Poking fun just a little

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hay! Long time no blog. Just popping in to share something lighthearted...

At the risk of exposing my political leanings, I will share that I enjoy The New Yorker magazine a great deal. In one of their satirical features, today they posted some mindfulness poems (gathas: small verses or poems which we use to help us in our mindfulness practice). I realize they are poking fun at the trendiness of mindfulness. But these actually aren't far off, in my opinion. And it is healthy to not take ourselves too seriously, even in our mindfulness practice.


Doing the Dishes
By Jenny Allen

Breathing in, I wash the dishes,
Aware of their usefulness in holding
Nourishing meals that have sustained my family for many years.
I wonder why it is always, always me doing the dishes
By myself,
And whether, interconnected as all human beings are,
This may be the one exception.
Breathing out, I release my feelings into the universe, ever hopeful that someone, somewhere,
Will sense my need,
And offer to help.
I open my heart to the possibility of this miracle.
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