of shame and anger (even fear and paralysis) they can engender... but truthfully, you can't change - OR LOVE - what you don't acknowledge. The pictures help me acknowledge and honour myself in ways nothing else does.

Oh... and get a photographer who loves you to take your pictures... regardless of what the camera says, the loving words and collaboration can work miracles... the boost I get from the look in my husband's eyes as he snaps away (no matter my size) is more than I could ever hope to get from progress pictures!

Seriously... GO!!! Take some pictures!!!

...And you don't need to lose 100 pounds to feel better about yourself. You just need to lose ONE pound (maybe even the first step is simply not gaining any more... this was mine). And then you lose ONE MORE. And then you lose another. And then maybe you stay there and MAINTAIN for a few weeks/months. Then you do it all again... and before you know it... it becomes more than you could have imagined.

Trust me.

If I can do this, YOU CAN TOO.

Finally, I know I may not be able to thank each of you reading here personally, so I thank you now, for graciously reading and encouraging me over all of this time. I could not have gotten here without each and every one of you. There were a number of times that I felt like withdrawing and giving up. Yet, I'd log on and browse and maybe even share my doubts and you would all gather to console, encourage, cheer, kick my butt, share your own victories and trials... and I would be able to continue forward for a few more steps.

I carry you all in my heart always, and never forget for a moment that I never journey alone.... and neither do YOU.

My greatest hope for you continues to be that, despite any and all difficulties, your summer continue be all you need it to be... that good memories abound... that peace and joy run rampant and reign free... that love crowds out worry and strife and fills every nook cranny to over-flowing... that abundance becomes all you remember when you look back from the other side. I pray that the peace which surpasses all understanding becomes like a cozy sweater hugged close under starry summer skies, clothing a heart filled with wonder and awe, and which beats steady faith in all things and possibilities. Amen.

"I am worthy of positive changes today."
(the beginning)

UNTIL. (My 'Just Do It' blog)

I've Reached My Goal Weight!!!!!!!

NOTE: My weight tracker is NOT a truthful representation of my weight. Instead, I am using it as a tool to help me visualize my goal as though it's already been achieved!
(Tom Venuto)

Why I'm STILL here... my SparkJourney Saga

Paleo... Do you really know what you're talking about?

In Answer to Your Questions (Letter to Our Family Regarding Our Nutritional Plan: RESEARCH LINKS)

Words CAN Be Enough... page 4

(ponder this some and you come to see this SPARKjourney in a whole new light)

The numbers, for people who like this sort of thing:

Highest weight: 250 lbs. (Obese Class III - over 50% BMI)
Lost: 60 lbs. - maintained 3.5 years, regained 35 lbs. due to a return to eating gluten.

November 9, 2015 - 225 lbs.
eliminated almost 30 pounds before Christmas and maintained easily through to New Years

Jan 04: 196.0 lbs.
Jan 11: 192.6 Week #1 - eliminated 3.4 lbs.
Jan 18: 191.2 Week #2 - eliminated 1.4 lbs.
Jan 25: 187.8 Week #3 - eliminated 3.4 lbs.
Feb 01: 186.4 Week #4 - eliminated 1.4 lbs.
Feb 04: 184.8 Final total lost - eliminated 11.2 lbs. (measurements: 16" eliminated)
Feb 08: 183.6 - Week #5 - eliminated .8 lbs.
Feb 15: 180.8 - Week #6 - eliminated 2.8 lbs.
STALL: Feb 18 - 177.8 lbs. (stayed here for 2 weeks)
Feb 22: 177.8 - Week #7 - eliminated 3.0 lbs.
Feb 29: 177.8 - Week #8 - eliminated 0.0 lbs.
Mar 07: 176.4 - Week #9 - eliminated 1.4 lbs.
Mar 14: 176.4 - Week #10 - eliminated 0.0 lbs.
Mar 21: 176.4 - Week #11 - eliminated 0.0 lbs.
Easter Sunday: 176.2 Final total eliminated - 8.6 lbs. (measurements: 14.75" eliminated)
STALL: Weeks #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 (5 weeks)
GOAL: 30 lbs. before Picture Day! (didn't make it - eliminated only 2/3 of goal)
April 18: 176.0 - Week #15 - eliminated .2 lbs.
April 25: 174.4 - Week #16 - eliminated 1.6 lbs.
May 2: 173.6 - Week #17 - eliminated 0.8 lbs.
May 9: 173.4 - Week #18 - eliminated 0.2 lbs.
May 16: 171.2 - Week #19 - eliminated 2.2 lbs.
May 23: 171.2 - Week #20 - eliminated 1.2 lbs.
May 30: 170.0 - Week #21 - eliminated 1.2 lbs.
June 6: 170.0 - Week #22 - eliminated 0.0 lbs.
June 13: 169.0 - Week #23 - eliminated 1.0 lbs.
June 20: 168.0 - Week #24 - eliminated 1.0 lbs.
June 27: 166.0 - Week #25 - eliminated 2.0 lbs.
July 4: 166.0 - Week #26 - eliminated 0.0 lbs.
July 11: 165.0 - Week #27 - eliminated 1.0 lbs.
July 18: 161.8 - Week #28 - eliminated 3.2 lbs.
July 25: 159.6 - Week #29 - eliminated 2.2 lbs.
August 1: 158.0 - Week #30 - eliminated 1.6 lbs.
PICTURE DAY (Aug 2): 157.4 Final total eliminated - 18.8 lbs.
(measurements: 20.25" eliminated)

