I need to make a decision

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I really need to make a decision on a potential career change, and soon. I rambled on about how I ended up in my current position in my last post, so I'm trying to focus on the pros and cons in this one. This blog is really for my own benefit, but if anyone happens to read this and has any words or encouragement, advice, or wants to flip a coin for me, feel free! ;)

Option 1: Stay in my current position.

1. No scary changes or ruffled feathers
2. Potential future advancement (supervisor), *OR*
Potential severance package if department is centralized
3. More desk space and privacy
4. Normal office hours 8-5
5. No direct customer contact

1. Overwhelming work load
2. Stressful / tedious
3. High strung co-workers
4. No overtime permitted
5. More work/training planned for future

Option 2: Apply for available position

1. Previous experience in this department
2. Laid back / casual environmental
3. Built in overtime (2.5 hrs/week)
4. Be home during day with aging dog
5. Easier to schedule Dr. appts / vet visits with no missed work

1. Don't like the manager
2. Cramped work area / No privacy
3. Potential issue with odd sleep schedule (shift 3:00am - Noon)
4. Have to learn new area/sites/customers/drivers
5. Possibility of working occasional Saturday

Yep... the pros and cons just don't seem to fall one way or the other. I don't have a gut feeling or a true desire one way or the other. Does that mean I should leave things how they are? Or am I just afraid of change?

Excuse me while I beat my head against a wall.

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  • ANGEL_789
    @Valerrie You make some good points. To be honest, I often dread coming in to my current position, especially recently. I have heard the manager is actually nicer to people under her, and that she doesn't bother the department much (she runs another area full time also). I also keep reminding myself that I'd only see the 8-5ers for 4 hours a day (3.5 counting my lunch break). This also would make the cramped office easier to deal with as I'd have the place to myself for half the day.

    The hours actually may be a plus for me. I'd deal with a lot less traffic (this is a huge plus for me), and I'd really only be going to bed a couple hours earlier than I do now. I think I may find myself being more productive in the afternoon than I currently am in the evenings. It would also be easier on my large, older dog, who is basically my baby, as he wouldn't be stuck inside all day long while we're gone.

    The more I think about it, the more I see positive (or at least a potential positive) to applying. There's still the chance that they won't let me switch positions, but I believe I'd be of greater value to the company in that position than my current one, in addition to the perks for me. I'm going to talk to my husband again tonight and make the best choice I can.

    @Leanleigh Thanks for the encouragement! I'm trying to do both. :)
    1006 days ago
  • no profile photo VALERRIE
    Not liking the manager would be a good reason to stay away. As time wears on, you may find yourself waking up and dreading to go in every day, unless there is not a lot of interaction with the manager, is not in the vicinity and not a micro-manager.

    The work hours would be a concern. Is there a possibility of getting regular hours/transfer to day shift after being on the job for a while?

    A cramped work area is not appealing and not conducive to working efficiently and without distractions.

    But maybe for your own satisfaction, you could apply and see if you are offered the job, maybe spend a little time in that office to get a feel of what it's really like.
    And try getting up on a Sat. night at 2:00 a.m. and see how you function.
    1006 days ago
    Be confident in yourself! You will make the right choice!
    1006 days ago
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