Thursday, July 21, 2016

Soo, here I am! The second half of my beginning. I've come from over 300 lbs(305.6) to be exact and I decided the beginning of this month that it's time to get this weight loss journey restarted to reach my goal weight. I've been sitting idle in the 250s for too long now. I want to reach my goal by my 40th birthday and that's nine months away. So, this is my be 'Fit By Forty'. I'm doing what worked before which is changing my eating habits gradually and incorporating exercise gradually as I go. I'm seriously considering a Pescatarian lifestyle at this point, i know for sure that I'm tired of meat itself, I really am. But I do like seafood and some other dairy items, so I don't want to eliminate these things permanently. So I'm adjusting a few things as far as my food choices and seeing what works out, and I'll go from there. I do know that there's a lot going on in my life right now and there's not much that I do for myself and I figure that reaching my goal weight and taking care of 'ME' for a change, is something that I "can" do for myself. So this is for ME. I've even started a journal notebook to document my progress, here's my starting pic taken on 7/2... this is me at 256.3 lbs(the second half of my beginning)
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