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Give Yourself A Pat On The Back - August 5, 2016

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Friday, August 05, 2016

I had wanted to save this as a "Success Secret" for myself, but for one of the only times in my life, I could not do it in 300 words, which SP requires. So, my page, my blog.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

emoticon Even small accomplishments count. Make sure you acknowledge them.

emoticon It is very important to give yourself mini-milestones to keep you on track. If you look at the whole "mountain" that is ahead of you, it can be overwhelming. Break it down into small "pebble" tasks, and hit those milestones. They will accrue and in time you will see the progress that is being made.

emoticon Use the "Other Goals" SP tracker to keep track of mini-milestones and remember to check them off each day. This is a great resource as you can tailor it to your own specific need(s). One good example, which I created for myself to keep on track, was "Keep in calorie range every day". This allows me to keep an eye on the ball with each day. And I make sure that I check off the box each day so it counts. The next day I give myself a gold star that I accomplished my goal. It may sound silly, but it's not just for the kindergarten folks, and as I accrue the daily gold stars, I can see the progress that I am making, and that area of my SP page is starting to look awfully pretty. By week's end, the scale notes these changes as well.

These are truths that I must re-learn each and every day. They say it takes about four weeks for a new habit to take hold. Using my "training wheels" I hope to keep on track. Perhaps one day, I won't need to award myself daily gold stars, but for now, I like seeing the string of them that serves to remind me that I am keeping on track and have my goals clearly stated.

End of public service announcement.

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