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Being an imposter

Monday, August 01, 2016

Good morning one and all. I was reading a blog called "Being a Fraud: Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome" by Shola
You can read the article here: thepositivitysolution.co

Have you felt it before?

The sinking feeling that you've been fooling everyone into thinking that you're better, smarter and more qualified than you really are?

If so, there's an official name for this issue.

This insidious mind virus is known as The Impostor Syndrome, and here's an excellent definition of it, courtesy of Fast Company:

"Impostor syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to see their own accomplishments, dismissing them as luck, timing, or as a result of deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent and competent than they believe themselves to be.”

My question to everyone is how often do you feel this way? Both my hands would have shot up had anyone ask for a hand count.

Sometimes I feel my faith is in imposter mode. It wavers when life throws me curves which we all know I've had plenty of this past 3 months. It will waiver again today. Today makes a month since mom passed away. Tomorrow would have been her 73rd birthday. Yet, here I am celebrating her first birthday in heaven...See I wavered, yet I stayed strong.

And how about work? Anyone here with me on the same page? I have found myself tooting my own horn only to step back and ask myself why the h-e-l-l did I just do that?
We like to hone in our accomplishments but is that being boisterous or is it pride stepping in?

And we can't forget our relationship with friends and family. Haven't you sometime down the road said little white lies? Or even possibly exaggerate that wee little 3 inch emoticon into a foot long emoticon instead?

Our lives are surrounding by imposters; including ourselves. We humans have the highest level of self-doubting than anything else in this planet. Do you think an animal strategizes about its next meal? It may set a goal, find it's prey but than it's game on. Why are we lacking that type of ambition?

For me it's time to subdue that imposter in my life. Even here at SP I find myself doubting the fact that I can lose weight, live a healthier life style and actually become the person I WANT TO BE!!!

With that said, what are your thoughts? Are you an imposter too?

Just for kicks ~

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good blog.. i think many of us are conditioned to feel less than we are.. that we have trouble believing I could ever achieve our goals..that is when affirmations help..also making small attainable goals
    1173 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    Oh yes I feel the impostor syndrome take over at times. It's so hard for me to believe I actually did something good..... I find myself giving others the credit or luck or fate. Or not correcting people when they make a comment. As in when my dr. said "you lose weight easily". I wanted to tell him there is NOTHING easy about my hard work but I didn't "toot my own horn". Grrr! Thanks for the blog!
    1174 days ago
    Interesting perspective yet so many of us can relate to the truth of it. Also interesting how some of us have shared the same anniversaries of our loved one's passing. It doesn't matter how many years pass we all remember that special day. We learn to go on and live on... for them and more importantly for ourselves. emoticon
    1176 days ago
    yes I do feel as if we all do this at times some more than others but it is part of the human nature

    great article thank you for sharing it
    and for your honesty

    I think you are an amazing Woman
    1177 days ago
    All I know is we just keep going like our batteries will never wear out ......... emoticon .....Rest and wind em up again ........... I just know that today August I ....... I start just as if it were Jan 1 and give it my best ...... (I know you do too Donna) .......... You are No imposter ............ You are the 'real deal' ......... and when you stop and think of it ............ Just imagine .......... What kind of cake must your precious Mom be getting up there? ............ Gotta be good and I am looking forward to when we don't have to think about calories any more! ....... emoticon (The first thing I want is some Pizza .......... and great Italian food .......... and try some of those decadent desserts and not ever feel guilty! .......... Blessings to you .......... and may you be comforted greatly tomorrow! .......... emoticon
    1177 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1177 days ago
    Know you miss your dear mom. No one can take her place in our hearts. Grief is like the waves. It laps gently at our feet but may suddenly engulf us. Lifting you up as recall the wonderful moments shared. Prayers of comfort when grief is raw.

    Very interesting blog on the imposture syndrome. Seems normal to put one's best foot forward. Being self abasing is never healthy. I strive for honesty. It is not always easy seeing one's own faults or strengths. Self talk can be helpful or a detriment. Hopefully we keep our focus on our goals with our values fully established so that we can quickly realign our tack if we have gone off track and set our sails to continue on our journey.

    1177 days ago
    Excellent blog! There are days and then there are DAYS where self-doubt creeps in.

    1177 days ago
  • PISCES24
    Great Blog.....yes I doubt myself all the time, I have backed down on tooting my own horn a lot. I do what I can and try to make it my best. I find when I want something (like weight loss) I really put forth more effort and make it happen for me. It is great if others notice, but this has to be for me to make it work. I have the power to make changes within me. I am getting to a point in life where I don't really care what others think.....I have to live with me 24-7 and that is who I have to be content with.
    1178 days ago
  • CHEFLORI7715
    oh me too! I feel that way so oven, sometimes it's a real struggle. My mom passed away 2 1/2 years ago - that first year was one of the worst in my life. I do my best to look at what is going right in my life and how blessed I really am. Great blog!
    1178 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    1178 days ago
    Good morning
    1178 days ago
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