January 4, 2016
Weight: 196 lbs.
BMI: 40%

February 4, 2016
Weight: 184.8 lbs. - 11.2 lbs. & 16" eliminated
BMI: 38%

March 7, 2016
Weight: 176.4 lbs. - 8.4 lbs. & 14.75" eliminated
BMI: 36%

April 7, 2016
Weight; 176.4 lbs. - STALLED since March 7
BMI: 36%

August 2, 2016
Weight; 157.4 lbs. - 19.0 lbs. & 20.25" eliminated
BMI: 28.5%

I'm 155.0 pounds, today!

...and now to eliminate the last 30 or so pounds of EXCESS FAT!
Oh! Wait a moment... I already have THOSE pants!
Let's try for this instead, LOL:

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    Girl, you sure can write! How you have time to do so with all you've done and are doing, is a mystery. You are such a beautiful soul and I loved reading about it in action. emoticon
    170 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    This is so inspiring to me. You did it!

    please continue posting. I congratulate you. I know this was not easy and took continued diligence!

    340 days ago
    677 days ago
    Inspirational, in spite of the video not working here (is it safe somewhere else on the Web??)...

    Thanks for sharing!!
    822 days ago
    What an inspiring blog! Thank you. You are so right that the journey to weight loss needs to include personal healing on the inside. The weight is just a symptom of inner unhappiness.
    Well said!
    850 days ago
  • no profile photo SHAPNUP
    FAB-YOU-LOUS!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    1122 days ago
    Wonderful!! emoticon
    1123 days ago
    I soooo much enjoyed reading about your journey! Wow!! Very inspiring emoticon
    1160 days ago
    You are SO amazing and inspiring!

    Thank you!!!I Am basing my strategy on your proven methods of success.

    Congratulations on your (latest) amazing goal!
    SparkOn! emoticon
    1193 days ago
    Wow. Well done! As always, so well written but what a story you have to tell of love and tenderness for your self and, by extension, the world around you. AND I just loved hearing your physical voice after all this time! Thank you for sharing from your heart as well as your brain. emoticon ~Ann
    1205 days ago
    Ramona, I was so happy to find this blog post and so glad it got the recognition it deserved. You have come a very long way! I have no doubt that you will reach your new goal and that your health and fitness will get better every day.
    1229 days ago
    Thank you for taking the time to encourage us with so much personal information!

    1233 days ago
    Wow! You have got to be one of the MOST INSPIRATIONAL people here on Spark (and closest to my age etc). Thanks so much for posting this and other blogs!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1241 days ago
    Such an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing so much of your journey. Especially about the skin - that is one of my oldest fears. Recently that fear has been replaced by fear of illness and loss of mobility - some serious motivation in that fear. emoticon
    1252 days ago
    you are an inspiration of strength and beauty! inside and out!
    thank you for sharing your journey! emoticon
    1255 days ago
    So much to rejoice over, AMEN! Thank you for sharing your journey, your knowledge, your passion and your spirit. Your energy has been an enormous boost that I have needed. Such a loving, victorious journey...you Romona are beautiful all the way through! Hugest hugs and congratulations. I have much to learning, thanks for lighting the way!


    1256 days ago
    I was doing good until I saw the photo of the sad you. The picture where you said you had to will yourself to smile. Just looking in your eyes made me start to cry. I know those eyes. You are an inspiration. I haven't taken any photos of me in so long. I stopped caring what I looked like, or just preferred to stay in denial. I am going to take some photos though, because I want to be able to look back and know where I came from. Thank you for being so generous with your life to share so much of yourself.
    1257 days ago
    You are so inspiring! You give me hope. Thanks for all well laid out information.
    1258 days ago
  • no profile photo LIN1263
    You look great!! emoticon emoticon
    1259 days ago
    LOVED this blog. I really like before and after videos/pictures/etc. You did it all! I think your video really shows how as we lose weight we need to wear clothes that fit instead of those baggy ones we preferred when we were heavier. Because in those large clothes at the beginning (admittedly you have several layers on--clever idea!), you look so much larger than when you get down to that cute bikini! JOB WELL DONE!!!
    1259 days ago
    Well done, Ramona!!
    1259 days ago
    Thank you for sharing... what a beautiful story.
    1260 days ago
    WOW! you look fabulous! There is an inner glow that is coming through your pics that shows an inner beauty that transcends the amazing weight loss you have had. You look so much more alive now. I am so happy for you.

    Having been away from SP for so long the change I see is really dramatic. I will have to go back through all your old blogs the next several days to glean all your wisdom and tricks. I hope you don't mind if I 'stalk' you for a few days - it's just that I'm am really inspired by you.
    1261 days ago
    I love what you say to the unhappy woman in the before photo. So much compassion and empathy and support!

    I love the little black dress! I say alter it!

