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Don't you dare not try

Friday, July 22, 2016

Making changes can be discouraging at times. It can be difficult seeing other people lose 20 pounds in a month while you lost a whopping 4! I hate that weight loss is an incredibly slow process for me. Having a thyroid problem and getting tired easily means I have to work a bit harder and think about things more, meaning being conscious of what goes in my body and what I have to walk away from. I'm not saying other people don't have to do that but they do have a bit more wiggle room. That's okay though, I will take losing 4 lbs over no pounds.

Trying is important because it's good for your body to engage in healthy habits. Just because you don't see physical changes doesn't mean the habits you are working on are ineffective. Of course smaller clothes are nice but well functioning kidneys are better. Of course looking good in a picture would be amazing but having a healthy heart is more amazing. You have to try and try and try. No matter how frustrated you become, no matter how many times the scale is a stupid #%!#% and no matter how little progress you think you are making!

Don't you dare not try because it's challenging!
Don't tyou dare not try because "it never works"
Don't you dare not try because you are afraid of failing!

Most importantly, don't you dare give up!

Give yourself a chance! :)

Good luck! :)
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