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Learning to live with a cat

Monday, August 01, 2016

I've always loved both cats and dogs, but have usually had dogs for my pets. My last dog was a yellow lab I had for 11 years, until I had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago and ended up in Texas instead of New Mexico and couldn't have her at my son's house, which I lived at for a while. After several months I got my own apartment in Arlington TX . It's a 2nd story apartment and I love it a lot. But a dog is no longer practical for me. For one thing, I have some difficulty walking and taking a dog out in the ice, heavy rain, or the heat here is something I would have trouble doing. Also my balance is off and I have to really watch my walking to make sure I don't fall. And I'm afraid walking a dog might cause me to fall especially if the dog has moments of pulling or suddenly wanting to chase after something. So I decided on a cat. Now I haven't had a cat but once in my life, and that was a number of years ago! She ran away after several months. So I'm not real experienced.

I got a 3 month old kitten from the animal shelter a week ago Saturday, when they had a Clear The Shelter Day and adoption, spaying, the chip, tags, etc were all free. They were supposed to open at 10 that day. There were 69 shelters in north Texas participating in this, as well as more all over the nation and it was great how many animal got adopted. Some even had horses, mules, bunnies, hamsters, and other animals that got a forever home. I'm so glad I could be a part of it.

I heard that people tend to get to the shelters really early to get the best pick. Also since temps reach around 100 degrees, with high humidity, I figured I'd rather wait for them to open early than to go later and have to wait when there wasn't as many animals and maybe outside in the heat. So I got there at 5:30 am! There were already 2 families ahead of me and more came after me. Luckily for us the shelter decided to open at 9 instead off 10 so by 10 I was back home.

I already decided I wanted a kitten. I had also heard on the news that black cats are often really sweet but because of superstitions may be looked over when it comes to adoptions. Since I have no superstitions I decided if I found a black kitten I would willingly bring it home.

So I found my kitten right away. I named her Mija (Me ha) which is a Spanish name that means my daughter. It is also a sign of affection. Since I live alone, with my kids far away, she will be my new "daughter". Mijo is son, and if I ended up with a male that's what I would have called him.

She's such a sweetheart. But I took her to the vet for a check up this past Saturday, after having her a week. They found that she has an ear infection. So I have to put 3 drops in each ear twice a day for 2 weeks. Ever try to put drops in a cats ears ha ha!! Remember I'm inexperienced at this. The first day wasn't too bad. The morning of Sunday was a little rough. But last night I got some pretty serious scratches on my left hand trying to do this! When was at the vets, they did a couple of tests on her and brought her back to me wrapped in a towel. I wondered why but didn't think to ask. I had an aha moment when I realized after last night that if I wrapped her in a towel I might not get torn up by her little claws! Duhhh! So this morning went a little better. Only about 12 more days to go!

She makes me laugh watching her play. Early morning is her favorite times. Of course I went to sleep late last night, and her little 3 1/2 lb body woke me up this morning sitting on me wanting her breakfast! How can such a little thing seem so light one moment but when I'm sleeping seem so heavy!

She likes to cuddle by me sometimes to sleep and that makes me feel so good. So all in all I think we're going to make it through the rough times and find lots of joy together. I'm so glad I have her.

Have to get used to taking pictures of her when she's not on something dark or hurtling like a streak!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm happy for you that you have a sweet kitty! I have always been a dog person myself, but, three years ago I decided to take on a foster cat. It was supposed to be just for a year. Ha! Actually, I liked the kitty, but none of my kids did. They just couldn't handle a pet that would get tired of being petted and bite you to make you stop. Long story short, I wasn't able to keep him. But I still like kitties, and someday I may get one again.
    953 days ago
    I'm so glad you & Milja found each other! Our local SPCAs just had a free day & I seriously thought about getting a cat, but can't really afford a pet now so hopefully next free day things will be better & I can.

    Glad to hear you have your own place now -- Arlington is a nice place, I think -- I've been to the Scottish Games there a couple of times. Too hot in TX for me though! And glad you seem to be getting better after your stroke -- I think sometimes it takes a while. Hang in there!

    emoticon emoticon
    955 days ago
    Hi Linda,

    Cats are cool! When I was a kid I had a cat that made sport of killing rattlesnakes! This was really good because I lived in snake country and this cat kept the rattlers away!

    I had a 180 pound dog once. This big Newfoundland was sweet and trustworthy. 180 pound cat is dangerous and is called a mountain lion! Just be aware that the coolest thing about cats is they are really wild animals. They have decided it is to their advantage to hang with people.

    Good Wishes, Bruce
    958 days ago
    We have always had cats and dogs while the kids were growing up. That is a good sign that she likes to cuddle sometimes. Be sure to have a scratching post. If you have problems with anything SP will have people with answers! This is such a kind group of people who will be anxious to help you succeed with your little Mija. emoticon
    960 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I love my cats also. I sympathize with the ear drops. I have been giving eye drops for a week and my cat does not enjoy them.

    There is nothing cuter than a little kitten. She will bring joy to your life.
    961 days ago
    Mija is a cutie for sure. My Rubia is also named in Spanish. Although not from a shelter, she was "rescued" from the home of a work bud, after her mom was hit by a car (they live by a busy street). Safer in my neighborhood, and as the name indicates, she's a blonde. I've had her a year, and Prisoner for five, now. They really worm they way into your heart.

    May Mija have a long and happy life with you!
    961 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Here's to you and your new kitty cat companion!
    962 days ago
    FABULOUS!!! emoticon to both of you!!!
    962 days ago
    Congratulations on your fur baby Mija! What a beauty! Hope her ear infection clears quickly, poor baby!

    962 days ago
    How fun. I love all animals and have had cats and dogs most of my life. Cats are so much fun. One minute wanting to cuddle the next walk away proudly, then jumping and running and jumping around like a 3 year old. They are much easier to care for than dogs. Wrapping them helps a lot when treating them for injuries and medicine. Hope you and little Mija have years of fun.
    962 days ago
    Hello, sweet Mija. She is adorable!!
    962 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    This brings back memories of Bearcat, who my husband had for 15 1/2 years. He was a big black cat with a tiny patch of white. I swear he thought he was a dog! Cats can be so sweet. I envy you your Mija. I have 3 chihuahua mixes now and will have to wait a while, but we will switch to cats again at that time. And yes, the towel bundling is a necessity!
    962 days ago
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