    You are an inspiration! You look fabulous!
    1261 days ago
    Your hero's journey is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this. Couldn't see the video but the stills and words touched me.

    I love your word 'eliminate' instead of lost, which no one wants to do, because we like to win, or find a way.

    And through it all, I see your shining spirit. We are the beauty we seek. The body as partner and ally, yes, to that!
    1263 days ago
    I was watching your video on my computer in the same room as my son. He thought I was clapping for the Olympics swim team! Nope, I was clapping for YOU and your successful 100 lb weight loss!!! You trumped the Olympics in my house! Love this... congrats on the weight loss... and thank you so much for posting.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1264 days ago
    You are awesome! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations, and continued success. emoticon emoticon
    1264 days ago
    You are AWESOME!!!
    1264 days ago
    I read somewhere recently that BMI is not always accurate especially when you do have muscle tone! You are doing awesome! Love this quote from you: More than anything, THIS WOMAN needed my love, not my loathing...~~ Thanks for sharing your journey. I look forward to reading all of your blogs, I especially want to read how you avoided the dreaded skin hang! Spark on!!
    1264 days ago
    1264 days ago
    What an amazing transformation! Congratulations - you beat the statistics! All the best for the "you" you always wanted to be! Your dresses are so pretty! Everyone who hasn't met their goals should read and learn from you!
    1264 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/8/2016 11:24:04 AM
    Wow. Creative and inspiring.
    1264 days ago
  • KERIX3
    I am SOOO happy for you! Congratulations :)
    1265 days ago
  • _LINDA

    This is an epic blog about an epic journey, very well documented! you could easily write a book!
    Keep up the great work!
    1265 days ago
    You look great! What an inspiration!
    1265 days ago
    Dang, girl, you look amazing! For the black dress, it's a classic style so I'd probably alter it if I liked it as much as you do. But...,my mom sews so I wouldn't have to pay someone to do it, lol. (I could do it myself but have no one to pin it for me while I'm wearing it so I know how much to take in/up.)

    I'm so proud of you! I know we haven't been friends long, but we have been friends through the 100 pounds lost. You inspire me!! That doesn't mean I'm posting new pics...yet...but I'll find time to blog, this week, what's going on around here and where my journey is.
    1265 days ago
    That is the best streap tease ever!!!
    I am now like you used to be but I have a huge belly.
    It's important to learn to love our body as it is when we're obese, but it's quite difficult.

    You are truly an inspiration for all of us. Your determination and conistency made you eliminate almost 100 pounds. I really congratulate you!'

    Have a wonderful and blessed week!
    And alhough belongs to another post, I just repeat, like a parrot CHANGE DOCTOR!!!! Hehehehehhe!
    May God Send you a good doctor who really appreciates you and your family!
    1265 days ago
    All I can say is "Fantastic". You should be a Spark People poster girl!
    1265 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.
    1265 days ago
    awesome! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1265 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I've learned so much from the lectures of Jason Fung M.D. but he says the real issue is after getting to goal weight 95% of people REGAIN the weight, so we have to keep it off for at least one year in order for the body to make a new "set point" and recognize that this is our new body weight now and that we just haven't come thorough a famine and need to put the weight back on. I will read the books that you have listed here as I am not familiar with most of them. I do know in "The Diabetes Solution" by Richard Bernstein M.D. he says young women suffer from PCOS because of hormone imbalance. I had that back when I was young but because I stayed on a diet where I only ate one time a day, I was not fat. I do realize now I should have stayed away from eating SUGAR.
    I love the videos on YouTube from BUTTER BOB BRIGGS.
    So, I'm in Ketosis and on Day 7 of my journey on the LCHF diet.
    1265 days ago
    What a very long post. Thank you so much for sharing your experience in so much detail - I can definitely relate to your early days, and you inspire me to reach for a strong and healthy body. You've shown me in words, pics and video that it is possible!

    You are full of emoticon
    1265 days ago
    You are a great inspiration!!! Well done. I am happy for you.
    1265 days ago
    This morning my weight had crept up after being too busy to weigh regularly. And being busy and away from home resulted in eating out more than usual. I needed to find some inspiration and you have done that and more! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I look forward to going back through your journey and reading about how you got here. I am so glad WATERMELLEN sent us your way! emoticon
    1265 days ago
    You are amazing and an inspiration! Your journey will help us to stay committed and know we can do this too. Thanks for sharing!!


    1265 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    What an incredible journey you have taken! The best is yet to come. I LOVE SP and know that so much of my success is because of the kind and caring people here on SP. I am so happy that you have had so many there to support you and to cheer you on. You look terrific. I say alter the little almost black dress. Very cute.
    1265 days ago
    Absolutely amazing!
    1265 days ago
    Huge thank you for putting together the video, your story and the links to your previous blog!
    Truly inspirational and very helpful.
    It is amazing you have no loose skin at all after losing so much weight.
    1266 days ago
  • SISSIE21
    I happened upon your blog and am so impressed! You worked hard and it shows! Congratulations on your weight loss and thank you for being willing to share progress and pictures. It is very motivating to us still on the journey back to our former selves. You look beautiful! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1266 days ago
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